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Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Korse makes Kobra go for a drive... Kind of...

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Four days passed and I didn’t receive a word. I was fed and allowed to use the bathroom three times a day but the rest was sent in my padded cell. The suspense was killing me. Hadn’t they come to save me yet? This was good in one way because then they’d all survive. But this was also bad. Why weren’t they saving me? Had Lady Madness got lost on the way back to the hide-out? And if so, what had happened to her?
Korse stormed into the room “You must’ve got a message to your friends!” He shouted at me “Why else wouldn’t they be coming?”
“You think I’m not wondering the same thing?” I asked calmly “Korse, this is ridiculous. Please just let me go.”
“I can’t do that Kobra.” He replied just as calmly “And you know why. I’ve already told you my plans.”
“Your plans are cruel!” I suddenly snapped “How could you even consider killing innocent children?”
“Easily,” He muttered “This is stupid. Get the fuck up.”
I’d already learnt to just do as BLI say over the past four days. So I got to my feet. Korse turned around and said something quietly to two dracs. Once he was finished speaking the two dracs walked round him and grabbed my arms. I was dragged out of the room and down to a BLI car.
I sighed “What’s the plan here?”
“You said you couldn’t find the hide-out unless you were driving.” Korse said “So you’re going to drive us to the hide-out.”
“There’s no way I’m going to do that.”
Korse smirked “I had a feeling you’d say that.”
Suddenly I saw behind him two dracs dragging a girl out of the building. And not just any girl… It was Missile Kid.
Korse pointed the gun at her head “You either show us where the hide-out is or we blow her brains out.” I noticed that the gun he was holding wasn’t a ray gun, just a normal gun.
Missile Kid bit her lip “Don’t do it.” She suddenly cried “He can shoot me I don’t-“
Korse hit her round the face and she whimpered. I sighed heavily. I couldn’t let him shoot her. I opened the car door and slipped into the driver’s seat. Korse handed the gun to a drac. The drac dragged Missile Kid into the car and Korse got into the passenger’s seat.
I started driving. Korse glared at me “You start any funny business and I’ll kill her. So I wouldn’t try anything.”
“Missile Kid,” I said, ignoring Korse “What happened to Snake Bite, Chemical Batman and Zone Specter?”
“Korse shot them.” Missile Kid hissed “About a month ago.”
“You killed them?” I cried “How could you do that?”
“Kobra, it’s what I do.” Korse told me patiently “Part of my job is to kill people.”
“They were my best friends!” Missile Kid cried “How would you feel if I murdered your best friends?”
“Missile Kid, I’m not stupid enough to have friends.” Korse giggled. Korse’s giggle is really horrible “How long will it take us to get to your hide out?”
I took a deep breath “Not long now.”
I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t let them kill Missile Kid. But if I went to the hide-out they’d kill my niece and her best friend. They’d brainwash all my friends. They’d murder my girlfriend.
I pulled up outside our hide-out, holding back tears. “We’re in the middle of nowhere!” Korse snapped.
I sighed heavily “You told me to take you to the hideout. We’re at the hideout. But I refuse to tell you how to get in.”
Korse laughed “Do you want Missile Kid to live?”
I groaned and got outta the car. Korse got out to and I did the right thing and the elevator came out of the ground. “Maybe you’d better stay up here.” Korse snarled “I’ll go and get your little friends.”
Suddenly a bunch of dracs came up behind me. I turned around. About five BLI cars had been following us a long with two BLI vans.
Korse and several dracs went down the elevator. My heard pounded when suddenly I heard screams from downstairs. There was shouting and I heard ray gun shots. Suddenly the elevator came up and Korse dragged out Party Poison. Party looked up at me “You sold us out?” He cried “How could you do that?”
“He threatened to kill Missile Kid!” I told him “I didn’t want to tell him where you guys are… But I had to…”
Party just stared at me before Korse dragged him over to one of the vans “This is the male van.” Korse stated “The other one is for females. We’ll put the kids in the car. Kobra, get your butt over here!”
I walked over obediently. Korse pointed into the van so of course I got in. Party held his arms out to me and I dived into them “I didn’t mean to snap at you!” Party whispered “I’m so sorry, this must’ve been so hard for you.”
“I didn’t know what else to do!” I sobbed “I didn’t want to tell him! Especially after he told me what he plans to do!”
“What does he plan to do?” Party asked but I couldn’t respond.
Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul were suddenly thrown into the back of the van and the door was slammed shut. I pulled away from Party and asked “Did Lady Madness come back?”
“No,” Ghoul sighed “Neither of you returned. We thought Lady Madness was still with you.”
“No, she escaped.” I said, suddenly panicking “I thought she was with you guys.”
“We haven’t seen her in four days.” Jet-Star blushed “This is gonna sound stupid but we thought you, Korse and Lady Madness had made peace or something. So we stayed away. What happened to Bomb Sunshine?”
“She died of natural causes last year…” I mumbled “What could’ve happened to Lady Madness?”
“I’m sure we’ll found out soon enough.” Ghoul muttered “I’m terrified.”
The rest of us nodded then remained silent.
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