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Chapter 10

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Lily's POV

Some people bite their nails when they get nervous, some people play with their hair, and others fidget. I however, was not lucky enough to have any of these. When I get nervous, I stutter....olot.

" smell really good tonight Lily," Gerard whispered as he placed kisses up and down my face and neck. Now this wouldn't be a problem, nope, I wouldn't have an issue with this at all...usually. However, simultaneous to kissing me, Gerard's hand was moving further away from my hip and up my stomach which was highly distracting. Not to mention, I was holding onto my unfinished brownie from earlier.

"G-Gerard, I st-still haven't f-finished th-the brownie," I stuttered out uncomfortably. I felt the kisses stop for a moment. Gerard pulled his face away from my neck and looked at my eyes.

"You've got four seconds to eat that brownie before I chuck it across the room and get back to doing the most addicting thing in the world," He explained in a tone I couldn't quite place. I stared down at the frosted chocolate treat in my hand.

"Two seconds left," Gerard warned seriously. My eyes shot back up to his face. The look on his face told me everything. He wasn't fucking kidding.

I immediately shoved half the brownie in my mouth, but, of course, it was too much. The other half landed frosted side down on the back of Gerard's hand.

"Well, crap. You got frosting all over my hand." He said whilst staring intently at his chocolately hand. I swallowed and looked over at the nearby brownie tray, an idea forming.
I grinned as I managed to reach into the tray, scoop up some frosting, and smear it all over Gerard's cheek just as he turned his head to see what I was doing. Sadly, this caused him jump in surprise and fall backwards, taking me with him. A slight thud could be heard as Gerard's back connected with the floor, and I grunted as my own back landed on his chest.
"Ow..." I grumbled slightly as I sat up on Gerard. I suddenly felt him shift under me.
"Well that's what you get for smearing frosting on my face," He chided. I merely rolled my eyes in response.

"Build a bridge and get over it. A little frosting won't kill you." I said back quickly. Apparently a little frosting will kill Gerard because he began to pout like a kid. "Gerard..."
"No! Be quiet. I'm not talking to you." He said and turned his head away from me. I sighed and turned my body over so I could face him.

"Well fine, if you're not gonna talk to me, I guess you won't kiss me either," I said and began to get off him. However, just as I started to climb off of him, I felt a hand tangle itself in my shirt and pull me back down. Immediately, I was rolled over and my place was switched with Gerard's. He was now lying ontop of me, and he dove right into my lips.

Instinctively, I tangled my fingers into fistfuls of his hair and tried to pull him as close as humanly possible. Thankfully, he isn't human, and some how managed to get even closer. I allowed my eyes to open and was met with his honey brown ones. This caused Gerard to slide his hands up underneath my shirt again, making me gasp against the kiss. He smirked into my lips.

Now, I'm not sure if it was my insanely strong willed nature, the fact that we were in the art room, or some old instinct of mine from the past that told me to never let Gerard win, but I suddenly formed my eyes into a menacing glare. Gerard seemed taken aback at first, but then I began to kiss him harder and rougher than before, and he got the point.

It was a battle now. A challenge. Gerard and I were always trying to beat each other and this was just one more thing. As our mouths moved against each other the war for dominance was on.

I suddenly felt Gerard's toungue slide into my unsuspecting mouth and a new part of the fight began. While our toungues tangled and untangled, our bodies pressed tighter and tighter together trying to mesh us into one.

I slipped my own hands beneath Gerard's shirt and began to pull it off. He obliged and pulled away for just a second to cast it across the room, somewhere by the turntable that was still playing some soft music that didn't match what was going. Gerard immediately returned to our kissing match, and not too long after I found that he'd managed to somehow get my own shirt off, distracting me so well that I just barely noticed.

I wrapped my legs into his own and tried my best to grind us together again like before, but I inhaled sharply in shock as the feeling of Gerard's bare skin pressed to my own was a whole new experience. He took advantage of my momentary shock to claim dominance in the kiss and tame my eager lips. And you know what? I could have cared less. Because let's be honest, if someone as magical of him was pressed as closed to you as the forces of nature would allow without breaking you in two, would you really be able to concentrate or care enough to even try to fight back? Yeah, didn't think so.

As the kiss grew more heated and our movement became rougher, more demanding, I wondered slightly where this might lead us. Would I let it lead us there? Could I?
As I continued to try and focus my mind on these questions, Gerard began to try and disband that focus. I felt my legs undo themselves from their tight web around him, and soon found his knee pressed firmly between my legs.

He then pulled away just as a quiet moan escaped my lips.
"That's what I thought," Gerard grinned.

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