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Chapter Twenty Six

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Kobra and Korse have a chat.

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[A/N] - I was down to one 1 review for my last chapter which kinda upset me ;/ Especially because I got up at 8.30AM during half-term just to upload this chapter ;D Jokes, I'm going up town in a sec for new jeans :3

“It’s very hard to like you Kobra Kid,” Korse told me as I strapped down to a chair in his office. This brought back memories of when Colourful Shadow had had to save me. “Since you stole my wife and all.”
“Haven’t we been through this already?” I asked “I didn’t steal your wife. For a start she was never your wife since she ran away before your wedding. And like I just stated, she ran away. Can you really blame me for that?”
“I’m Korse!” He snorted “I blame who I want for what I want.”
“That’s a responsible attitude.” I said sarcastically “It’s no wonder so many people look up to you. Oh that’s right, you had to brainwash them into it!”
“I’m not afraid of you Kobra.” He stated “Last time Colourful Shadow showed up to save you. But where is she now? Oh that’s right, she’s back at the hide out with her friends and family. And you think that she’s going to leave all that just to save you again?”
“My friends will be back.” I hissed “Lady Madness will tell them what happened and they’ll be back in moments.”
“Oh do you think?” He asked “Four of them are parents. You think they’re going to leave their kids alone to come and save you?”
“Well, no, not all of them will come…” I muttered then I suddenly remember something “What happened to Missile Kid?”
“What makes you think I’m going to tell you?” He asked, raising an eye-brow “Let’s just say the dracs have a new toy.”
“That’s disgusting.” I said, pressing myself back against the chair “She’s like what, fifteen?”
“You are so dirty minded Kobra Kid.” Korse laughed “She’s not a little sex toy, the dracs just like teasing her. That’s all.”
“Do you not feel regret at all?” I asked “You’ve ruined so many people’s lives. Don’t you feel bad at all?”
“Not really.” Korse shrugged.
I continued “Aren’t you upset that your daughter’s dead?”
Korse blushed “No. She reminded me too much of Lady Madness.”
“So you didn’t love her?”
“Did I say that?” Korse asked “Of course I loved her! As much as I loved Lady Madness! But I’m not very good at showing my love.”
“So you are upset that your daughter’s dead?”
Korse sighed “Obviously. I mean she was my daughter.”
“Do you think you were a good Dad?”
“No, I was a terrible Dad.” Korse said “I was too busy working to spend any time with her.”
“And do you regret that?”
“This conversation is not about me or Bomb Sunshine!” Korse suddenly snapped “Who are you to ask me questions about my daughter? Are you a social worker Kobra Kid? No, you’re too busy killing off my workers.”
We were both silent. I’d obviously hit a raw nerve. “You’re going to tell me where your friends are hidden.” Korse said quietly “Or you’re going to regret it.”
“You should know where my friends are hidden.” I said “Since you sent a robot to our place.”
“We picked up a lot on the video camera hidden inside of her.” Korse nodded “Except for where you guys live.”
“Why do you need to know?”
“It’s probably best if I don’t tell you.” Korse smiled “Now just tell me where your hide out is.”
“It’s kind of hard to explain.” I said truthfully “I don’t know the exact location, I only know it when I’m driving.”
“Oh yeah?” Korse asked, looking down at me “Then I guess we’ll have to wait until your buddies show up… Maybe one of them will be able to tell us where the rest of your friends are.”
“My friends always get past you and your dumbass workers every time.” I snorted “What makes you think this time will be any different?”
“We’ve been preparing for this moment for a while now.” Korse smiled “We’re going to capture them. And all of you are going to wish you’d just given up in the first place.”
“You can torture me until I take my last breath,” I said “But I’ll never regret the choices I made.”
“Even if I killed all your friends and family before your very eyes?” Korse asked, raising an eye-brow.
I started shaking “Why are you doing this?”
“Maybe you shouldn’t have kidnapped my girlfriend.”
“Oh really, we’re back to this?” I asked “Haven’t we been through this enough times?”
“Your friends are going to know what it feels like.” Korse said “I’ve already got everything planned.”
“Maybe you should share your evil plans with me…” I said.
Korse raised his eye-brows “Why would I do that?”
“That’s what they do in movies.” I told him “The bad guy always tells the good guy his evil plans…”
Korse smiled “Okay fine, if you really wanna know. As soon as we find out where you live we’re going to bring you all back here. All you adults will be held down and I’ll take your children. And then I’ll show you all what it feels like to lose something precious to you.” I stared at him “And one by one, I’ll brainwash all your friends until just you and Lady Madness are left.” He paused for effect “And then I’ll kill Lady Madness. Leaving you to go insane. You’ll have run out friends, lost your lover, lost your entire family. And then I’ll lock you in a room. In a room where it’s impossible for you to commit suicide so you have to live the rest of your life knowing what happened.”
“How could you possibly do that?” I asked “Killing off innocent children? Killing off the woman you love?”
“Killing off the woman I love that’ll never love me back.” He replied “Killing the innocent children who have guilty parents.”
“Is that their fault?” I asked, suddenly not knowing what to do anymore. I was stuck here and if what Korse had said was true, my friends were going to be captured the moment they stepped foot in BLI. What was I going to do?
Korse smirked at me “Just face it Kobra. There’s nothing you can do this time.”
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