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Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Gerard’s P.O.V

I woke up alone in Frank's bed. I could smell coffee coming from downstairs. Frank must have had his morning craving. I made my way downstairs to find Mikey and Zoe asleep on one sofa. Ray and Bob asleep on the other. They all looked so cute. I went to the kitchen to find a full pot of coffee but no Frank. That is when I noticed the note stuck under the pot of coffee.


I have Frank. No matter what happens he will die and you will watch. You choose how painful it is though. Calling the police that will just make his death more painful. Refusing to obey me will also make his death more painful. But if you are a good boy and follow the instructions that I will text to you it will be quick and painless. That is my promise to you.

I love you.

Love ?

P.S Enjoy the coffee.

I grabbed my phone and a coat and ran out the door leaving the note on the side. I didn’t have a plan but I had to try and I couldn’t let him suffer.

Frank’s P.O.V

I woke up handcuffed to a bed. My eyes fluttered open and I realised I wasn’t at home. I had no idea where I was.
Then a man came in I couldn’t see him clearly until he sat next to me on the bed. Bert. A guy with long greasy black hair. He always sat alone at school. Nobody liked him; he also never spoke which is why Gerard didn’t recognise the voice.
‘What the fuck Bert. What is your problem? Where the fuck am I?’ I spat venomously. He laughed. It sent shivers down my spine it was that creepy. He sounds insane.
‘My problem? My problem is you! I was just about to make my move on Gerard but then you get in the way.’ He put his hand around my throat and squeezed for a few seconds. When he moved back I spat in his face. ‘I can’t wait to kill you.’ My eyes widened at this statement. He has to be joking.
‘Why wait?’ I asked with my voice in a whisper.
‘I want Gerard to watch.’ What the actual fuck?
‘What do you think that will make him love you? If anything he will hate you so much.’ He shrugged.
‘He knows he is going to watch you die. What he doesn’t know is I know he will never want me so he shall also die.’ He then started to cackle. Wait. Gerard is going to die. I can’t let him hurt him.
‘I don’t care if I die. But please don’t hurt him. Leave him out of this. Please’ I screamed. He looked at me with an amused expression.
‘Oh but how can I leave him out of this? It has everything to do with him. He has to die because if I can’t have him no one can.’
This guy is insane. Officially. I just hope Gerard doesn’t come I hope he leaves me to die. But a bit of me wants him to come. I want to be able to see him one last time. Be able to tell him I love him even if it is the last time. I need to say it to him.
Bert got out his phone and started typing out a message to someone. When he got a reply he smiled a look of insanity creeping over his face.
‘He is on his way.’ This is becoming scarier by the second a tear ran down my face.
‘Aww is ickle Fwankie crying? Baby. I don’t understand what he sees in you!’
‘What I see is the fact he has a heart unlike some people’ Neither of us had realised Gerard had walked in.
‘Now it’s time to get this party started.’ Bert clapped.

The fear was obvious on my face. Gerard was so emotionless as he looked at Bert.

A/N Ok i'm still not sure on the ending yet. I suppose it will depend on my mood. I have two different ways it can end in my head. There will be possibly one or two more chapters and an epilogue.
~Transmission Exploder. xoxo
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