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Just like the title says!!

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*Mmmkay people! There were so many great auditions!! It was hard to choose just 8 people, and some people were put into Interne because I liked the idea of their character, so I hope you all don't mind! I'm hoping to get the first chapter up tonight, but no promises! I've been working on the Superhero fic (Now entitled: In The Midnight Hour!) and How to Save A Life, and the others! But, as promised... THE RESULTS!

The Hell Bringers:

Lead Singer: Colby O'Reilly
Lead Guitarist: Jero
Rythm Guitarist: Tanner Evans
Bass Player: Mel Cholley
Drummer: Tierney Sullivan
Synthesizer: Lexie Hall


Lead Singer: Liam Allen
Lead guitarist: Wynter Oh
Rythm Guitarist: Storm Gray
Bass Player: Tanner Reilly
Drummer: Hester Ellery
Synthesizer: Nala Allen

If you didn't get in, you will most definitely be either a fan, or a roadie!
xoxo Mel
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