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Chapter Twenty-Eight

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The killjoys say their goodbyes and Korse begins his plan.

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The trip back to BLI seemed to take a lot longer than it usually did. I thought about the last time we’d been taken to BLI in these vans “We’ve survived it before.” I told them “I’m sure we can do it again.”
“We haven’t got our ray guns.” Party muttered “They don’t trust any of one of us. Colourful Shadow only managed to save us because Korse trusted her enough to leave her unprotected. But we’re gonna be heavily guarded this time.”
Fun Ghoul took a deep breath “So I guess this is it.”
“No, don’t say that!” I cried “We always get out of things like this! The last time we were in this van, we thought the same thing. We thought we were gonna die then! But we didn’t! And we’re not gonna die now!”
“Kobra, give it up.” Jet-Star sighed “We might as well just say our goodbyes now.”
“Hey wait!” I snapped “You said we’re all going to be heavily guarded. Well… What about Lady Madness?”
“Do you know for a fact that she got away?” Fun Ghoul asked “For all you know, Korse could have her locked at Better Living Industries. Kobra… I know you’re trying to your best to stay positive but it’s just not gonna work this time.”
Suddenly the doors to the van opened and several dracs entered. We were all pulled out of the van “Sorry the journey took so long.” Korse said “I wanted the boys and girls to arrive at separate times.”
None of us responded. The dracs dragged us through the building. I was too busy trying to think of an escape route to really take in my surroundings or what was happening. All four of us were dragged into a large room and tied to a separate chair. The girls were already there, all of them crying.
Korse walked into the centre of the room “Kobra. I’m sure you’ll be happy to see your wife again.” He laughed like a maniac.
Lady Madness was dragged into the room “I thought you’d escaped!” I cried “What happened?”
“I made it out the building.” Lady Madness told me as she was tied to another chair “But the dracs caught up with me. And I was brought back here.”
Korse laughed again “We’ll give you five minutes to say your goodbyes. And then the entertainments will start.”
Korse and all the dracs left the room. “What did they do with Cherry Explosion and Professor Black-Blood?” Screaming Revolver asked.
All of us shrugged. “They said they were putting the kids in the cars.” I said “They could be anywhere.” I kept Korse’s plan to myself. I didn’t want to worry them. Well, worry them anymore than they were already worrying.
Agent Anarchy sighed “Well I guess it is] time to say our goodbyes.” We were all silent so Agent Anarchy continued “You know when I was growing up… I didn’t have any friends. But then I met you guys. I know that most of the time we were fighting for our lives… But it was the first time in my life that I felt… Well, happy. So no matter what happens today, I just wanted to say… Thanks so much for being my friend and accepting me for who I am.”
“I love you Agent Anarchy.”
“I love you too…” Agent Anarchy took a deep breath “And I want you guys to know this… All of you, my name is Marisela.”
“That’s a beautiful name.” Jet-Star smiled “I want you guys to know my name too. My name is Ray.”
“My name’s Jinx.” Screaming Revolver told us.
Colourful Shadow smiled a little awkwardly “And you guys are all aware that mine’s Jasmine.”
“I’m Jenna.”
“I’m Mikey.”
“I’m Gerard.”
“I’m Frank.” Fun Ghoul laughed “We’ve all just made a huge mistake!”
“How have we?” I asked.
Fun Ghoul continued to laugh “You think that BLI aren’t watching this conversation? You really thought they were going to let our goodbyes be private?”
“Well… We kinda hoped…” Lady Madness suddenly started laughing too “And now they’re going to turn us all into BLI workers!”
I flushed bright red because I knew that Lady Madness [/wasn’t
going to become a BLI worker. Though I knew she’d rather die than work BLI…
Korse suddenly re-entered the room “You’re gonna hate me for this…” Korse paused “Oh wait, you all already hate my guts!”
“Hey Korse, when all this is over, we should have a sleepover.” Agent Anarchy told him “Yeah I could style your hair for you… Oh wait…”
“Oh shut up you stupid Mexican!” Korse snapped. Agent Anarchy gritted her teeth. She hated being called Mexican.
Two dracs walked into the room. One was holding Cherry Explosion and the other was holding Professor Black-Blood. A third drac followed them in moments later, holding Missile Kid by her arms.
Korse looked at Screaming Revolver, pulled his gun out of his pocket and aimed it at Cherry Explosion. Screaming Revolver’s face turned white “No, please, don’t!” She cried as Korse pulled the trigger.
Cherry Explosion’s went limp as she stopped breathing. “How could you?” Screaming Revolver cried “She was only a child!”
Korse ignored her and pointed the gun at Professor Black-Blood. Agent Anarchy opened her mouth but Korse already pulled the trigger. Agent Anarchy screamed as her baby’s body fell to the floor.
Korse turned and smirked at me “You wasted your time trying to protect this one.” Korse laughed, pulling the trigger. Missile Kid cried out but then fell to the floor.
I looked around. We were all crying, even Party Poison. “Only one more of you are going to die.” Korse said “The rest of you will become slaves. Apart from that one,” Korse pointed at me “He shall be left to go insane.” Korse cackled.
Two dracs untied Lady Madness, grabbed her arms and dragged her over to Korse. “No, please don’t hurt her!” I sobbed “Please don’t kill her!”
“This is your own fault Kobra Kid.” Korse smirked “Maybe if you’d just left well enough alone…”
He pulled the trigger and it hit Lady Madness. She fell to the floor, her eyes still open but now they were lifeless. Her mouth hung open as if she were about to say something. But she’d never say anything again.
Korse laughed again “All’s well that ends well. Right?”
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