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The youngest of the bunch.

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Since I was young I always needed someone to look after me. (this is an actual story and I know the first part's kind of boring but I promise it will get better)

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Since I was young I always needed someone to look after me. Not matter what it was. I was always the weakling in my family and friends. It didn't help that I was 15 years old and only 5'4 and weighed about 118 pounds, dark auburn hair that comes down to about my elbows is always in my face to cover the bruises, my eyes are an icy colored blue which is usually coated in black eyeliner on the top and bottom in a failed attempt to hide a black eye, and my skin is pale kind of like I sleep during the day and don't come out until night time. I have really thin skin so I bruise easily and get colder than everyone else.
I am teased about my weight alot in school; everyone says I was fat and ugly, so I became anorexic. Making myself throw up whatever went down my throat and cutting my wrists, hence me always being weak.
My twin brother, though, is the complete opposite of me. Max is about 6'2, longish dark brown hair, hazel eyes, is really muscular , and is really tan. He got the looks and I got the nothing. I swear if we weren't twins I'd think my mom was sleeping around when she got pregnant.
My dad left when we were about 5. I was a really independent child until my father left; ask anyone that knew me. I never wanted help with anything, but when he left I thought it was my fault for being so stubborn, so I kind of just let people do stuff for me and didn't argue. Max became really protective when he left. My mom became the opposite. She started to drink heavily and would come home drunk in the middle of the night. The first time she did that I was only 7. I can remember the entire thing like it was yesterday.
She came in screaming that it was all mine and Max's fault that our deadbeat dad left. She started hitting me across the face and punching me in the stomach. Let me remind you that I was only a 7 year old who was scared of everything. Max managed to get her attention for a second while he told me to go run to the bathroom and lock the door and stay in there until he comes to get me. I heard screams and glass breaking then I fell asleep against the cold linoleum floor between the toilet and the sink counter. He knocked on the door about an hour or so later. It was our secret knock; only me and him knew it. When I opened I almost screamed. He was covered, literally covered, in blood, cuts, and bruises. I looked in the mirror to see that my face was covered in horrible purple bruises. I lifted up my shirt to see that I had the same thing on my stomach. We both cried until I nearly passed out. Since then he always protected me and every single guy that came around me.
In school, he somehow managed to get a locker right next to mine and have the same exact classes with me. He knew everything I did, every guy I talked to, everything that ever happened to me, because he sometimes snuck my phone from me while I slept.
So now here we are. Sitting in my room talking about what he found on my phone.
"Just tell me Alexis! We're brother and sister we share everything. Why can't you just tell me why you're doing this?" He says as he holds up my wrists. I shake my head. What would I tell him? Because dad's gone? Because I need to? Because my life is so fucked up all the time that I need to find some way of relief from it all.
"Dammit Alexis you were always so stubborn!" He said throwing down my wrists down into my lap and walking out of the room.
"It's because." My voice is so weak I'm sure he didn't hear me, but he did. he immediately turned on his heel and sat back down on my bed next to me.
"Why?" He looked into my eyes. He was so worried and I didn't even care.
"Dad. School. Everything." I hung my head as it became to heavy to hold on my shoulders.
"Alex, why didn't you just tell me about it earlier. WE could've helped you." He said putting his hand on my shoulder.
"We? Who's we? You and mom?" I let out a small laugh. "She wouldn't even care." I said shaking my head. He kept staring at me and I kept my head down. "Don't act like you would care either." He stared at me in disbelief. We stayed there for about 15 minutes before he said something to break the awkward silence.
"Alexis you can say mom doesn't care, because we both know she doesn't, but don't you dare say I don't care." He pauses and takes a deep breath. "I love you and I would never want anything bad to happen to you."
"Then m-make them stop." I say tears running from my cheeks.
"Who?" He said looking down at wrists again.

new story yay! this first chapter was kind of suppose to fill you guys in. so r&r please because I love you guys!
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