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Extraordinary Girl

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Hazel takes care of Frank. They meet up with Gerard and he even does something out of the ordinary. The title is Green Day.

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Frank‘s POV
Hazel got up. I heard her groan a bit.
"Frank, turn over hun."
Her voice, so soft and caring.
I rolled to face her, still shaking like a little kid.
"Shit Frank, you don’t look so good."
"This always happens, almost every fucking day. It’s mostly just verbal. A lot of times physical but it will be a punch in the stomach. I’m rarely attacked. That whole time I just wanted to make sure you were okay."
"I’m fine. A black eye isn’t much to what I’m used to. Come on let’s get you cleaned up."
She took me to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror.
Because of that dick, I now have a new black left eye, busted lip, puffy right eye and a bruise along my left cheek bone. Can’t wait to check my torso later.
"Fuck Josh. Are you sure he didn’t do anything else to you."
"Frank I promise, I’m fine now let me clean you up. Close your eyes."
I sighed and closed my eyes.
She cleaned my face so tenderly. Trying so carefully not to hit the bruises or cuts.
"Thanks Hazel. You are seriously a great friend."
"You’re welcome Frank. Here, take some Advil."
Hazel’s POV
He looked so hurt. I felt bad. But all I kept thinking about was John. He used to treat me like how Josh just treated me. But worse.
I really just need to talk to James.
"You want to blow P.E?"
"Skip? On your first day? Why Hazel, I’m surprised."
"Eh, I skipped P.E all the time last year."
"Alright then let’s go. I’ll take you to the hill."
"The hill?"
"Yeah, it’s this little hill nobody goes to so Gerard and I skip a lot and meet there."
"Cool. Is he there now?"
"He should be. He has math now, he always skips math."
"Cool, shall we go?"
"We shall."
We walked up the hill and saw Gerard sitting there enjoying the cloudy day and smoking.
"Hey Gerard."
"Oh shit. You two scared me. Hey uh- what the fuck happened to you two?"
"Long story Gee, Hazel and I will explain later. We just need to relax, got a cig?"
"Yeah sure, here."
"You two are going to get cancer. But it’s okay I’m going down with ya."
I pulled out a cigarette.
They both looked at me. Frank looked at me more concerned.
"When did you start smoking?"
"When I was about 12."
"I was 12 when I started."
"What about you Gerard?"
"I was asking when you started smoking."
"Oh, I was 14. Hey uh Hazel? I was wondering if you want to chill with me and the guys at my house after school?"
"That would be awesome! Thanks Gee."
I looked down at the bracelet on my wrist. Sorry James I’ll have to talk to you tonight.

So I figured since I was out today and didn't get to update earlier, that I would give you two new chapters, so here you go. Hope you enjoyed them!
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