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Chapter 2

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This ones about what happened after Frank died,what Gerard did, how he felt...

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Two weeks later Gerard was in his room with tears streaming down his face as he put on his favourite suit and tie. The hearse with Frank's lifeless body was going to drive past on the way to Frank's house, then to the church in about half an hour. Ever since it had happened, ever since that maniac had shot Frank, all Gerard could think was 'my fault'. Gerard went into the bathroom and wiped his tears away, looked in the mirror and sighed heavily, he couldn't stand the sight of his face, not since he read the note Frank had left him. He'd loved Frank forever, he'd had no idea Frank loved him back.

Gerard headed down stairs and got into his car and waited for the sight of the black herase slowly driving down towards his house. When it arrived he pulled out of his driveway and followed Frank down the road. On the way to Frank's house they drived past Mikey's and Ray's house, both got in the line with Gerard. When they reached Frank's house they breifly stopped there before heading to the church. The church loomed ahead of them, Gerard looked up at the marvellous building, once proud, now half-eroded gargoyles, he wasn't ready to do this, he wasn't ready to say one final goodbye to the man he'd loved but had never told the truth of how he felt. He parked the car next to a tall tree, he didn't care that the pigeons would shit on it anymore. He waited for Mikey and Ray, who now knew about the note, they both greeted him with hugs.

They walked up to the church together, and sat on the front row of pews. The priest began to speak, after about five minutes Mikey had zoned out, all he could think about was the way Frank had acted the last time he'd seen him, he was pissed out of his mind, he and Gerard had sang 'All The Small Things' by Blink-182 together, Frank had sang 'Tik Tok' by Ke$ha alone three times, Mikey had just realised it was Frank's 29th birthday the day he had died, he hadn't even made it to 30.

Ray had also zoned out, he couldn't stand funerals, he was thinking about how depressing they were, people didn't need even more depressing after a friend had died. Frank was an amazing guitarist, as much as Ray hated to admit it, Frank could beat him in a guitar battle anyday.

Gerard couldn't zone out, all he could think was 'my fault, my fault, my fault' over and over, it was going to kill him, he had to stop thinking negative. It was almost time for his speech, he hadn't even planned it, he'd have to go up there and just say what felt right.

"And now, Mr. Gerard Way would like to say a few words about Frank" the priest announced, Gerard slowly walked up to the altar. "erm..hi. erm... Frank was an amazing guitarist. He was an even more amazing friend, a friend who I spent his last moments with, even as he was dying he was still humorous, the bitch asked for grapes, he doesn't even like grapes. He left me a note, you already know what it said...I had know idea he felt that way about me," Gerard sobbed "and he had know idea I felt that way about him, thank you" Gerard left the altar and ran out of the church, crying.

Gerard got in his car and placed his head on the steering wheel and just lay there breathing, crying and yelling at himself "it was my fault". He sat there until the funeral was over, Mikey knocked on the passenger side window, "you alright bro" he asked gently. "Yeah, I'm fine, Mikey. I just want to go home". Mikey sighed, looked at the mess Gerard was in and decided it wasn't safe for Gerard to drive home alone, "I'll drive you". "No, I'll be fine.". "Gerard, me and Ray have been wondering about the band, are we still toghether or not?". "Not, there can't be a My Chemical Fucking Romance without Frank." Gerard replied bitterly. "But there can, we can get over it" Mikey said. "No, we can't" Gerard stated. "But we can, Gerard". Gerard got out of the car and looked at Mikey, "You don't get it do you, the band only took off once Frank joined, he was the heart and soul of the band and there cannot be a band without the heart and soul, bitch" Gerard yelled before raising his fist and punching Mikey, leaving him clutching his face with one hand to cover his bruising eye. "See you in hell, Mikey".


Gerard hadn't left the house for seven days straight, all he could think was 'my fault' and when he tried to draw he ended up writing 'my fault' on the paper until it was indecipherable or drawing the scene of Frank's death over and over. He couldn't take it anymore, he couldn't live without the band, the band couldn't be the band without Frank, his life was a wreck. He thought to himself, 'i'll end it, it'll be over, I'll see Frank'. He went into the kitchen grabbed the nearst knife and drew the glinting blade across his wrist and then the other wrist. He sat on the tatty black sofa and watched the blood pulse out of his wrists and slowly drip to the floor and form a satasfying puddle. The door bell rang, Gerard walked over to the door slowly, leaving a trail of blood behind him.He opened the door to reveal Ray, just as Gerard blacked out. He fell to the floor with a sickening thud.

Ray jumped over Gerard and grabbed two towls froma draw and elastic bands from the 'key bowl' that contained no keys. He took Gerard's left wrist and secured the towl over the cut with the elastic bands he swiftly did the same to the other wrist. Ray called an ambulance that arrived a few minutes later. He watched helplessly, knowing there was nothing else he could do to help Gerard, he follwed him to the hospital and watched as he was rushed inside, he sat and winced as he watched doctors stitch his wounds, stopping the bleeding, saving his life. When Gerard was stable and definiteley going to survive, he left the hospital, while Gerard stayed over-night.

The next morning Gerard returned home with a new plan, find a way to bring Frank back to life. He started searching the internet for anything that might be a start on how to bring back his precious Frank. Most of the results were zombie related which, as cool as zombies are, is never a good thing or how to revive a reccently deceased person. He didn't want a zombie Frank, he wanted normal Frank, his Frank. Then he found one, after ten straight hours of Googleing, on the last page google had to offer, the last link he found a crazy way to revive Frank, it probably wouldn't work and he knew it, but it was worth it, it was all he had, it was for Frank, he had to try it. Hesitating he grabbed his jacket and left the house with a box and a photo of himself and headed towards the cemetery where Frank was waiting for him.

When he arrived, Frank was sitting nex to is grave, crossed legged. When he saw Gerard he jumped up and ran into his arms
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