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Tear stained faces

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Gerard's premonitions are right?

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Hai Guise! I'm truly sorry for not updating for so many months!! But I'm back now, and I have a very good reason to why I didn't update, One; I don't have a laptop anymore since it broke so I have to use my family's laptop until christmas, when I get my new one!! Two; I've been so busy with school work and drama work because I'm in year 10 and also at Drama, we've been rehearsing so much lately! So I'm very sorry!! But I love you all, I'm sad if I have lost readers, which I hope I haven't! But yeah I'm going to try and finish it tonight! So good luck me! To my readers I have left, I'm going to give you all cookies! Also read Lizzeh's stories, they are amazing!

Gerard's P.O.V

I woke up feeling fresh, and the slightest bit happy. I rubbed the shit away from my eyes, that were keeping them closed and stood up out of bed. I walked over to the pair of jeans I was wearing yesterday and pulled my phone out of my pocket, I flipped it open, it said I had a text. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! F x It was sent at 5pm. He must be proper excited to see me I thought. I rummaged through my wardrobe to find something to wear. I pulled out my pair of super black skinnies, which I have ever wore once. I put a new pair of boxers on, then pulled my jeans over my thin pale legs. I clothed my torso in a random navy blue t-shirt, and pulled my arms through my Misfits hoodie. I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Mikey sitting at the breakfast island drinking his mug of coffee. He had obviously heard me rushing down the stairs, because there was a hot mug of black coffee with my name on it. I picked it up from the counter and took it into the living room with me, so I could put my converse on at the same time. I finished lacing my converse, I chugged down my black coffee, and headed for the door.
'Slow down Gerard! Why'd you wanna get to school so quickly? If we get their early again, the teachers will start to worry about you!' I rolled my eyes at Mikey.
'Ha Ha Ha, NO!' I started to laugh at myself, I do crack myself up sometimes. Mikey just looked at me with the smallest of smiles ever known to mankind.
We headed out of the door, Mikey was being annoying today, he was purposely walking slow. I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face him, Mikey was standing a few steps behind me.
'MIKEY IF YOU DON'T HURRY THE FUCK UP! I SWEAR TO GOD, I WILL PUSH YOU IN THE ROAD!' Mikey smiled and sped up, he still didn't have a clue why I wanted to get to school early or what had happened between me and Frank.
We walked in through the large black metal gates seperating school and reality. Me and Mikey walked over to the big oak tree where we normally meet Frank in the morning. He wasn't there, maybe he was just late?
'Where's Frank, He's normally here by now?' Mikey mumbled quietly. I looked around to see if I could see Frank talking to anyone else, but all I noticed was everyone in the parking lot, looking at me like they'd seen a ghost. I ignored it, I always do. People always look at me and think so much shit of me. The bell rang and I got more worried about Frank, maybe he's ill? But if he was wouldn't of he had text me by now? I walked into registration and took my normal seat, at the back of the class where me and Frank always sit, but this time I was alone. No-one had said anything to me, it was strange every morning I get abuse of people; Dylan and Missy mostly, oh yeah Missy she's the head cheerleader and shit, she's also a slut I fucking hate her guts after the way she treated me a few years back, but that doesn't matter now.

The first lesson had finished and Frank still wasn't in, I was still getting strange looks off of people, I was starting to worry because normally everyone would be like "Oh emo boy's here, erugh look at what he's wearing" all in the first 10 minutes of school, did they know something I didn't? I stood up from my warm seat I had been sitting in for what felt like a whole week, but it was only an hour. Picked up my books shoved them into my bag, and walked with my eyes fixed to the floor out of the class room.
As normal as soon as I got out of class and into the corridor everyone's eyes were fixed on me, but today it felt different, today it felt like they weren't thinking or saying shit about me, but that they were trying to tell me something. I was too bsuy concentrating on the floor that I hadn't realized I bumped into Dylan, I looked up to face him. He didn't say anything hurtful, he just looked at me and walked away. Everyone was still looking at me, even the people behind me I could feel their eyes burning holes into my back. I suddenly jumped when I got tapped on the shoulder by a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, she looked familiar, I swore I'd seen her before! She hugged me and whispered 'I'm sorry for your loss' The girl then walked away. The next thing I knew was Maisy had ran up to me and her arms were locked tight around my waist.
'Oh Gerard! How can you be so strong at a time like this?!' Maisy started crying, I was still so confused, it felt like this happened all before.
'Gerard! SAY SOMETHING?!' Maisy had pulled her arms away from my waist and was looking at me with tears in her eyes.
'Maisy I really don't know what to say, I-I don't know what's happened?' I heard someone say behind "Oh my god, how doesn't he know?!"
'Gerard, How can you be so inconsiderate? He's dead! Your best friend and my boyfriend is dead!' I was lost for words, confused and then the little light bulb went bright yellow.
'No, He can't be! I couldn't of caused this? If I didn't tell him my stupid--' I got cut off my someone shouting out my name over and over again, it was Mikey.
'GERARD! HE'S DEAD! YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG! You've been having premonitions!'
'Mikey! He can't be! How come if it was this premoniton crap, why did I not see you running in?! Why does Maisy still think Frank is her boyfriend?!' Mikey looked at me blankly, he didn't have the answers to my questions. This time he couldn't help, no-one could!
'I've got to go.' I ran straight out of where everyone was watching me, until I approached a place that had always calmed me down. The big Oak tree. I looked at the tree for a while until I had noticed something been carved into the tree. "Maisy + Frank 4 eva" I traced over it with my index finger. Tears ran from my eyes staining my face, I put my back to the tree and slid down it, hitting my bum on the hard ground, bringing my knees up to my chest and hiding my face.
'Gerard?' I heard and felt someone standing next to me, I looked up to see who it was; Dylan. He sat down beside me.
'Look, I know what your going through' I looked into his eyes.
'How do you possibly know what I'm going through?!' I was pissed with everyone, I didn't even want to talk to anyone, let alone him!
'I've been in your position once!' I was about to say something when I remembered the whole conversation with him in my premonition.
'Gerard? Are you okay?' I snapped out of my daydream.
'Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just if your going to say about how your mother died when you was 10 and your dad left you when you was 6 please, spare me the details, I've heard it before.' I hugged my knees tighter. They were like my safety blanket at the moment.
'Wait how do you know that?!' He was a bit pissed at me knowing before him telling me.
'Look, I've had these dreams and they tell me things what's going to happen. Premonitions.'
'Oh, well dude, you know because of my rough background I'm not as tough as everything thinks I am. I just got bullied when I was younger and I just needed to take my anger out on someone. But you know if you ever need someone to talk to, or even go to the hospital today to see him then tell me, I'll be happy to help.' I smiled at Dylan, I know it's wrong because he's been a bastard my whole life I've been at high school, but deep down he's a good guy just with some grieving issuses.

Again I'm rather sorry for updating so late, but you won't be disappointed because I'm going to try and finish it, but when I do I won't be writing anymore fic's until Christmas when I have my own laptop! Love you my lovely readers!! xoxo
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