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Chapter 5

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The date. Does it go well?

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Chapter 5

Cassie’s P.O.V

We walked into a very expensive looking Italian restaurant. I love Italian food. I’m surprised that no one recognized Frank but I was glad at the same time. We sat down and Frank ordered a bottle of red wine. I let my hand rest on the table he covered it with his own. I looked up at him to see a nervous smile on his face. I smiled back and the nervousness seemed to fade away. ‘So maybe we should start to get to know each other better.’ I suggested and he nodded. ‘So what do you want to know?’ He shrugged. The waiter came back to take our order. After he left Frank restarted the conversation.
‘Whatever you want me to know. I guess what I mean is whatever you feel comfortable talking about.’
I started on music already knowing we both liked the same genre of music. We had a long conversation on music. Then we moved on to family, films and we had a small conversation on animals. I found out that we both love dogs. We had finished eating and Frank got the bill. We left and started walking. I expected us to go back to the hotel but we walked into a park with a huge field and a lake. He led me over to the lake where there was a bench and we sat there. It was a truly beautiful night and the lake looked really nice. I looked at Frank who was looking up in the sky I followed his gaze to see the night’s sky. There were lots of stars and no clouds. It was truly mesmerizing. ‘It’s amazing isn’t it?’ He whispered. I smiled.
‘Yes. I’ve never seen the stars before. I always stayed inside they never really seemed that interesting. But now that I have I don’t want to stop.’
‘That’s exactly how I felt when I first saw them like this.’ I looked at him and found he was looking at me. I laughed nervously as my stomach felt like I had swallowed a load of butterflies. He brought his hand to my face and cupped my cheek with it whilst shuffling closer. I could feel his breath on my face. I had my eyes closed and it felt like forever before he finally pressed his lips against mine. It only lasted a second but it was still amazing. It felt like a rocket had been sent off in my stomach. He pulled back and I opened my eyes.

We sat there for what felt like hours just looking into each other’s eyes his hand still on my face. He moved his hand to grasp mine. ‘We better get back.’ I nodded and we both got up and left.

We were standing outside my room my arms around his neck and his around my waist. ‘I had a really good time tonight Frank.’ I smiled.
‘Would you maybe. Want to... uh... you know. Go out on another date soon?’ he asked cheeks going red. I gently kissed his lips.
‘I would love to.’ He smiled and we both let our arms drop to the side he gently grabbed my hand and pecked me on the lips. ‘Bye Frankie I’ll see you tomorrow.’
‘Bye Caz.’ With that he left to go to his own room. I changed into my pyjamas and crawled into bed. A few seconds after there was a knock on my door. I groaned but got up and answered it.
Bob was standing in the door way. He looked extremely angry. He couldn’t know could he? He pushed his way into the hotel room and I closed the door. I wasn’t looking forward to this one bit.
‘Cassie you promised me.’ He still looked angry but I could also see the disappointment in his eyes.

I felt extremely guilty for going behind his back. But that doesn't mean I regret it.
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