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Dru's house

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Stefan's P.O.V

"Is she d-dead?" I whispered fearfully.
Ash gave me a worried look and then held his breath as he checked her pulse.
He sighed in relief and said "She's not dead but she's freezing, Stef"
"Should we take her to a hospital?" I asked.
"No, we'll take her to Dru's. It's closer than a hospital"
"Um. Do you want me to carry her?"
"No,I will. It's fine" He picked her up very carefully and started to walk. I followed him.

We got to Dru's in less than five minutes. I opened the door and Ash took her inside.
"Hey guys you coming to- wait who's that?" Dru said pointing at the girl who Ash had now placed on Dru's couch.
"Long story Dru, just get me a first aid kit and some blankets " Ashley demanded. Dru did as he was told and I stood awkwardly watching. Dru handed Ashley the blankets and put the first aid kit next to him. Ash then wrapped the girl in the blankets and started sorting some of her cuts.
"Um. Do you want us to help, mate?" Dru asked awkwardly.
"Please could you start on the cuts on her arms and legs?" Ash replied.
Dru and I exchanged glances but did as we were asked.

Once we had finished cleaning her up we went into the kitchen.
"So who is she then?" Dru asked.
"We don't really know" Ashley admitted.
"Then why is she on my couch?"
"We found her at the bottom of scarlet hill and she looked...well...dead"

Elenas P.O.V

I woke up in strange room I didn't recognize.
It was a small room with a couch,a TV and beer cans everywhere.
I went to get up but felt a sharp pain in my ribs.
I hissed in pain but got up all the same.
I heard voices coming from the next room. I looked towards the window to see where I was. I peeped around the curtains and felt a hand on my shoulder.
I screamed and span around and punched a very shocked looking guy with an afro in the face.
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