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If I Crash On The Couch Can I Sleep In My Clothes?

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I'm standing outside in the rain, smoking a cigarette. "Gee?" Mikey calls. "Yeah?" I ask. "She wants to see you." I put out my cigarette and walk inside the sickeningly squeaky clean hospital. I walk past the rows and rows of secluded hospital beds with the patient's surrounding family, to get the Grandma Elena. "Gerard...." She whispers. "Grandma... it'll he ok." I start to stroke her hand. "Everything will be ok." The last thing she said to me was "Gerard? Live your life, and I want you to live it with Frankie"

"I remember everything Grandma. Things haven't quite worked out with Frankie, though. I just don't know what to do." I sigh dropping to my knees in front of her gravestone. I feel a hand on my shoulder. "Gee...." It's Frank. "Frank I-" I cut myself off, feeling the cascade of tears pour down my face. Frank gently pulls me in close to his body. I bury my face into his chest. "I missed you, Frankie." I sigh, wiping my face. "I missed you, too Gerard. More than anything in the world." I laugh all of a sudden. "Not to ruin a perfectly good moment and all,Frankie, but I think we should get coffee, to catch up! It's been, what, like a year now?" He sighs. "To this day. And coffee would be awesome, Gee."

Naturally we went to Starbucks. This one we had been to before. It seems like so much longer than a year since Frank walked out of my life. But that was the past and this is the present. I'll try not to dwell on the past... too much.

It was 7 AM and Frank and I had exactly one hour before history class started. "Well what do you wanna do, Frank?" I asked him, lacing my fingers through his. "Hmmmmm....." Franks thought, wigging his eyebrows suggestively. "Something less.....messy?" I grinned, in spite of myself. "Starbucks?" He asked. "Hell yeah. Let's go!" Frank drove us there and I spent the whole ride singing "We're off to have some coffee with the wonderful wizard of pot!" Frank was laughing so hard tears were pouring down his face. "Gee! What are you singing?" I shrugged. "Let's just get the fucking coffee." We walked in and were greeted by a lady who seemed to be not much older than us. "Hey boys, what can I get ya today?" She asked with a flirtatious smile thrown Frank's way. Hehe get it? I'm Franks's Way? Anyways..... We placed our orders and waited for our coffee. When the lady returned she told Frank, "I you ever need any advice on coffee or anything else, just call me, sugar" she set down our coffees. "No thanks, I'm taken." Frank said, grinning at me. She stared at us, not comprehending the situation. "He loves my dick." I cut in. She paled and hurried away. Frank and I busted out laughing. "I love your dick, seriously Gee?" He asked, nearly in tears for the secod time today.. "She wouldn't go away!" We spent the rest of our time chatting and laughing and... just well, having fun.

"GEE!!!" Someone shouted. "Hmm?" I asked, snapping out of my reverie. "I SAID what did you want to order??" Frank sighed. "Ohhh umm I'll have a mocha latte." We ordered and sat down. "Frank, remember the lady who flirted with you?" I asked him, smiling. "Haha yeah! And you told he I loved your dick!" "Good times." I said. "Ummm, Gerard?" He asked, tentatively. "Yes?" I replied. "Are you mad?" I shook my head. "I was, at first. But after awhile, I stopped being mad. It wasn't completely your fault, Frankie." He mumbled something I couldn't catch. "Sorry what?" I asked. "I said I still fucking love you Gerard. So damn much it hurts. I wanted to know if you felt the same way." He looked at me desperately. "Of course Frank. I always loved you, and I always will." I hesetantly reached out to take his hand. "Let's go tell Mikey."
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