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Radio Friendly Unit shifter

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"She's a hot pain in the ass." Kurt on Nirvana

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Humor,Romance - Published: 2011-10-25 - Updated: 2011-10-25 - 178 words - Complete

"Why?" Dave asked drowning his waffles in strawberry syrup. "You seem to love women too much. It'd be totaly out of left field." I said stabbing at a piece of bacon. "Well not according to Krist. He thinks I'm pretending." He said with a mouth full of eggs. "But you your not. Right?" I said waiting for him to answer. He laughed, "Why because if I was then all the times we've accidentally fallen asleep in the same bed would be kinda uncomfortable, right?" He said sipping his juice. I shifted awkwardly in my seat, "Just a little." I replied. "Don't worry. I'm not." He said. I nodded. We managed to finish our meal without worrying about Nirvana. I silently waved Emily over in fear of Nirvana hearing my voice. She shuffled over, "How was everything?" She asked clearing the table. "It was great." Dave said leaning back, "I'm stuffed." I nodded in agreement, "Yeah everything was great. Now we're gonna have to waddle home." She chuckled and touched my shoulder, "Oh your so funny!" I smiled politely.
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