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Chapter 12

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Lily’s POV

The 30 minute car ride home was spent humming and listening to The Misfits and AC/DC. Gerard’s hand was creeping towards my thigh and as usual had a smirk on his face. I know I should be used to this stuff by now, but In all honesty it was still uncomfortable. He pulled into the driveway and within a second he was out of the car, opening my door and I found myself being carried bridal style.

“Not cool Gerard! Put me down! Now!”


I sent him death glares , and he just gave me one of his dazzling smiles in return. He walked into the living room and plopped me down on the couch. “I’m going to get junk food. Pick a movie, not a crappy one!” Gerard said practically running to the kitchen. “Get me chocolate!” I yelled. Time to look for a Harry Potter movie. I walked to the movie shelf but something was in front of it. And that thing giggled.

“Holy crap!” I grabbed the closest thing to me , which was a pillow. I went bat shit crazy. “OW! OW! Lily it’s me! It’s Mikey!” “What the fuck?!” I heard Gerard yell. I made my way into the kitchen and watched as Frank was being hit and kicked by Gerard. “Frank you fucking bastard!”

“What the hell are you guys doing here?” I yelled. I was pissed. “You- Know- Who called.” Brandy said casually. By now everyone else was already in the kitchen. “She did? W- why?” I just stared at my feet.

“We really can’t discuss it here.” She said eating a chocolate bar. MY fucking chocolate bar.

I’m not calling her back.” I stated calmly. Breathe Lily. Just breathe. “Lily, please? She wants to talk about … well you know… that thing. And her wedding.” Everyone else just stared, confused. “No. I’m not going to call her back. End of fucking discussion. Now you owe me another chocolate bar.” I made my way to the living room.

“Lily please. She’s starting to panic about the wedding. I told her to call her back in like an hour or two.”I honestly had nothing to say. “Pleeeeeease? Just give her a call. One call.” Brandy begged.


“You can’t stay pissed at her for forever.” Everyone else was out of the kitchen by now and sending us questioning looks. “No. I’m not going to call her. And I sure as hell ain’t going to pick up the phone when she calls.” I was becoming very interested in my shoes. Note to self: get purple and green laces.

“All that crap she said, you know it isn’t true.” Her face was now a nice Uncle Vernon red. “If she didn’t then why does my family hate me? They can’t stand me now Bunny. Why should she be calling me and be expecting my sympathy? Over what? A stupid thing she just did?” “OKAY! That’s enough you two!” Alisha yelled.
“Yeah, I don’t like seeing two best friends fight.” Kat said.

Then the damn phone rang. “Answer it.” Brandy said sternly.

“Come on sugar, just answer it.” Gerard said. I turned to give him a glare, only to be met by his soft eyes. Which as corny as it may sound, I melted. I gave in

“Fine.” I grabbed the phone giving Brandy the satisfaction. Hope she’s fucking happy. “Hello?” My hand actually started shaking.

“Lily, sweetie, it’s Maggie. Can we please talk? Breathe Lily. Just… breathe.

It’s been a while, I know. Stuff keeps coming up. This will all fit in soon. Sorry it's so short! Anyway I hope you all enjoyed this. I’ll try and update next week! Guess that’s it!
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