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Send Me To The Grave

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It's halloween, what could be more fun than being invited to a mansion in the middle of nowhere to play a game of mystery? story you guys auditioned for!

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Chapter 1.

Halloween. One of the most scariest and amusing nights of the year. For many years, children would dress up as their favorite tv show characters or other gools like: ghosts, witches, devils and vampires. Teenagers would use this as an excuse to dress inappropriately, get drunk and make fools of themselves. Adults were too busy at home making sure that any kids that were going around, 'trick or treating' got the candy they desired so much. Different people have different opinions about 'Halloween.' Some like it and some just don't. Some people believe in evil and then fear that the dead will come to life. Has it ever happened? No. Will it happen? Who knows. All that can be said is read at your own risk. This isn't a tale for the faint hearted.

Just read and enjoy this story, everything will make sense eventually.

It started with a letter. No an invitation. To a party. In a mansion. In the middle of nowhere. In Chicago. I looked at the invite which had a guest list on the back. I hadn't seen any other them in 6 years. Halloween to be precise. That's when we all grew apart. 5 of the guys stuck together and formed a band. They have became one of the biggest rock bands of the 21st century. I'm proud of them. I miss them. Everyone. I knew everyone would go but I just didn't know what to expect. It was a private party. Oh and it said dressing up is needed or there would be consequences.

For the record my name is Riley Demonte. I'm 25 years of age and was born and raised in the state of New Jersey. My childhood was a little faded and dark. Parts I like to forget and suppress. I know that's not healthy but what can you do? My father died on the night before my 11th birthday. I was so close to him it was such a shock. He was on his way to pick up my birthday cake for my birthday party the next day when a truck collided with his car. He was announced dead at the scene. My mother secretly blames me for it. I know it sounds harsh but my mother really hates me. She treats my sister like a princess and my litter brother like a king but Riley is the piece of trash that happened to be born and in the end 'killed' her husband. So yeah dealing with a verbally abusive mother growing up didn't go down well. I only stayed for my siblings, I couldn't leave them. There isn't much to me really, mentally and physically. My mother spent her time trying to make me hate myself I think. "Riley, you're thighs are massive in those jeans" or "You have put on some weight recently". Other than that I only have one scar in my life. It's thin and not hugely noticeable but I have a scar running down from my eyebrow to my collarbone. I got into a fight with my best friend at the time and I don't really remember what happened. It hurt a lot but a scar adds to personality I think.

I wish I never went. I wish I never had to see them again. Although I miss them like fuck. We drifted apart for a reason...

Choosing my costume had been a difficult choice but in the end I decided to go with a fairy. I thought it would be nice and not exactly scary. I don't know what everyone else will be wearing. I just hope to god that I don't look like an idiot. I let my dark brown hair fall down past my shoulders and stared into my gray/blue eyes in the mirror. I will admit I looked hot but I didn't wanna come across as slutty. Then all my insecurities came flooded back... Gerard would be there. We didn't exactly part on the best terms.

Many people have told me that I made a mistake in leaving him but it was my choice and I stuck to it. Of course I regret it every single day of my life but I was a kid back then. I had to take time off work to fly out to Chicago for this party. This hotel was the cheapest I could find and something gave me the feeling that soon everything would change.


I rented a car when I arrived in Chicago. It was a nice car but I just needed anything. The moon had just made itself clear in the sky. Halloween was here. I can't deny that Halloween freaks me out a little. The night when the undead walk the earth... yeah that sounds so happy and safe.

The directions to this mansion were a little confusing. The roads were very narrow and I clumsily drove down them. My mind was somewhere else when in the darkness of the night I seen a shadow emerge from the forest nearby. I didn't know what to think at first but it scared me. I tried to not think it was anything bad.

As the headlights of the car shone onto the figure I was instantly at ease. Ray Toro. I decided to stop the car and ask if he needed a lift, we were going to the same place why not offer him.

As I pulled over and opened the car door he stopped walking. I must have startled him. I decided talking to him would be the best decision.

"Hello, Raymond" I said with a smirk that he obviously couldn't see from the distance and lack of light.

"Ri?" He asked in confusion. "Is that you?"

"Yes, Ray. Would you like a lift to the mansion?" I asked with a laugh. I was nervous, cold and a little bit awkward. It had been 6 years since I had seen this guy. He just muttered a yes and ran over to the car.

"Nice ride" He said once we had gotten on the road again. "Thanks for stopping, most people would have probably just drove away" He thanked me. He was always the sweet one.

"No problem, Ray. So mind if I ask 2 questions?" I asked with a smile but still watching the road.

"Shoot" He replied

"1. What the hell are you meant to be and 2. why are you walking?" I said laughing at his costume.

"1. I am meant to be batman but my cape got a little ripped and not looks silly" He pulled out his cellphone and read something. "And 2. I got out the car for a piss with Mikey and Gee and they started arguing and I tried to stop it but they got pissed at me and I said I'd walk" He said looking at his feet realizing how silly an idea it was to decide to walk.

"Okay, but why were they fighting?" I asked curiously.

"There's been an awkward tension within the band since we got these invites. We are confused and don't even know who is hosting this thing" He said a little more angry now.

"Me too, I didn't know what to think but it shall be interesting" I smiled as he just nodded.

"Gee's missed you by the way, he's sorta excited for tonight" Ray said with a smirk.

"Oh, well I have missed him too" I said with as little enthusiasm as I could bring myself to use.

The conversation died down after that and a few minutes later we had arrived. The mansion was beautiful. It was massive. It looked like a castle like from medieval times. I thought it was beautiful. I could see lots of cars parked around the front entrance. Everyone was probably there now. I hated being last to a party.

I parked the car and we both made our way to the door. Ray rung the doorbell and I stood next to him. We exchanged a smile. a nervous one from both of us.

The huge door flew open and a man in his late 50's with white hair stood on the other side. "Ah, you must be the final guests to arrive, come in. Everyones waiting" He smiled and shut the door behind us. I gave a concerned look to Ray and he just smiled and told me to be cool.

I could hear music and talking and laughter. Everyone seems to be getting along after all this time. This can only be a good sign. The hallway that we were being lead down was very beautiful with wooden floorboards and blood red painted walls. There were paintings hung on the wall which to me all looked very pricey. I didn't get enough time to consume it all before being lead into the room of which held the rest of the party guests.

I scanned the room and everyone stopped. They all turned to face me and Ray. I suddenly felt faint at the fact 11 people had stopped dead to look in my direction because I had entered. Insecurities covered me and I felt weak. I seen Gerards eyes stare at me like he was reading my mind or something. No one said a word after that. Just staring. Until a man around the age of 20 or a little older entered the room through another door.

"Hello everyone, glad you all made it now I'm Max Cruz and I'll be your host for the evening" He smiled, it wasn't a normal smile. It was evil and cold. Why did I agree to this?


So what do y'all think!?
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