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Bittersweet Sundown

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And so the game begins!

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Chapter 2.

Max Cruz. Where have I heard that name before? oh well. I hadn't noticed that the old man with white hair had left the room. For some reason everyone was just standing staring at this Max guy. I guess I should listen in to what he's saying.

"Many of you or probably all of you will be wondering who I am? Well that doesn't matter now, just relax. Rea-quaint yourselves with each other, have a drink. Enjoy yourselves. I will be back shortly and then we will begin" Max said with an evil smirk and left the room. I didn't quite like the look of him, he seemed like he had something to hide. Like this was all a big mistake to come but we all fell for it. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Everyone just awkwardly went quiet again. I looked at my feet and then up to see the hazel eyes that I once loved looking into my eyes. I didn't know what to say so I just smiled and walked over into the center of the room. I didn't wanna have to take charge of the situation but no one else was going to man up.

"Does anyone know why we are here?" I asked no one in particular. No one really responded. They all just looked at each other. "I guess not then" I said feeling defeated.

"We are all so confused as to why we are here, I mean we haven't been in a room all at the same time for about 6 years" Mikey said with confusion in his voice.

"Since..." Frank started to say before Gerard interrupted him.

"Frank shut up!" Gerard snapped at Frank.

"Hey, there's no need for that" I snapped back at Gerard.

"I can take care of myself Ri" Frank said feeling a little embarrassed.

"Okay let's not talk about that night and try to figure out why we are here, so I can leave and never need to see you guys again" Nina snapped.

Nina Evans.

I've known her since I was in kindergarten. We were best friends. Well she was my best girl friend. Anyways, she is beautiful, like a model but not the normal vogue or cover girl type of model. She has short black hair, sage colored eyes. She is tall and curvy, I was alway very jealous of her looks. She was stunning. In Sophomore I got her a date with Bob Bryar. They dated up until 5 years ago. I don't even know why they split up. I had already left by this time. She was raised Christian and wears rosaries and crosses but doesn't believe in god. She thinks you should choose your own path in life. She is very feisty.

"Don't be such a bitch Nina, like we wanna see you too" Bob rolled his eyes at her. She just stared at him like she was going to rip his head off. The best part of their relationship was that they could be at each others throats all night then within minutes they'd have sneaked off to make out in the cupboard or something.

"Look, this has to mean something we all weren't called here for no reason. Someone must know we don't talk anymore or know something about our past" Mel said from the corner of the room.

Mel Cholley.

There a lot that can be said about Mel. She was like my sister. She dated Mikey and I dated his brother Gerard. Many times we would all stay at the Way house, get drunk and have our own mini parties. Mel was a typical nerd. She was gorgeous though. She had the most nerdiest glasses I had ever seen anyone wear but she looked adorable. Her hair was black and fell just on top of her shoulders. She has big gorgeous, green eyes. Her and Mikey dated for a long time until one day they just drifted apart. I was sad because then me and Mel drifted apart. That was the beginning of the loss of my best friends.

"You're right Mel. We need to figure this out because something about that dude doesn't sit right with me" Frank said with a cheeky grin. I missed little Frankie.

"Okay, do any of you guys think he looks familiar? or is that just me" I asked everyone.

"I thought he looked like that kid in our school who used to get bullied off all the jocks but he looks a little too young to be him and to own a mansion like this" Ray said thoughtfully. He was right he did look like this kid who used to get bullied but that kids name was Josh Owens, not Max Cruz.

"Do you ever think that this was a trap, like someone knows something" Bryan said finally speaking up.

Bryan Oh.

My best guy friend. I have known him since I could remember walking. He was my first kiss. I don't even remember it but it was sweet that all I can say. I had a major crush on him in the 8th grade but he was going out with some bimbo. Shame really cause he got depression not long after that. Then I found out his parents were away a lot and he was just lonely. He has black hair that is super soft to touch and he is very tanned. He is scared of spiders which I thought was really cute. He's the only person out of the group that I still talk to occasionally.

"Don't say that, remember we agreed not to mention it" Gerard said now getting a little frustrated.

"Okay what is up with you? We all were effected with what happened okay so don't sit there and act like it was all you. Grow up it's in the past and right now it doesn't look like there is any other reason for us to be here so we sorta need to talk about it. So if you don't have anything useful or non offensive to say then I would strongly advise you to sit down and shut the fuck up" Faith pretty much screamed at Gerard.

Faith Wing

Faith was a strange name for a guy I guess but oh well. He was Gerard and Mikey's cousin. Well not blood related but technically he was. Faith had a crazy upbringing. His parents hated him and so they just left him by a road side at only a few days old. An old lady found him and took him home and adopted him. The lady raised him but sadly passed away when he was 12 years old. He went into foster care and then Gerard and Mikeys aunt and uncle adopted him. They made him feel like apart of the family and he became a great friend of mine. He looks a lot like Mikey which is a little strange. He is scared of thunder and lightening and he is amazing at playing the piano.

"Wow, sorry I forgot you had finally grew up and stopped being an asshole" Gerard said back sarcastically.

"Guys. Fighting isn't going to help can we please just talk about what happened without killing each other?" I asked feeling really defeated all of a sudden. The room went quiet and it felt like they all just didn't wanna talk about it. "Or not" I muttered under my breath.

"Yeah I think we should talk about it" Tanner said from next to Frank.

Tanner Riley.

Tanner is just amazing. She is so outspoken and says exactly what she thinks. She is beautiful and is the perfect match for Frank. They have been together since they were both 15. That's like nearly 10 years now. They are still together from what I can see. She has black, glossy hair which is sometimes tied in a messy ponytail. She has 'DEMOLITION LOVERS' & 'BULLETPROOF HEART' tattooed on her neck. She never fails to make me laugh.

Frank smiled at his girlfriend and said "Yeah, Tanner is right we should talk about this" She leaned up and kissed his cheek in appreciation for him sticking up for her.

"Ew, get that love fest out of my face" James said making a puking face. Tanner just rolled her eyes and cuddled into Frankie.

James Lewis.

He hates his name and demands we all had to call him Jay or Jamie. We just usually called him James when we were serious or to take the piss outta him. He would get all whiny. His parents were harsh to him, they acted like he was never as good as his older brother Alex. Alex was an arrogant prick who everyone in the group hated. He spent most of his weekends staying at Tanners house because he hated staying at home. He has natural black hair with electric blue streaks through it. His eyes are a little strange. One eye is a blue/gray color and the other is green. He is bi but we didn't talk about it. He got teased for it so we usually had to defend him for that.

"What happened that night wasn't our faults. So we shouldn't have to feel guilty anymore. It's over with" Faith said looking at his feet. He looked sad about it but I guess he was sorta right.

"No. You can't just say that. We ended someone's life. We took their breath away. We buried someone and it tore us apart you can't just sit there and say that we shouldn't feel guilty anymore!" Nina screamed at Faith. Faith looked hurt and we all just stood there shocked at what she said. None of us had the guts to say that out loud. We were too scared.

"Nina calm down, we don't need to shout" Ray said trying to sound calm and soothing. She just nodded and muttered a sorry.

"Don't worry, we will be fine" Rachel smiled at Nina trying to calm her down.

Rachel Jones.

Rachel was a simple girl. She was hyper and always the life and soul of the party. She was dating Ray but I guess they never really did make a big deal of their relationship. They were total opposites due to her being extremely loud and him being quiet and relaxing. She had longish brown hair and hazel/golden eyes. She was a lot of fun to be around and usually kept a good conversation flowing.

"I need some air or out of this room for a minute" I said walking over to the door about to leave.

I walked down the hallway that I had walked down to get into that crazy room but this time it felt different. Like someone was watching me. I shook off that feeling and continued down the corridor. I came across as door that I had not noticed on the way up the hallway. It was open slightly and I could hear a two voices talking.

"They all came here so at least you can have a good shot at this, should be really interesting I think" One voice said. The other laughed.

"Yeah, I really didn't think they all would come. Especially the band. I thought they'd be too famous to come" The other voice said. I worked out that he must be Max.

"Yeah I'm surprised too. Let's get the party started then" I heard footsteps coming towards the door and I decided to walk down the end of the corridor and get out the front door so they didn't see me. Unfortunately I wasn't so successful.

"Miss Demonte, where are you going?" I heard Max say from behind me.


"Sorry, I needed some air" I said turning around. I smiled as nicely as I could.

"Sure, I will be joining everyone in about 20 minutes, so take your time" He smirked and then walked away.

I walked outside and the cold October/November air hit me. It felt like a relief from being in that room. So many people made it so warm and unbearable. I fumbled in my bag until I found my cigarettes and lighter. I needed this so badly. I pulled one out and light it up. Inhaling the smoke was such a relaxing feeling.

"I thought you quit" I heard from behind me. Startled I turned around and seen the person I least wanted to be alone with right now.

"Well I did but sometimes you just need it" I said then turned back around. I looked out onto the garden. It was beautiful. He moved closer until he was standing right next to me. I could feel the heat of his body. "So what are you meant to be?" I questioned.

"A burglar! Isn't it obvious with my bag of swag?" He grinned his famous Gerard Way grin and held up his little bag. I smiled feeling silly, realizing he was wearing black and white stripy pj's like a typical burglar and took another drag of my cigarette.

"Well aren't I observant?" I giggled sarcastically. He just smiled and looked out into the stars.

"I'm glad to see you, you know" He said out of the blue. I had finished my cigarette by now. I just turned to him and look at him. I didn't know what to say really.

"Yeah" I just said still staring into his eyes. I didn't even notice him getting closer to me. Our lips were almost touching when suddenly the door opened and Mikey came running out.

"Guys, Max is about to tell us why we are here. You need to .. come in. What did I just walk in on? or about to happen?" Mikey said confused.

"Nothing let's go" Gerard said moving away from me. He grabbed my hand and we rushed back into the mansion. Little did we know. That would be the last time we would step outside feeling happy.


so what do you think? I had to try and introduce all the characters :)
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