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Chapter 8

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Something shocking happens.

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Chapter 8
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Frank’s P.O.V

We both quickly got dressed and made our way down the stairs. We found a note stuck on the fridge.

Gerard and Frank,

When we heard you two going upstairs we all decided to leave you too your privacy. We have gone to the park. Come here or call us when you are done.
Zoe. Xo


Have fun guys ;)
Ray and Bob.

I looked at Gerard who was reading over my shoulder. He chuckled when he had finished reading the note. Then he kissed my cheek. Well lets go then.

When we got to the park we found them sitting under a tree eating skittles.
‘SKITTLES’ I shouted and ran off ahead. I heard Gee chuckle.
‘If I cut off your arms, Cut off your legs, Would you still love me anyway-‘ Gee’s answered his phone.

Gerard’s P.O.V

I looked at my phone confused. I didn’t know this number. I answered it anyway. ‘Hello?’
‘Hey Gerard.’ I didn’t know this voice and I could see the others looking at me strangely from a distance.
‘Uh I’m sorry but who is this?’
‘That isn’t important.’ What? ‘What is important is that I want you. So badly. Ever since I first saw you I knew you were the one.’ Ok this guy is starting to creep me out.
‘How did you get my number?’ He chuckled. It creeped me out.
‘I have my sources. I will be seeing you very soon Gerard Way.’ Then he hung up. That was fucking creepy.
‘Hey who was that?’ Frank asked as I sat next to him. Should I tell them the truth? I should they might be able to help figure out who it was. I told them everything he said. Frank looked angry.
‘The bastard making a move on my boyfriend. When I find out who it is-‘
‘Frank it could have been a joke.’ I interrupted him.
‘But if it wasn’t he is dead.’ I pulled him onto my lap.
‘You’re cute when you’re jealous.’
‘I’m not jealous I’m angry.’
‘Fine you’re still cute though.’ He giggled. He moved closer to my ear and whispered ‘Yeah well you’re hot.’ He then pulled back and smirked at me.
‘Oh come on guys please not again my brain is still disturbed from last time.’ Everyone chuckled whilst Mikey pouted. We decided to head back to Frank’s and watch a movie. We had trouble deciding on The Lion King or Shaun of the Dead.
‘But Shaun Of The Dead is scary.’ Frank pouted. So fucking adorable. I pulled him into a hug.
‘No it’s not babe.’
‘If I cut off your arms, Cut off your legs, Would you still love me anyway-‘ My phone is going off again I didn’t even look at the number.
‘Hello?’ I asked.
‘Hey Gerard.’
‘You again what the fuck do you want?’
‘You. Your boyfriend dead. That is all.’
‘You sick person stay the fuck away from me.’ I screamed down the phone and hung up. I then burst into tears. Why when I finally got what I wanted something like this had to happen. Frank wrapped his arms around me. ‘Babe what did he say?’ It took me a while to answer but when I did he looked angry again.
We sat in silence for about and hour or so. ‘So what are we going to do?’ Mikey broke the silence.
I sighed. ‘I really don’t know Mikes. I guess we just do nothing un-’
‘If you let me finish. Do nothing until tomorrow I don’t know about you guys but I am shattered and I want to sleep. I guess I’ll go to the police or something.’ They all agreed. Frank still didn’t seem happy though. When we got upstairs I saw that he was fighting to keep tears from falling down his face.
I pulled him into a hug and whispered. ‘Babe it’s going to be ok. I promise.’ I could feel his tears on my skin.
‘But I only just got you. This b-bastard is trying to steal you away.’
‘But he won’t.’
‘But what if you meet him and then fall in love with him and then leave me.’
‘That won’t happen Frankie I love you too much. I would never be able to hurt you.’ My eyes widened with what I had just said. I just told him I loved him.
‘D-do you mean that. Do you really love me.’ I nodded. He threw his arms around my neck. ‘I love you too Gee. So fucking much.’

When he let go of me we were both grinning like idiots. The mysterious man had momentarily been forgotten.
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