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Chapter 6

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Cassie finds out what Bob was hiding about Frank.

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Chapter 6

Cassie’s P.O.V

‘Cassie you promised me.’ He repeated.
‘I’m sorry Bob.’
‘Cassie what the hell was you thinking? I told you to stay away from him. Then you go on a date with him.’ He shouted.
‘How the fuck did you even find out?’ I shouted back. He sighed.
‘Ray, Gerard, Mikey and I decided to go out to eat and we went to the same restaurant as you guys. I was going to come over and say something but they stopped me. They said that it would have just made a scene. Do you even know what you have got yourself into with this?’
‘NO I DON’T FUCKING KNOW. SOMEBODY WILL NOT TELL ME.’ He was still glaring at me. ‘If you had of just told me why you didn’t want me to be around him, I probably would have listened. But I thought that I could find out. You cannot tell me what to do any way Bob. I’m twenty years old I can make my own decisions.’ He looked defeated. That’s the thing about Bob he could never stay angry for too long. Especially when it came to me.
‘You want to know? You want to know why I told you to stay away from him?’ I nodded. Of course I did. ‘Fine. A few years ago Frank met this girl whilst on tour. He liked her a lot and they started going on dates. It meant everything to him but to her it meant absolutely nothing. He can be very clingy in a relationship he feels he needs to do a lot just to keep someone interested in him. Also he gets very protective. At the end of the tour which was quite long he asked her when he could next see her. She laughed in his face and told him it was just a little bit of fun. Nothing serious. He was heartbroken He walked around like a zombie and only properly got over her about a year after this happened. I know what you’re like in relationships. How you hate it when people are like Frank are so I thought it would be best.’ After he had finished he was looking at my face looking for my emotions.

I was shocked. I never even thought about this possibility. He was right I hated when a guy was like that in a relationship. But Frank is different. I don’t care how he acts as long as I can be around him. But why do I feel like this I’ve known him for not even 48 hours. What is it about him that makes me feel like this?
‘Why didn’t you tell me before?’ I whispered.
‘Well it isn’t really something for me to tell.’
‘I suppose.’ I sighed. ‘I don’t care.’
‘How he is in a relationship. The way he makes me feel. It’s just... I’ve never felt like this before. Even though I have not known him long I feel like we’ve known each other for years.’
‘Cassie. Just don’t hurt him please.’
‘I won’t.’
‘What if it doesn’t work out though?’
‘I will sort that out if it comes to it. I really want this with him. Frank is special to me. I don’t understand it myself so please don’t ask me to explain.’ Bob smiled at me.
‘Ok. Well we better get some sleep first concert tomorrow.’ He left and I grabbed my phone.

Hey. The guys saw us earlier in the restaurant. They know we were on a date. Xoxo C

I climbed back into bed as I wait for his reply. The vibration of my phone made me jump even if I was expecting it soon.

I’m sorry. I should have made sure we went somewhere they wouldn’t have gone. I’m sorry for fucking up. Xoxo F

Hey it’s fine. I spoke to Bob and he’s fine with it. Xoxo C

Is that why you didn’t want them knowing? Because you were scared of Bob’s reaction? Xoxo F

Yes. I know it’s stupid. Any way I’m shattered. Thank you for tonight. Goodnight Frank xoxo C

It’s not stupid. And Ok. Goodnight beautiful xoxo F

I smiled at the text, put my phone down and drifted into a sleep. My dreams filled with thoughts of Frank.

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