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Chapter 2

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Meeting the guys, Skittles, Video games, Creeping up, Hitting and apologizing.

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Chapter 2

Cassie’s P.O.V

I stepped into the kitchen. From my research I realised only Mikey and Gerard where here. Surprise, surprise they each had a coffee in their hands. I could understand their addiction as I also was a coffee addict.
‘Guys this is Cassie my sister. Cassie this is Gerard and Mikey.’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Cassie that’s rude.’
‘I know but you are kind of stupid do you really think I haven’t done my research on your band I already know who they are. Also I think they realised who I am because what other female would you have in your house.’ Mikey and Gerard burst into laughter at what I said but Bob just glared at me.
‘What is that supposed to mean?’ He sounded annoyed. Before I got the chance to answer the doorbell rang. As Bob walked off I muttered ‘saved by the bell.’
‘Did you really do research on us?’ Gerard asked. I nodded.
‘Well what did you expect I needed some sort of warning of what you guys were like. Hey do you know why Bob told me to-’ I stopped my question as Bob walked in followed by Ray and a very hyperactive looking Frank. Wow Frank looked hotter in person.
Stop it Cassie, remember what Bob said.
‘Guys Frank has eaten skittles again.’ Everyone groaned. I smiled.
‘I fucking love skittles.’ I shouted. Everyone then stared at me. ‘What they taste fucking delicious.’ Frank grinned at me and reached into his pocket and chucked a packet at me. ‘Thank you! You Frank are fucking awesome.’ He winked at me then turned to have a conversation with Ray about guitars. Bob gave me a warning glare. I told him I was just being polite with my eyebrows. Yeah we can have conversations with our eyebrows awesome right? He replied saying be careful. This made me ponder. Be careful of what seriously? What is his problem with Frank?
‘Hey don’t start having eyebrow conversations with your sister.’ Gerard shouted at Bob.
‘Yeah you always complain at us when we do it!’ Mikey added.
‘Yes well this is different.’ Bob replied calmly.
‘HOW?!’ They screamed in unison. For some reason this made me giggle uncontrollably. Once again everyone stared at me.
‘Seriously stop staring at me. Never seen a girl laugh or something?’ They all turned bright red whilst Bob chuckled.
Everyone had gone back to conversations. I quickly glanced at Frank who happened to be looking at me. He winked at me for the second day today and went back to his conversation. The wink left a funny feeling in my stomach. I ignored it. There is something about him.

At 7 we all climbed onto the bus and choose our bunks. Seeing as I was a girl they insisted I got first pick. Well I wasn’t complaining. ‘Hey Cassie bet I could beat your arse at some video games.’ I chuckled.
‘Oh dearest brother did you learn nothing during our childhood?’
‘Things change.’ I rolled my eyes and sat next to him on the sofa whilst the guys gathered round.
‘Bob is the worst out of all of us.’ Ray explained. ‘Mikey is probably the best.’
I smirked at Mikey. ‘I bet I could kick his arse at any game.’
‘That sounds like a challenge.’ He responds.
‘I like your sister Bob she’s fun.’ Gerard laughed.
After three rounds of video games all of which I won Bob finally gave up. ‘My turn.’ Mikey says. ‘If she can beat me she can beat any of you losers.’ I raised an eyebrow at him. ‘Don’t worry I’ll go easy on you.’ He smirks. I rolled my eyes and the game started. I beat him by far. ‘Right, best out of three? I did go easy on you.’ I chuckled but nodded anyway. I beat him again. ‘You know what I’m not even going to bother. You are officially the queen of video games.’ Then he left probably sulking.

I heard more people leave and I thought I was the only one left in the room so I tidied the consoles up a bit then sat back on the sofa. I leaned back and closed my eyes. I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night. I felt someone sitting on the sofa next to me. I didn’t bother opening my eyes I just assumed it was Bob. Then I felt breathing on my neck ‘Hey sexy’ Frank whispered. I automatically whacked him in the face. He yelped in pain. I still noticed the shivers his voice sent down my spine.
‘Shit. Sorry you scared me I didn’t mean to hit you.’ I started as Gerard had ran into the room.
‘God. That hurt.’
‘Well you shouldn’t creep up on people then maybe you wouldn’t get hit. But I truly am sorry.’ He waved his hand to say it was fine. ‘Shit you have a nose bleed. I am so fucking sorry.’ I turned to see that the others had all come in by this time and they were trying not to laugh. I could feel myself going red.
‘Bob your sister is fucking strong.’ I knew I was going even redder.
‘I’m really sorry.’
‘Seriously stop apologizing. I forgive you.’
‘Oh sorry.’
‘You’re doing it again.’ He pointed out.
‘Uh I’ll go get some tissue.’ I ran out of the room to find some tissue. Every single time he spoke to me my stomach felt funny. What the fuck is wrong with me.
I returned to find only Frank was left. I’m surprised Bob wasn’t there I thought he wanted me to stay away from Frank. He was sitting on the sofa pinching his nose with his head back.
‘You know you’re meant to have your head forward right?’
‘What? Seriously? I always thought you were meant to lean back.’ I shook my head and sat next to him and started gently wiping the blood away. ‘Thanks.’ He smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back.

I had made my mind up. I didn’t want to and won't stay away from Frank. I was curious to know more about him.
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