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Even in her youth

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Whats five feet three inches tall with long brown hair deep green eyes and evil as all hell? Nirvana!

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Dave shook his head. "You know you would too." I said poking his hand. "Yeah bit I'd never admit it." He said poking me back. "You just did." I said poking him. "Fine you got me." He said looking past me, "Here comes Emily." He said. "Who the hell is Emily?" I asked. "The waitress." He replied "You don't read name tags?" "No. Don't really care enough to." I said lazily. "Well I like to know who's handling my food." Dave said haughtily. "Well once your not being an ass hole does it even matter?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "Yes Kurt. Yes it does." Emily sat our plates down on the table then our drinks, "Here you go boys. Enjoy." "Thank you... Emily." Dave said with a lovesick smile. She rested her hand on his shoulder, "Oh no problem." She cooed. "Thanks Emily." I said trying to suppress the urge to barf. "Your welcome. Call me if you boys need anything." "Will do. Thanks again" Dave said with a wink. She gasped and walked away. "You know if you ever told me you were gay I'd beat the crap out of you." I said.
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