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Maybe more than one person is interested in Mia.

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Work was a drag today. Mia hadn't slept all night. She didn't even bother to pick up her feet as she was restocking this and that. That day she put on hardly any make-up and put her long hair into a loose bun. As she was folding tee shirts in the back, ash opened the door.
"Someone's here to see you."
"Who?"Mia said, trying to think who was coming in today.
"It's Ray, and as official manager I have decided to let you go on your bre-"Mia had already gotten up and left the room. "Hello? I was talking to you."
"Okay, yah whatever Ash." Mia said ducking behind the belts and then behind the shoes.
"Nervous?"Ashley said whispering this time.
"Not at all." Mia replied. She stood, up straightened out her shirt, smoothed her hair, and took a deep breath in. She walked gracefully over to Ray and gave him a small hug. He had a hood on and sunglasses so he wouldn't be recognized.
"I'm on my break now, and we need to talk."Mia said very seriously and without looking up at him.
"Okay..."Mia pulled Ray by the collar of his jacket and took him to the back room. She closed the door and locked it behind her.
"What was in that bag?"Mia pushed Ray against the wall.
"What bag?" Ray asked, now taking off his sunglasses. Mia became furious and started hitting him.
"You know damn well what bag I am talking about!"Mia shouted.
"Calm down."Ray said in a soothing voice. "People might hear you out there."
"What the hell was in that bag?" Mia said in the most calm tone she could have as angry as she was.
"You are going to freak out."Ray said looking straight into her eyes.
"No I am not. I already know that the spot in the corner of your mouth was blood. And that you can turn into this other figure. Your eyes give you away."Ray turned his head to the side and with a swift movement he put Mia in the same position he was and pinned her against the wall. He leaned his head in and whispered in her ear.
"I am a creature of the night. And that thing in the plastic bag Ms. Yuen, was a corpse." Mia gasped for air. She already knew the truth, but was just coming to terms with the fact that he was saying it to her. Her thoughts were interrupted by him putting a hand over her mouth and raising his nose to the air. He released her from his grip, But put a finger over her mouth. Ray again leaned in and whispered in her ear. "There is another one here. They are very close. We are going to leave hand in hand very collectively. We are going to walk out of the building and then run for the car. Make sure not to draw attention to yourself. Grab that mirror over there on the floor." He pointed in the corner of the small stockroom. She did as she was told and picked up the mirror. Ray slipped his hood and sunglasses back on and took hold of Mia's hand. His hands were cold as ice. He reached for the doorknob, took a breath in and flung open the door. They walked out of the store without saying a word. Mia had the mirror in the palm of her hand. "position the mirror so you can see behind you, but make sure it is out of sight. Do not make a sound." Mia placed the mirror so she could see the people behind her. Bobbing his head within the croud was a man that was staring straight at her. She pulled the mirror away and put it in her pocket. She had to clench her teeth to keep herself from crying. Ray could sense her fear. "Don't look behind you. Look straight ahead like you never saw him." Mia turned to him in shock. 'Can he read my thoughts?' "Well you are thinking quite loudly." Ray replied. Ray and Mia reached the doors outside. They each took their unoccupied hand and pushed one door open. They both walked outside as if they were taking a stroll in the park. "Run."Ray whispered to Mia. She put all her strength into her legs and ran to the car. She took a glance behind her, but Ray was gone. Mia reached her car and struggled for the keys in her pocket. They weren't in there. She tried the door and it was open. She gave a sigh of relief and plopped down in the car. She heard a pound on the roof. Mia Looked up and fidgeted in her seat. Frank slid down the windshield of her car. Her heart started pounding out of her chest. She turned to dig for her keys in the backseat. She couldn't find them and when she turned back towards the steering wheel, Ray was in the passenger seat. "Looking for something?"He said with a smirk and dangled her keys in front of her. She grabbed them out of his hand and started the engine. She clicked her seatbelt and put the car in reverse. She looked up into the rear view mirror and saw Frankie in the backseat. She was so startled she jumped.
"Hello."Frank said with an ear to ear smile.
"Frank just needed a lesson in behavior."Ray said looking at frank angrily.
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