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Chapter 1

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Bob’s sister joins the band on tour. Bob warns her to stay away from the crazy midget Frank. He doesn’t explain why and you know what they say curiosity killed the cat.

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A/N Ok so I just finished My first fic 'And in my heart I can't contain it.' Like a couple of hours ago So here is my new fic Hope you enjoy and please could you review I don't know whether or not to continue so should I?
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Chapter 1

Cassie’s P.O.V

I knocked on Bob’s door and waited for him to answer. When I had asked him if I could go on tour with My Chemical Romance I never in a million years would have thought he would actually agree that I could. I grabbed my long blonde hair and tied it into a ponytail with my fringe still hanging in my face. He eventually opened the door and took my bags off of me. I followed him into the living room. We weren’t leaving till tomorrow but we were leaving early so we decided it would be better for me to stay at his for the night.

‘Cassie. Before we leave tomorrow I want you to know a couple of rules I have.’ I was 20 I don’t understand why I need to follow rules but I nodded any way not wanting him to change his mind. ‘Rule one. Stay away from Frank. Rule two. Have fun, as long as it’s not with Frank.’
‘Why what’s wrong with Frank?’ I blurted out.
‘Don’t worry just stay away from him please.’ I decided it wasn’t worth getting into. I wondered how he expected me to stay away from him if we were sharing a bus for a few months. I also wanted to know what was wrong with Frank. From what I’ve seen of interviews and shows he was absolutely crazy, energetic but a really sweet guy.
‘Cassie?’ Oh yeah I need to answer him.
‘Sure whatever.’
‘Promise me Caz.’ I sighed.
‘I promise I will try to I mean it may be hard whilst living on a bus with him to stay completely away.’
‘Ok I guess you’re right. Don’t be rude but don’t go anywhere with him unless myself or one of the other guys are there.’ I nodded. I knew this was going to be hard. Curiosity was going to get the better of me and I knew it. But I will try my best. What is so bad about Frank anyway? Does he have some dark secrets? Maybe one of the other guys will explain. They might not even know why Bob wants me to stay away.
Bob smiled and wrapped his arms around me. ‘I have missed you little sis’.’
‘Yeah I missed you too. Now get of me before I die because I can’t breathe.’ He let go and we both burst into laughter.
‘Sorry.’ He managed to say between giggles. Yes he fucking giggles like a girl which is weird when you consider his personality.

‘Well I am shattered I’m going to go take a nap before I fucking pass out of exhaustion. I was stupid and left all my packing till today.’ He looked shocked at me.
‘When did you start using such foul language?’ I raised an eyebrow at him. Seriously? Then he burst into laughter again. ‘I’m joking Cassie. Say what the fuck you want.’ I grinned evilly.
‘Whatever I want to say. Well Superman sucks.’ He gasps.
‘No he doesn’t I like his cape.’ He pouted and I just laughed and walked to the room I would be staying in.

As I lay there trying to sleep I wondered what was so bad about Frank. Was he a nasty person? I just didn’t get it. I knew I should do what Bob says and stay away because you know what they say. Curiosity killed the cat.

At 6am Bob came to wake me up. ‘Please mum 5 more minutes.’ I groaned and rolled over. He started giggling. ‘Mum it’s too early to be laughing.’ I mumbled.
‘Cassie it’s Bob we have an hour till we leave and the guys will be here in half an hour. Well Frank will probably be late but still.’ My eyes snapped open when I remembered what today was. The day I get to go on tour.
I smiled at Bob and tackle hugged him to the floor. ‘Wow someone is happy.’ I laughed and got up, grabbed some clothes and made my way to the bathroom.

I must have been in the shower a long time because as I turned the water off I heard the door bell go off. I ran to my room to get dressed so that I could meet the guys sooner rather than later. I pulled on a black miniskirt, black vest top and a black cardigan. I left my hair to dry naturally. It always dry’s quickly so I wasn’t worried about it. I quickly did my make-up and checked myself in the mirror. Perfect. I pulled on my converse and ran down stairs.

I put my hand on the handle to the kitchen. Time to meet them.
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