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Teenagers Pt 2

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The second part is finally here!

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Annelise POV:
Finally, finally, finally, finally the day came for us to go pick up Sam and Ari from the airport. I looked around for them and finally spotted them by the baggage claim. I snuck up on them and gave them both a huge hug. We almost fell to the ground because I kinda superman’d them…

“Oh my gosh I love your lip piercing!” Ari squealed.

“Me too! I wish my parents would let me get something other than my ears pierced.” Sam sighed.

I laughed and said “Don’t worry; they’ll let you one day! By the way, are you guys okay with parties?”

Their eyes lit up like Fourth of July fireworks at midnight.

“Of course we are dude! Bring on the hot guys and I’ll be all set!” Ari grinned.

“Heck to the yeah! My first LA party at GERARD WAY’S house! This is going to be epic!” Sam grinned.

“SHH! They don’t know that we’re having a party though. They’re going out of town tomorrow and they’ll be gone till Monday. So keep it on the down low, got it?”
They both nodded, and I grinned. This was going to be great. I seriously could not wait! Maybe I should invite Nick…I told them all about him of course and they were all for it.
That night, we had planned a sleep over with all of the girls planned, saying that we all wanted to spend the weekend together and not be by ourselves.

“So, how’s this going to work? Alcohol or no alcohol?” Hayley demanded as soon as we reached my room.

“Alcohol, duh.” Tierney scoffed.

Hayley wrote down everything and the list went a little like this:



We laughed as she underlined the yes. Just then, Uncle Mikey stuck his head in the door.

“What’s going on here? Why are you girls so giggly?” he joked.

“You know that’s not allowed in this house!” He laughed as he plopped down and attempted to look at the list but Hayley whisked it away quick as a flash.

“What is that?” he asked.

“Nothing!” we all chirped.

“Then if it’s nothing, let me see!” he lunged for it.

“Okay fine DAD it’s a list of the tampons we need! Are you going to the store for us?” Tierney cheekily asked.

“Um, no. you’re 16 so you can go by yourself to get your things.” He laughed, but didn’t leave!

“So girls, are you guys cramping as bad as I am? My-” Angela never got to finish her sentence because Uncle Mikes was out the door before she could.

We all burst into laughter at his hasty retreat. We high fived each other and laughed some more.

The next morning, I felt lips press against my forehead and I groggily looked up. Lyn-z and Gee looked startled for a moment and then said “Sorry sweetie we didn’t mean to wake you…we just wanted to tell you bye and that we loved you.”

“S’okay. I love y’all too.” I said and rolled back over, causing them to laugh at my accent again.

By the time that we had all woken up properly, they were gone and we were ready to PARTY! We started setting up a little after 1, and finally finished at like 5. We had the beer, food, non-alcoholic drinks, stereo, video games, movies, and whatever else we felt like would entertain people. We even managed to get a drum set, bass and rhythm guitars, amp, and a microphone downstairs in case we decided to perform. We all started getting ready and were completely finished at around 8. No sooner had I walked downstairs, the doorbell rang. I let in Nick, a couple of his friends, and some random girls that I assumed knew the other girls. Soon the house was full of people that we didn’t even invite! We watched in horror as drunken people tried to smash things and we finally managed to get everything breakable put away. Then we started to relax and unwind and have a couple drinks ourselves. I started chatting up Nick and we hit it off pretty well. Soon with the help of the alcohol I might add, we were making out in the corner.

Hayley POV:
“Where are all these people coming from?!” I yelled to Tierney over the thumping music.
“I don’t know! Just make sure they don’t break anything!” she replied.
We gave up and started enjoying ourselves. I saw Nick and Anne going at it, so I yelled “OI! Get a room!” but they didn’t hear me. Then, a guy tapped me on the shoulder and we started talking. His name was Blake, and he was so sweet and cute! We decided to exchange numbers and keep talking. After a while, I was feeling pretty buzzed, just like the rest of my family. We partied until we couldn’t party anymore and everyone went home which was around 3.

Kirrah POV:
I think I’m the only person who’s NOT drunk out of my friends. I was too busy kicking ass at Dance Dance revolution! I soon ran out of competitors except for one guy who just wouldn’t give up. About the fifth time of getting his ass kicked, he gave up and we started talking. His name was Evan, and we hit it off splendidly. His Australian accent was to die for! At the end of the night, we even kissed! I sighed in content and crashed on the couch after he left.

Tierney POV:
I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this drunk. I was gone completely off the deep end, but I was having FUN! I even woke up with a guy named Trace’s number written on the palm of my hand, and him next to me on the floor.
“Good morning beautiful!” he said when he rolled over, making the butterflies in my stomach increase.

Angela POV:
Wow. I woke up this morning and can’t even remember the party at all! I must have really been GONE last night…now we have to get this mess cleaned up before too much longer. This is going to be fuuunnn. I looked around and surveyed the damage, which was pretty extensive. It was going to take today AND tomorrow to get this mess cleaned up! I opened my phone and saw a new text from some guy named Kerrigan? It said:
Good morning sunshine hope you slept well xoxo Kerrigan
A tingle went up my spine.

Triana POV:
Ughhh…the sun’s too bright! I am definitely going to need some sunglasses. And coffee. And aspirin. Last night was off the fucking chain! I was drunker than I had ever been in my short little life. It was fun though! I looked around saw the marks on the walls; food everywhere, a puddle of what I hoped was beer on the floor and tons of other things. This is going to be such a pain in the ass to clean up. But, we got away with it!

Ari POV:
I woke up next to a gorgeous guy named Jack this morning, and he looked at me and smiled. “Here’s my number sugar. Text me sometime.” I was on cloud nine! Too bad we’d never work out…I don’t even live in California! Go figure. I meet a nice guy and he lives in a different state than me. Oh well! I went to my first awesome party and it was so worth it.

Sam POV:
Kirrah and I were the only ones not tore up last night. It was fun just watching the drunken people fall off of chairs and what not. I had gotten a guy’s number too! This is definitely the highlight of my whole SUMMER. I never want to leave!! I just hope that Gerard and Lyn-z don’t find out about this. I’ll never live it down if they do…
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