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Chapter 11

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I rolled my eyes and considered making a witty comeback but decided I'd rather get back to the fun. I tried to pull him back down to my mouth but he remained still.
"Lily," he began while staring right into my eyes. "How far?"

My eyes went wide at the question. I'd never heard of a guy actually asking that. Then again, I'd never heard of a guy quite like Gerard. Figuring I should probably answer before he thinks I am going into cardiac arrest or something, I whispered back a meek, "I don't know."

Gerard nodded and then leaned back down to reattach his lips to mine. I sighed briefly into the kiss before making a sudden jolt as I felt the button on my jeans become undone and the zipper get pulled down. My eyes shot down to where Gerard's hands were slowly and methodically working on removing my pants. My breath hitched and my mind went blank. The only things that ran through my head were my own personal fear, my inexperience with this, and Bob's words.

"You'll let him have everything from you."
Then, just as quick and suddenly as my pants were being removed, they were pulled back up. The button was redone and the zipper was zipped back up. My eyes went to Gerard's face. I just now realized that we weren't even kissing anymore.

"Are you okay?" He asked me quietly as I noticed him climb off of me. I sat up and stared at him in silence. He seemed totally unphazed by what had just happened, that, or he hadn't noticed my panic a moment ago. I high doubt it was the latter.
"I-I'm sorry Gerard," I whispered so quietly that you'd have to have his vampire hearing to know that I'd even said anything.

An arm slid around my waist and pulled me into Gerard's lap for the second time that night. Only this time he just held me close and let me lie my head on his chest.
"You have no reason to be sorry. You aren't ready, that's all. That's no reason to apologize." He said in the dim light.

"B-but I-I shoul-" I started but was cut off by on of his hands being placed loosely over my mouth. Then, Gerard turned my head up to look him in the eyes.

"You haven't done anything wrong," he reassured. I just stared silently at him. "You aren't ready and you got scared. It's perfectly fine, Lily. I'm not here to patronize you for sex. If you aren't ready then we just won't have sex, it's fine."

He slowly removed his hand from my mouth and I sighed. "I still feel bad for this," I said as the feeling of not being good enough washed over me.

"Well, don't. If you're worried about not pleasing me or something stupid like that, trust me, I'm all good here. I mean just got done with the best makeout session of my life and I'm holding my shirtless girlfriend. If you think that not having sex with me is going to make me angry or something you need help." He reassured me and then placed a soft kiss on my head. Then I felt him smirk into my hair. "If anything, I can at least consider this a preview. I mean if we're this great without even doing the dirty then I can only imagine how awesome being with you will be when it finally happens."

Well if that doesn't make a girl blush for a number of reasons then I don't know what does. I felt the heat rise to my cheeks and then Gerard began to chuckle beneath me.

"So did you have fun on our first date, Lily?" He asked with a slight laugh. I couldn't help but let a smile make it's way onto my features while Gerard moved so he could see my face.
"It was adequate," I said simply.
"Adequate?!" Gerard almost shouted.

"Yeah." I shrugged and then reached over to the brownie tray and smeared more frosting on Gerard's face. "Next time bring just bit more frosting and it'll be perfect."
Gerard smirked and licked his chocolate frosted lips before sliding his hand over his face and then wiping frosting all over my own face.

"I think you're wrong," he challenged. I raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Next time it needs chocolate syrup," he answered with a grin.

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