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Chapter Seven

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Frank looked at me with a raised eyebrow, silently asking for an explanation. “Ohh… um, yeah… Lindsey has been warning me not to do anything with you all day, so…” I murmured, scratching the back on my neck and trying to avoid Frank’s gaze.
“So she’s been spying on us?!” frank dropped the brick in surprise, narrowly missing his toes with the heavy object.
“Frankie! Be careful!” I cried, running over and pulling him into my arms, “we’ll be fine darling; she’s nothing but empty threats. As long as were together, she can’t hurt us.” I put as much confidence into my voice as I could muster, although I was terrified. But I had to be strong, for Frankie.
“Okay, gee… I love you…” I was a little taken aback by his words, but nether the less, I was happy he felt this way.
“I love you too Frankie” I mumbled into his hair. “She can’t hurt us.”

Oh how wrong I was.

Four hours later.

Frank’s P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of smashing and something that sounded like spray. I nudged Gerard but he just rolled over, mumbled something incomprehensible and fell back asleep. “Gee! Geeeeeeeee... GEE!” I shouted, pushing him off the bed. I laughed as Gerard sat up on the floor, scowling at me over the side of the bed as he blew his dishevelled hair out of his eyes.
“Nice bed hair gee” I said through giggles. Gerard sat up on the bed and crawled over to me.
“You,” kiss “Will,” kiss “Pay,” kiss “For,” kiss “That,” as Gerard leaned in for the last kiss, he pushed me backwards off of the bed, before falling off himself in a fit of laughter. I glared at him before remembering why I woke him up in the first place.
“OH! Gee! I heard some like, banging and shit outside… I was going to tell you before all this…” I trailed off and glanced up at the red head through my fringe. He bit his lip for a moment before freezing all together and letting his jaw fall slack.
“Lindsey” he whispered before springing to his feet and dashing down the stairs, slamming the bedroom door in the process. I swiftly ran after him and followed him out of the front door. I quickly realised it was not the best idea to be outside in only your boxers and a thin shirt during the middle of February. I looked over at Gerard who was frozen to the spot, staring at the house. I hesitated slightly before following his gaze. Written in bright red Spray paint, on the white stone walls, was the word ‘FAGGOT’ in capital letters. All of the windows on the front side of the house were smashed and the front lawn was torn up.
“Woah…” I whispered, still gaping at the sight before me. I looked back over at Gerard who was still in the same position. He slowly pulled his phone out of the pocket in his jacket, which his smartly put on, and held it to his ear.
“Um…, yeah… police please… someone vandalized my house… 43 blue cove avenue…okay…see them soon… bye” he snapped the phone shut and dropped it onto the grass. I quickly ran back inside and gathered mine and Gerard’s jeans from the bedroom, before returning outside.
“Thanks, sugar” Gerard said as he stiffly put on his jeans, never taking his eyes off of the house.
“You okay, gee?” I asked, buckling my jeans before turning towards him.
“Huh? Oh! Yeah, I just can’t believe Lindsey would do this… when we first met she was so nice… but now… i'm not so sure…” Gerard finally said, looking me in the eye. Disappointment, fear, hurt, anger and disbelief were all evident in his luscious hazel eyes. I walked over and wrapped my arms around his waist, standing on my tiptoes to rest my head in the crook of his cold neck. After a while, Gerard hugged me back, burying his face into my tangled hair, softly placing kisses in it. I placed an innocent kiss on Gerard neck, right before a car pulled up in the driveway. The officer got out of the car, and crossed the mine-filed of a front lawn, before stopping beside us.
“What happened here?!” he asked, looking from us, to the house and back.
“Jealous ex-girlfriend” Gerard stated flatly.
“Is this the only thing she’s done?” he asked, scribbling in his small notepad.
“Uh, no she’s just been sending me texts all day, telling me to stay away from Frankie boy here,” Gerard said, gesturing to me before handing over his phone. The officer looked at it for a few moments before handing the phone back and continuing to write in his book.
“All right, well, a window company and a painter will be here in the morning to sort the house out, but the lawn is your job. We will launch a full investigation about this, so you need not worry. What is the woman’s name?”
“Lindsey ballato”
“Okay, Have a good night, gentlemen.” The officer nodded slightly before returning to his car and driving off.
“C’mon gee, let’s go back to bed. We can worry about all of this in the morning,” I said, gently trying to pull Gerard towards the door. He slowly nodded and followed me through the door, making sure to securely lock it behind us. I ran up the stairs kicking my jeans off in the process, earning a smile and a quiet laugh from Gerard. Gerard cursed loudly as he slipped on my jeans, before grabbing my hand and pulling himself to his feet. We walked into the bedroom, hand in hand, to find a rose in the middle of the bed. I looked at Gerard before he hurried over and picked it up, followed by a heart shaped piece of paper. He gasped and handed over the paper, looking at me alarmed.

‘This only the beginning, it’s going to get much worse. Lyn-z’
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