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A broken heart can't function

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"Alexis who is it?" He looked up at me. I didn't want to tell him; it would any make everything else worse.
"I-" I stared then looked at the wall. Was the room getting smaller? I swear it's getting harder to breath. "it doesn't matter." I say shaking my head.
"What of course it matters!" He said throwing his hands up.
I jumped off my bed "It doesn't matter at all! It's not like they'd stop anyways! It's all just fun and games until I slit my wrists again! Then shit gets serious! But you wouldn't know that, you're mister fucking perfect! Everyone in the whole fucking school looks up to you! You're the most popular kid in the whole fucking school! And what about me huh? What am I?" I pointed to myself. He looked at me with disbelief on his face. "I'm only known because I'm your sister." I whispered while I walked out of house not bothering to grab my coat, it's not lke it matters. I can't believe I went off on him. He's never seen me yell, ever. I began to walk down the street. I didn't know where I was going but I'd know when I got there.
Ah! The creek! I can go there. No one would ever look for me there. Everyone knows that I hate water. It's the perfect idea. I just need to get away for a while. The walk to the creek isn't that far. I thought to myself.
When I got to the creek I noticed a boy sitting down on one of the rocks. He looked short and he had black hair. I tried to get closer when I stepped on a twig, causing him to look over at me. He had green eyes and a lip ring.
"You know you can come talk to me if you want." He said laughing.
"Oh uhm," I didn't know what to say. "H-hi." I waved at him. Shit I forgot I wasn't wearing a jacket. I pulled my arms down to my sides as fast as I could. Wait he didn't notice, thank god.
"Hi I'm Frank! Do you want to be my friend?" He asked with the biggest smile I've ever seen.
"Sure" I said laughing. This guy looked about the same age as me but acted like a little kid. "I'm Alexis, but just call me Alex or Aly. If you call me Alexis I will be forced to rip your face off." I smiled and held out my hand to shake his.
"Uhm," He looked at my wrists. I rolled my eyes. "No, no not that. Sorry it's just, I've never met anyone that cuts before." He said kind of shy.
"That's ok." I said
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