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A Wizards Wand

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Part one of Diagon alley

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Mortuus Magica

“Spirit/creature talking”

AN: This chapter just didn't want to be written I've sat down to wright this thing four or five times already and keep getting distracted. Damn my tinny attention... oooo shiny. Anyway thanks once again for all your support and help every time I see another e-mail telling me I've been added to another list I get all bubbly inside. On with the show.

Disclaimer:good news everyone I now own Harry Potter. And Yaoi fan-girls will stop flooding the internet with poorly written stories.

Picking up the morning post as usual Harry found an envelope like the one he received a few days ago. Making his way into the parlor he sits in one of the flowery armchairs and breaks the seal on the back of the envelope and reading the letter inside.

Dear Mr. Potter

We have received your request for assistance and are dispatching a professor to assist you both in your introduction to the magical world and acquiring your supplies for the school year. Please be sure to show the utmost respect to your professor and mind yourself while in the alley. I understand it can be quite overwhelming the first time you visit so stay with your escort.


Albus Percival Brian Wulfric Dumbledore
Headmaster of Hogwarts

PS. please try and straighten up you hair your escort should be arriving right about now.

Just then there was a knock on the front door.

“Well I'll be damned.” Harry muttered as he walked quickly trying in vain to tame his wild hair. Opening the front door he sees an older woman standing on the front porch her red hair showing the beginning touches of gray and the deep wrinkles on her face commonly associated with one who has had to put up with unruly children for far to long. Her older styled green dress and tall pointed hat added to her already witch like appearance.

“Harry Potter?” she asked

“Yes mam.” he responded bobbing his head up and down dumbly nervous that heed be turned into a toad or something if he some how upset this woman.

“Come along then we've much to do and little time to do it in. I still have to retrieve another student before we can move on to the alley.” She stated rather authoritatively while turning around and walking away not bothering to see if he was fallowing. Jumping into motion Harry hurried to catch up to the quintessential witch leading the way just noticing kitty trailing behind him out of the corner of his eye. After walking a few yards she turned around and gripped carefully onto Harry's shoulder startling the boy. Kitty quickly jumped onto his foot and sat down just as everything seemed to be sucked away and the boy got the feeling of being squeezed through a straw. As quickly as it happened the sensation was gone leaving Harry on all fours trying his best to keep his breakfast down kitty not fairing much better. “Don't worry it happens to everyone the first time they apparate. It'll pass in a moment.” The professor said waiting for the boy to get his bearings. Looking around he noticed he didn't recognize any of the surrounding buildings. “Are you ready to continue on Mr. Potter?” She asks in a rather unconcerned manner. Not trusting his voice yet Harry just nods and stands up. turning from him the professor continues down the side walk just as briskly as before Harry rushing to keep up. Stopping in front of a slightly larger than average house Harry's guide takes out a sheet of parchment and seems to confirm whats written on the paper before moving to the front door. Rapping mildly on the door three times with her knuckles the professor takes a small step back places her hands behind her back and waits. Not even a full moment later a tall man in casual slacks and a comfortable button up plaid shirt opens the door.

“Yes?” He asks “how can I help you?” The professor nods politely and gestures to herself.

“My name is professor McGonagall and I am here to escort your daughter Samantha to pick up her school supplies.” The man furrowed his brow at McGonagall drew himself up to his full height and and asked in a slightly deeper voice.

“And how do I know you are who you say you are?” He tried being intimidating but the effect was quickly lost when a young blond girl with gray eyes steeped out from behind him and stomped hard on his toes.

“Stop trying to be scary dad you know it never works.” She huffs out crossing her arms over her light blue blouse. Turning to them Harry notices a few streaks of red in the girls hair. She holds her hand out to Harry. “Hi I'm Samantha Jenkins but my friends call me Sam who are you.” Harry stares at her hand for a minute before shaking it and introducing himself.

“I'm Harry Potter it's nice to meet you.” He responds politely.

“And who's this Sam asks loudly scooping up the cat from around Harry's and cradling her in her petting the cat gently.

“This is Kitty.” He answers. The red streaked blond gives him weird look before smirking.

“Kitty really? Is that the best you could come up with?” she quips sarcastically.

“She didn't like any of the names I came up with.” Harry defends bristling at the supposed insult.

“Calm down specks” Sam giggles out “I was kidding I think its a cute name. And cute kitties deserve cute names don't they?” She asks holding the cat up and looking her in the eyes. Kitty gives a short meow in agreement before worming her way to the ground and around Harry's legs again.

“Well if these introductions are finished its time we get going.” McGonagall says putting her hand on both their shoulders.

“Not again.” Harry says just as that unpleasant sucked through a straw sensation overtook him again. Dropping out of the apparation onto his knees again.

“Got Dangit woman!” he herd Sam declare loudly a drawling accent slipping its way into her speak. “Give a little warning next time you wanna squish me through a cramped straw so I can brace myself ta kick yer ass on the other side!” her accent getting deeper with each word.

“Ms. Jenkins I would really appreciate you not take that tone with me!” The red haired teacher stated forcefully. Looking the irate young girl in the eye with a look of fierce indignation.

“Ahm sorry mam.” Sam returns looking down as she slowly gets her accent back under control. “ I just wasn't expecting that and I freaked out.” she apologizes not meeting the older witches eyes. Looking around Harry notices that their in a dark room with old rundown wooden furniture. Through the door across the room he could see that the rest of the building wasn't much different.

“I should warn you now Mr. Potter.” McGonagall said turning to the boy just as he was regaining his bearing from the apparation sickness. Seeing the two soon to be students standing up she continued. “You are very well known in our world. I'd even be willing to hazard a guess that your famous now.” seeing the confused expression on the boy who was about to retort she continued. “There is a popular story in the wizarding world that you defeated a very evil wizard named...” she stopped and took a deep calming breath before shakily continuing “...Voldemort.” she cringed slightly saying the name. “ Supposedly when he attacked your family home he killed your parents before turning on you. Something unusual happened that night whatever he tried backfired and destroyed him instead of you. Since then you've been heralded as a hero since then.” she concluded.

“Wow your famous.” Sam said getting a playful look on her face. “ Did I tell you how handsome you were.” She said with a half joking grin expecting Harry to laugh or argue back but he hadn't taken full notice of her statement still hung up on what the professor had told him.

“What are you talking about? My parents were killed in a car crash. The Dursleys told me so several times.” He asked confused not understanding what he'd just herd.

“James and Lilly killed in a car crash?” McGonagall asked taken aback. “That's just absurd James never even stepped foot in a muggle vehicle. Always said he didn't want to ride in a machine that relied on setting gasoline on fire to move. No they died like heroes fighting off an evil man the were great people worth of respect Mr. Potter.” She stated like she was defending an old friend. “But enough of this depressing talk we need to stop off at Gringotts before we can begin shopping.” She said her and Sam's eyes lighting up at the mention of shopping before she turned around and walked out of the room forcing the students to follow behind her to keep up. Immediately after exiting the room Harry was swamped by people trying to shake his hand introducing themselves loudly trying to garner his attention over the rest of the tavern pressing in closer and closer to the slowly panicking boy before the old bar tender banged a tenderizing ballet onto the loudly enough to get every ones attention.

“Would you daft fools leave the poor boy alone already!” He yelled out between toothless gums. “The poor lad looks like hes about to have a heart attack. Now give him some breathing room before I have all of you thrown out.” Stepping back form their green eyed hero the people parted to let him pass and he hurried over beside McGonagall and Sam while nodding his appreciation to the old bar tender reading his name off his apron was Tom. Following his guide out the back door into a small enclosure.

“What the bloody hell was that all about.” He asked stilled flustered over the sudden crowd that had just threatened to engulf him.

“I did warn you that you were famous among magical people.” she said with a concerned glance to the shocked boy.

“Which I still say makes you more attractive than before.” Sam quips out trying to lighten the mood. Professor McGonagall turns to the wall drawing out her wand and tapping on three bricks in a specific pattern. After she takes her wand off of the final brick the stone barrier slowly melts away leaving a high archway leading into a bustling market with shop and booths alive with business. Criers calling out advertisements and trying to coax more people into the shops, booth owners peddling their wares to anyone who walked past, and shoppers moving excitedly up and down the street. The energy of the place threatened to sweep the children away in a frenzy of strange sights and sounds. McGonagall took the soon to be students by the hand and led them down the street holding them firmly preventing them from getting away and getting lost in the market. They soon came to the end of the alley before the massive golden doors of Gringotts. The shear size of the doors easily towered over trio the intricate designs ingrained in the doors captivating the children. In the center of the doors on the ground is a second set of much more practical sized doors open to allow the public in. A pair of short ugly little creatures with long clawed fingers and large beak like noses stood guard on either side of the doors, their beady little eyes staring out from beneath their armored helmets while their pointy fingers were wrapped around a wicked looking spears almost itching for an excuse to impale the visitors.

The trio quickly pass through the daily used doors and into the main hall of the wizarding bank. The main chamber was truly massive to the children, stupidly high ceilings being held up with gold plated pillars, walls inlaid with gold carvings and mosaics featuring ancient battles, and massive golden statues carved with painstaking detail. Harry was beginning to notice a pattern in goblin art. McGonagall herded the children into the shortest line and waited with them for several minutes not nearly as enraptured as the children with the sights going on around them. After a few moments they approached the teller window and the ugly little goblin on the other side gave an obviously practiced company greeting.

“Hello welcome to Gringotts the finest bank in all the land. My name is Backbiter. How may I assist you this fine day.” he droned out through gritted teeth almost as if being polite were painful for him. Stepping up closer to the counter McGonagall responded to the tellers greeting in kind.

“Hello I need a conversion of pounds to wizard money and mister Potter would like to visit his vault and make a withdrawal.” She answered primly turning to Sam who stepped up to the window and placed a large roll of Pounds on the counter. Snatching up the muggle money the little creature began swiftly and greedily counting out the money before placing the pounds in a trey beneath the desk and taking out a leather pouch he begins counting out coins and placing them in a smaller money purse before handing it to the young girl stating.

“Your total has come to twenty-nine Galleons, fifty-four Sickles, and eighteen Knuts after a small fee (of approximately five Galleons) was removed to compensate Gringotts for the money purse.” the goblin stated with selfish mirth in his black little eyes. Oh what glee he felt being able to cheat a little girl out of her parents hard earned money. “Now does Mr. Potter have his key?” The diminutive creature asked turning to Harry with a contemptuous glare that reminded him far to much of the looks he got from the Dursleys. Quickly deciding that these goblins were about as trustworthy as a den of thieves and liars Harry responded with a harsh violent glare of his own catching the goblin off guard for a second.

“Of course it's right here.” The professor responded pulling out the key from her purse at her belt with a kind of speed that spoke of a highly organized personality. Taking the tiny golden key the goblin inspected it for a moment before tapping a rune on the right side of the counter and speaking into it.

“Sawtooth get in here the Potter boy wants to see his vault.” a few seconds later a response came from seemingly nowhere.

“Right away sir. I'll be there in a second.” The voice said. Seconds later another ugly little beast waddled up to the trio and introduced himself. “Hello there my name is Sawtooth. I'll be guiding you to your vault today. Please follow me.” He said in that same forced manner that Backbiter had used. McGonagall handed Harry the key she had retrieved from the teller and the trio followed the goblin down a long hallway that opened up to a series of trolley. Stepping into the first one they found the professor warned the students to hang on tightly as the goblin pushed forward on a lever at the front of the cart. The trolly took of like a bolt speeding down the track and jackknifing around sharp corners leaving Harry screaming in terror the whole way down. Sam on the other hand was laughing like a hyperactive gerbil on speed demanding that the goblin make it go faster and asking if there were any loop-de-loops anywhere. Soon the cart came to a stop and they all stepped out. “Here we are vault six hundred and eighty-seven. Key please Mr. Potter.” Sawtooth requested of him and Harry handed the goblin the key. Walking up to the seemingly stone wall before them the goblin ran a finger down the stones which then slid away to reveal a small key hole. Inserting the key and turning it the rest of the wall slid away to reveal massive piles of gold, silver, and bronze.

“You just keep getting hotter as the day goes on don't you Specks?” Sam jokes leaning over to speak to Harry without taking her eyes off the pile of precious metal coins. McGonagall hands harry a small money pouch and tells him to fill it up they wouldn't be returning. Taking the bag in hand harry moves to the piles of gold coins and begins filling up his bag. He soon notices Kitty playing with a gold coin off to the side of the vault and Harry nearly slaps himself for forgetting she'd been following them the whole time. Seeing his bag is full he gives a sharp whistle to the still playing kitten who immediately turns and darts to him before leaving the vault the wall sliding into place again behind them.

“Will that be all for today?” Sawtooth question the adult of the little group.

“No I need to make a withdrawal from another vault number seven hundred and thirteen. I have the key right here.” McGonagall responded taking out another key and showing it the the goblin. Nodding the goblin turns and boards the trolly with the others close behind. Pulling the lever towards them the cart dashes off back the way they came at what Harry would have sworn was an even faster speed than they had used on the way here. Stopping a few moments later in front of another wall the goblin steps out while there professor tells her charges to wait there. Going through the same procedure as before the children watch as the wall slides away expecting to see another large pile of gold coins only to be sadly disappointed when the only thing in the vault was a grubby little package no larger that a fist sitting in the center of the vault. Walking up to the small package McGonagall scoops it up and places it in her purse before turning and returning to her students in a matter of seconds. Taking off once again they reached the main hall in a matter of seconds and moved on to the alley to begin shopping.

“Professor what was that you picked up before we left?” Harry asked curious as to the tiny items importance.

“I'm sorry Mr. Potter but the contents of the package are the private responsibility of the headmaster and I am not at liberty to identify the object.” She responded succeeding only in increasing the children's curiosity over the item. “Now first things first you can't call yourselves a proper witch and wizard without a wand so were off to Olivander's. Come along now we've little enough daylight to spend our time dillydallying.” The teacher said before herding the students towards one of the older looking shops stepping through the door they herd the tinkling of a bell signaling the arrival of customers. The students move to the center of the shop while their escort steps up to the front desk and rings the bell.

“How can I help you.” the children here from behind causing them to jump and turn to look at the short man behind them. He is a short man with thinning gray hair and bright silver eyes. He begins looking over the two in front of him before stopping on Harry. “Ah mister Potter I'd been wondering when I'd be seeing you in here. Why it seems like only yesterday I was selling your parents their wands. Your fathers wand was Mahogany eleven inches very pliable a fine wand for transfiguration. And your mother's wand willow ten and a quarter inches quite swishy perfect for charms work. You have her eyes you know. So whose it gonna be first?” he finished looking between the two in front of him. Sam stepped forward saying.

“Ladies first of course.”

“Of course of course. Right this way miss.” Olivander said leading her to a small platform before snapping his fingers and a tape measure sprang to life from across the room and zoomed over to Sam before thoroughly measuring her going everything possible measurement. Shoulder to hand, shoulder to elbow elbow to hand, hand to floor, and many more the tiny man in the meantime was in the back of the shop. Returning with an arm full of boxes he told the measure. “That's quite enough of that now.” the measure stopped in the middle of measuring the distance for her nostrils to her navel and fell lifeless to the floor. “Here try this. Fir and unicorn hair nine and one eighths inches. Go on give it a wave.” he said handing Sam the wand. She took it in her right hand and waved it around her head. Nothing happened. Taking that wand from her hands he handed her another. “Here rosewood and phoenix feather ten inches exactly.” He said handing her the next one before quickly snatching it away muttering to himself. He went through this three more times before handing her a beautiful wand with a red and orange coloration.” Lets try something a little different Alder and Chinese Fireball heart string ten and eight sixteenths inches a very specific type of wand.” As soon as Sam gripped the wand a small flame appeared dancing just above the tip of the wand leaving Olivander clapping excitedly in front of her. “I've done it again a perfect match. That'll seven Galleons.” He said just as the flame on the end of the wand snuffed out. Counting the coins out Sam handed Olivander the money before pocketing the wand when she quickly looked back at the man.

“Excuse me do you have anything I can put his in so it'll be safe. It'd be a damn shame if it got broke in my pocket.” she asked the silver eyed man whose eyes lit up with glee.

“Of course I do just one moment.” He responded hurrying off into the back before returning with a pair of long narrow leather pouches with a pair of leather straps attached to them. “Here you are one wand holster just strap it to the underside of your off-hand arm and slide your wand into it.” he instructed.

“Thank you how much do I owe you.” Sam asked reaching for her purse again only for Olivander to hold up his hands.

“No charge at all. Its refreshing to see a young person thinking about the safety of their wands. Most just leave here excited at the idea of shooting out lightning bolts or what have you with out a care in the world for the wand itself. And here's one for you to Mr. Potter if you'll just step up here we'll get you your wand as well.” Harry stepped onto the same platform Sam had moments before and the tape measure sprang to life again zipping around him measuring him in the same ways as it had it's last customer. Coming from the back with another large pile of boxes Olivander snapped his fingers and the measure which had wrapped itself around Harry's head fell back to the floor. “We'll start out simply maple and unicorn hair ten and a half inches.” The old man says handing the wand to Harry. The BWL waved the wand forward blowing several sheets of parchment from a nearby table. “Hmm guess not. Here try this one pine and dragon heart-string eight and one eighths inches.” This wand caused a chair to go flying across the room. “A finicky customer I see well we'll just see about this one.” Olivander handed Harry wand after wand each one not quite fitting right before pulling out a box from the shelves having already exhausted the ones he had brought with him “I wonder. Here you go give this one a try Holly and Phoenix feather eleven and three quarter inches.” taking the wand Harry felt a wave of nostalgia. Like running into a half forgotten friend on the street only to realize you had the wrong person. Shaking his head he handed the wand back to the master craftsman. “So close but still not quite eh. Looks like I finally get to pull out the big guns then as muggles like to say. Wait here.” he said gleefully running into the back of the store again before appearing moments later with a very dusty old box. Taking out the wand and handing it to Harry he said with pride. “This is one of the most unique wands I've made Elder wood and Augurey feather twelve and nine tenths inches. Give it a try.” Taking the wand Harry feels a sudden rush of excitement the feeling of power and belonging like he'd never experienced before. Clapping so rapidly the others were worried his hands would fall off Olivander went to the desk and handed Harry his holster. “I was worried that wand would never be used Mr. Potter pleas take good care of it. Seven Galleons please and you can be on your way.”

Paying the master Craftsman and putting his wand up Harry and the others walked out of the store his mind a buzz with joy over receiving his wand. He was a real wizard now.

AN: And scene. I was gonna include the full shopping trip in this chapter but its already noticeably longer than my others so I'm cutting it off her. I know some of you right now are thinking “Oh no. not another harry gets a super powerful semi-elder wand story.” I assure you this has nothing to do with the famous death stick the materials used in Harry's wand were chosen because of their symbolic connection to death and spirituality. No before I go I have an offer for you all I promise to grant one wish that is within my power as the author of this story to the first person who can correctly guess what I have planed for the piece of Voldemort's soul trapped in Harry. Just a few rules. No Yaoi. And no killing major characters I need them. Till next time see ya.
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