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Chapter 1

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*Frerard* Supernatural, well it will be eventually. Basically Frank and Gerard aren't together but will be at the end. Not really good at summaries so just read it please :)

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Ray, Mikey and Gerard watched as Frank walked up to the karaoke machine for the third time this Halloween and started singing 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha, again. "How long before he fucking passes out?" Ray shouted over the music. "Should be soon, I ain't carrying him home this year though, it's your turn." Mikey replied. "No-one's carrying him home this year because when he's done I'm taking him home, he's way too pissed already anyway." Gerard stated. The three boys watched in horror as Frank finishes the song on a high note, Gerard drained his drink, grabbed Frank by the arm, Frank protesting and yelling "Noooo, I want to stay, Gerard please, it's my birthday" Gerard replied staring into Frank's eyes saying "Tough shit, you're pissed enough as it is and quite frankly we're not carrying you home again. Don't try the abandoned puppy dog eyes on me Frankie, it's not going to work this time." After about 10 minutes of the puppy dog look, which usually worked on Gerard and got Frank his own way, Frank gave up.

Gerard and Frank stopped about five minutes away from Frank's house so Frank could throw up in an alley. Whilst Frank was wiping his mouth on his sleeve a tall man grabbed him from behind and held a gun to Frank's head, he whispered into Frank's ear "don't scream". "I wasn't planning on it" Frank drunkenly slurred back. A few seconds later Gerard strolled down the alley while yelling "you done chucking your fucking guts up yet Frank?". The masked man replied to Gerard "he's done, now if you want him to live give me your fucking wallet bitch, and don't call the police about this either". "Frank, you okay?" Gerard asked gently. "If by okay you mean still pissed out of my mind and having a gun held to my head, then yeah I'm fine". "Okay, here's all the money I have with me," Gerard replied "now please let him go". "Here, have him". The masked man releases Frank, just as Frank starts to throw up again, Frank threw up all over the masked man. "You bitch, I really liked this shirt" he screamed. "Umm...oops, I guess" Frank said, managing to look angelic and smug at the same time. "Motherfucker", the masked man snarled. Gerard flinched and closed his eyes at the sound of three gunshots but was suprised none of them hit him.

When he opened his eyes he saw the masked man running away and Frank, bleeding on the floor, coughing. Gerard ran to Frank and knelt by his side repeatedly asking if he was okay only after the tenth time he asked did Frank slur back "what do you think?". " I'm gonna call an ambulance, okay Frankie" Gerard sobbed. "If you must, Gerard" Frank sarcastically replied whilst biting back pain. Gerard called the ambulance which arrived five minutes later. They swiftly loaded Frank into the back of the ambulance, and Gerard jumped into the back with him. "Gerard," Frank laughed, "I just realised something". "Oh fuck, what did you realise, Frankie?". "Your hair's the colour of my blood". "Shut up, you fucking drunk bitch, Frankie" Gerard half-laughed, half-whispered in Frank's ear. When they reached the hospital Frank was rushed about with Gerard following him until 3 o'clock in the morning when they finally put Frank in a room and left him alone with Gerard.

"You really are stupid Frankie, you know that right?" Gerard said as he sat down in the most uncomfortable chair he had ever sat on in his life."Yeah I know, but I really needed to throw up". Just as Gerard was about to reply, a nurse walked into the room and looked at Frank with sad eyes "Mr. Iero, I have some bad news, although the doctors have removed the bullets and given you stiches on the outside, your x-rays have shown you still bleeding on the inside, I'm sorry, at best you only have 2 hours to live, I'm so sorry" the nurse left the room. Frank slowly breathed out and looked over at Gerard "Gerard," he smilled sadly "buy me some grapes". "You hate grapes, Frankie" Gerard said whilst looking deeply into Frank's hazel eyes. "Yeah, but I'm dying so don't people normally buy someone who's dying grapes?", Frank asked still smiling with sad eyes. "No. Fucking. Grapes. Go to sleep" Gerard stubbornly replied. "No need to get bitchy about it." Frank smirked with a hint of pain showing. "Sleep" Gerard said still staring into Frank's eyes. "I can't, it hurts too much to sleep" Frank said with pain clearly showing on his face, his smile faded.

An hour later Frank woke with a start, looking around in blind panic as he realised his 'nightmare' was real, then he saw Gerard asleep in the chair he was sat in when Frank had finally drifted off. Then the pain came back, but this time it was blinding. As Frank realised he didn't have long left he decided it was now or never. He leaned down under the bed reaching for Gerards black and red back-pack which he always kept paper and pencils in incase he got bored, so he could draw. Frank grabbed the back-pack and sat back up in the hospital bed, he got the pad and a pencil out of the bag and ripped two pages out he wrote on one piece 'Gerard xx' and on the other piece he wrote a note for Gerard. He folded both pieces in half, the one with Gerard's name on it on the outside, the other on the inside, he placed them on the night stand. He leant over to Gerard and kissed his forehead. Frank slowly laid back in his hospital bed, took a deep breath and bit back the pain it caused him, Frank closed his eyes as his heart stopped.

Gerard woke at the sound of the beeping machine displaying nothing but a flat line. He looked at the still, pale, lifeless Frank and burst into tears. Gerard saw the note on the table with his name on it in Frank's beautiful swirly hand writing he opened the note, and read it:

Gerard, I wanted to let you know before I died, I love you but I couldn't tell you because you were asleep.
I wanted to let you know the only reason I joined the band was because of you, I've always loved
you, I just never new how you felt about me so I didn't know how to tell you, now it's too late.

I love you. Don't forget me.
Frank xo

Gerard cried even harder, he'd felt exactly the same way since the first moment he laid eyes on Frank. How could he ever forget him?

A/N: This is my first story, somehow when writing it I made myself cry. Please tell me what you think and if you want the next chapter or not, please don't be to harsh. :) Sorry if I made you cry. I do plan to bring Frank back to life somehow, you're just gonna have to keep reading.
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