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Poor Stef...

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Ashley's P.O.V

Dru and I ran into the living room only to be brought to our knees with laughter.
Stefan Abingdon,the badass,was now stood in the middle of the room tears streaming from his eyes and blood pouring from his nose.
"It's not funny. It hurts" he said sulkily.
"It is" Dru spluttered so Stef grabbed him and started wrestling with him on the floor.
I just stood there until Dru grabbed my arm and pulled me to the floor.
We sat there for a moment giggling like school girls until I remembered her.
"Wait...Stef,where did that girl go?" I said looking around.
"I dunno' but I think she's broke my fucking nose" He said rubbing his nose.
We got up and looked around for her.
"I found her!" Dru suddenly said as he looked out of the window.
Stefan and I ran to the window and saw she was still stood on the doorstep but she was clutching her ribs and looked in pain so we went outside to her.
"Are you okay?" I asked and she turned.
"I-I..." She looked down and then shook her head.
"What's wrong?" Dru asked.
"M-My ribs-fuck!" she cried out a little as she moved.
"What's your name?"
"Elena" She was on the brink of tears.
"Do you want to go home?" Stefan asked softly.
She nodded again.
I looked at the time on the clock in Dru's hall.
"Shit,it's like 3am,guys"
"How about we take you home tomorrow and you can sleep here?" Dru asked.
She must have tired because she nodded.
"You can sleep in my room" Dru said and pointed her to his room.
After she had gone to bed Stef and I exchanged looks and decided to ask Dru some questions.
"Why so nice all of a sudden?" Stef asked curiously.
"Guys,she looked tired as fuck and if we would have dropped her off now her parents would have expected some shit was going on,especially in the state she's in at the moment" Dru explained.
We nodded.
"Can we sleep here? I can't be arsed going home to Kelsey and Jamie.They will be drunk as hell and it pisses me off when they're like that" I said and Stef nodded in agreement.
"Sure" Dru said."But we're sleeping in the living room"
"By the way Stef did you know you still have blood on your face?"
"Oh shit. I'll go wash it off" He said sloping of to the bathroom as Dru fell asleep on his old arm chair.

Stefan's P.O.V

I walked into the bathroom and wiped the blood off my face and then thought for a moment about Elena. She was gorgeous. Bright blue eyes,long redish-brown hair,perfect skin-No.I have a girlfriend.Jamie was first.Then she started to drink a lot and all she wanted from me was sex but I knew I couldn't break up with her.
Could I?
Should I?
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