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life is like a jigsaw puzzle. But once you find more pieces, you begin to see the big picture.

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Mia opened the door to the guy's room and was welcomed by stares and smiles.
"What did I do?" Mia asked with a very confused face.
"Nothing, we were just looking at all your awards." Gerard replied looking up at her.
"Where's Ray?" Mia looked around the room.
"He's in the shower." Bob said very stoic-ly.
The door to the bathroom opened letting all the steam out. Mia turned around to see a very pressed and polished Ray.
"Good morning."Ray said with a smile.
"You clean up very nicely." Mia said while giving Ray a look down. Ray had on his classic black suit with a red tie and his hair parted on the side. There was something in the corner of his lips though. Mia reached up to wipe it away, but Ray turned to the other side. He licked his lips removing the small red spot. Mia still confused turned and did a backflop on one of the king sized beds. She could have fallen asleep at that very moment. Ray looked at his watch and then said with a sigh "We need to be there in 10 minutes for sound check." One by one the guys lifted themselves of the bed and trudged out of the room. Mia sat up and looked at Ray. Ray pulled a pen out of his pocket. He took mia's hand and wrote his number on it. "Call me whenever okay?"Mia looked at his face and it showed pure sincerity.
"okay."Mia said with letdown in her voice.
"We should hang out again sometime. Maybe thursday?"Ray said trying to bring her hopes up.
"I'm working on thursday." Mia said with sorrow still in her voice.
"Where do you work?"
"Hot topic in the mall across the street from the stadium where you guys played last night."
"Well, I will visit you on your break, and then that night we can go see a movie or something before we leave town."Mia then cracked a smile.
"Okay then, I will see you on thursday."Ray brushed Mia's cheek. She looked up at him and stared him straight in the eyes. She saw those eyes somewhere else, she just couldn't place them. But before she could recollect her thoughts, he walked out of the room. She heard the door click closed and started to get up to leave. She looked at her hand and let out her breath. It was very cold in the room. She got up off of the bed and left the room. She closed the door behind her and made sure it was locked. She looked down the hall and saw Ray talking to the cleaning lady. He slipped her a check and looked up. He locked eyes with Mia. Mia looked away and started walking in the other direction towards her room. She didn't look back. She finally caught her breath when she locked the door behind her once she got into her hotel room. 'Why was he paying the cleaning lady?' 'were did I see those eyes before?' Mia was beginning to get a headache. She balanced on the wall and felt her head. It was still cold. Ashley was lying on the bed. "Let's go, I have class in an hour and a half." Mia said very sternly. Ash rolled over, grabbed the phone, and called a cab. They both got their keys and checked out in the hotel lobby. They walked out of the huge doors on the wall of windows and felt the heat burst straight at them. Mia automatically reached for her purse to get her sunglasses and realized that she had left her purse in the room. "I've got to go get my purse out of the room."Mia said to Ash.
"Okay, well hurry." Ashley said annoyed, not even stopping to look back. Mia walked quickly back into the hotel and got her key from the front desk. She got into the elevator and pressed the 3. She looked up at the screen as it went 1 then 2, but then she heard a thud above her head and the elevator stopped.
"That's really nice." Mia said, extremely agitated. She pressed the three button again, and again, and then finally after about the 8th time, The elevator reached the 3rd floor. She ran to her room and opened the door. She grabbed her purse and immediatly exited making sure to hear the click of the door, then made a mad dash for the elevator. She got back in the elevator and as the doors were closing she saw the cleaning lady lugging a huge black plastic bag out of the guy's room. Her eyes widened and her mind began to put the pieces together.
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