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A Christmas Miracle!

by Tierney6661 16 Reviews

Pleeeease read?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/11/06 - Updated: 2011/11/07 - 154 words


  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) MCRmySoldier6 2011-11-06 08:08:05 PM

    Part: Mikey's love interest, pretty pretty please?? offers cookie

    Name: Melanie Cholley

    Age: Whatever fits! :D

    Looks: Black shoulder length hair, if not worn down and straightened, up in a pony tail. Pale skin and cheeks and nose becomes rosy when cold, no freckles. Deep green eyes that sparkle when excited and seem brighter when she cries. Melanie doesn't wear too much makeup, but normally has black eye kohl surrounding her eyes. Has black Ray Ban nerd glasses. Petite figure, with small curves.

    Wearing: A gray beanie, hair is in a ponytail, with side bangs curled, and she keeps trying to tuck them behind her ears, a black coat, and a black tshirt underneath, she has on Black skinnies, and her black boots that serve well as snow boots. She also has on black popover gloves.

    Favorite Book: Nightmares And Dreamscapes by Stephen King!!

    Favorite time of Day: 8:00 p.m.

    Anything Else: erm, well, she plays bass, and she seems to always be a few degrees colder than everyone else! Like someone could be nice and toasty, and Melanie would be freezing!

    I really hope I get picked!! I'm in a very Christmasy mood right now! xD
    xoxo Mel

  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) xXLaylaxX 2011-11-06 09:10:36 PM

    Part: Frank's love interest please

    Name: Layla Price

    Age: Whatever fits

    Looks: She has short black hair with purple streaks. 5'7. Slightly tanned skin. Green eyes. Glasses. Heavy eyeliner and pale make-up.

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather) Long sleeved black and white striped shirt with a short sleeved black shirt over it. Bootcut black jeans. Combat boots. Long black jacket. Fingerless gloves

    Favorite Book: Anything by Rick Riordan, James Patterson, or Steven King

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) Late at night like 4 a.m. (I am a night owl)

    Anything Else: Uhm I can't think of anything...

    Sorry if my sentences are a little cut up.
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) Sarahkilljoykid 2011-11-06 09:39:33 PM

    Part: Bob's fiancee please?

    Name: Sarah Johnstone

    Age: Whatever fits

    Looks:short and skinny, short choppy black and green hair, pale skin, full dark lips, smokey grey-green eyes, bottom lip, nose, ears and hips pierced, a tattoo of a viper wrapping around my upper left arm. described as an extremely delicate looking girl. Ripped skinnies, band tee, black leather jacket, spiked wristbands, sometimes a spiked dog collar. Skate shoes.

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather)black skinnies, big puffy dark jacket (Which because of my height, I look ridiculous in) skate shoes, spiked dog collar, spiked wrist bands.

    Favorite Book: doesn't have a favorite, but absolutely loves horrors.

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) midnight ;)

    Anything Else: major flirt, surprisingly strong for her smallness, did heaps of gymnastics and self defense when I was younger, vegan, Buddhist/Taoist, hyper, loyal, likes to sing and dance, short temper.
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2011-11-06 09:58:07 PM

    Part: Frankies love interest

    Name: Gabriella Adrianna Rae

    Age: Whatever works

    Looks: Auburn hair down to her elbows, icy blue eyes, pale, thin, big boobs, 5'2", 115 lbs, bottom lip pierced, bellybutton pierced, heart-shaped face, heart-shaped lips.

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather) Purple sweater, black skinny jeans, black boots that come up to her knees, black fingerless gloves.

    Favorite Book: Anything suspenseful.

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) Noon

    Anything Else: Loves to sing and can sing really good. Can play guitar. Loves puppies. Vegetarian.
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) Love_it_or_leave_it 2011-11-06 10:01:06 PM

    Part: Ray's love interest
    Name: Jessalyn Carter
    Age: your choice
    Looks: black hair with purple streaks, greyish blue eyes, always has red lipstick (signature trait), small amount of eyeliner, 5'9" or whatever you think is appropriate, lip pierced with small stud
    Outfit: grey skinnies, black and red plaid connies, any band style tee, Rays hoodie (stolen! :D), dark purple lace fingerless gloves, 'I Believe' tattoo across fingers (like Halloween on Frank), 'Always and Forever' bracelet style tattoo on left arm
    Favourite book: anything Matthew Reilly
    Favourite time of day: 11pm
    Anything else: likes to play piano, very hyperactive, has a 'small' obsession with Batman...
    Xoxo Jay
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) HeartbreakhOtel 2011-11-06 10:08:46 PM

    Part: Bob's Fiancee

    Name: Lila Russo

    Age: 25, feel free to change.

    Looks: 5'6, slender frame and pear shaped, tan skin, long wavy black hair with a fringe that parts to the left, usually worn in a one sided braid. Dark brown eyes. Cartilage piercing and bottom ears pierced., an actual tattoo on my right side. And I really do have a panda bear eating bamboo tattooed on my right wrist with the word 'love' in Japanese.

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather):, with a panda pilot animal hat, they sure cozy :P

    Favorite Book: Memoirs Of A Geisha or Stargirl

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific): 11:11 pm.
    Anything Else: A vegeterian.

    Japanese food seriously.

  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-11-06 11:53:30 PM

    Part: Whichever you think is best suited for my character

    Name: Frankie Corleone (Frankie is short for Francesca but only call her that if you want your head ripped off)

    Age: 19 (can change)

    Looks: 5'7, hair like frank's n the revenge era except that the sides are dyed red, fringe flops over one eye most of the time, green eyes with a hazel ring around the pupil, wears tons of black eyeliner, mascara, dark red or black lip stick, Italian/American so tans well in the summer and hates it, usually very pale, anorexic skinny (but if you call her that she'll snap you in half), nose stud, lip ring, 7 piercings in each ear, monroe piercing, eyebrow piercing, tongue stud, "Emosexual and proud" on left wrist, "Badass" on right wrist, "Ieroween" across knuckles, giant black angel; wings covering back with "We are the fallen angels" down the spine in between the two wings,"The Godfather" logo on right hip, the slytherin badge on left shoulder, a guitar on fire on right shoulder

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather) Black godfather t shirt, black leather jacket, skin-tight black leather trousers, knee high, high heeled black leather boots, black and silver studded belt, about 17 loaded pistols on her at all times, hides several knives in her boots, black necklace with 2 crucifixes and a skull, black finger less gloves, black nail varnish

    Personality: Badass and a rebel, family is in the Italian mafia so has grown up with drugs and violence, hates being told what to do, likes to tell stories of how she's killed people with a lot of detail, extremely intelligent, very VERY tough, but a good friend, very trustworthy, over protective, paranoid, has at least 3 bodyguards in the same room as her, to give them orders she lifts her finger up and beckons them towards her and she whispers to them so no one else can hear (like Micheal does in the godfather part 2), smokes like a fucking train, swears a lot, likes to use big words to confuse people, does several drugs herself

    Backstory: Parents were both murdered when she was 6, her brother then became the don when he was 14, he raised her and introduced her to smoking when she was 7, he was then killed by a traitor when she was 9, she then came the don and has been ever since

    Favorite Book: Take a wild's the godfather if you haven't guessed already

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) Dawn

    Anything Else: she's bi and not afraid to admit it, she's fluent in both Sicilian and english but prefers to speak in Sicilian since it's her first language

    Good luck
    Can't wait
    Hope i get picked
    Sorry if it's long i do tend to go on

    Rosie :)

    Author's response

    I would LOVE to use you, but I NEED a part that you want. I don't want people to pout because I picked wrong, and then have others throw a fit because they wanted that and the other didn't and so on, you know? So... if you could pick something, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Tierney :)

    You know, what? Fuck it. I'm posting the results tonight. So how about I go off your user name and give you to Frank? It'll be cute Frank and Frankie. I can foresee twinsies moments!!! I'm officially excited!
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-11-07 05:31:02 AM

    Part: Ray's love interest pwease? :3
    Name: Tanner Riley
    Age: Ray's age?
    Looks: short, has big dark-brown eyes fringed by long eyelashes and thick eyeliner, petite, has snakebites, glossy black hair
    Wearing: short brown Uggs, black hooded jacket with silver bird-shaped buttons, a knit black and grey scarf, wolf hat
    Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird
    Favorite time of day: 6:30 p.m.
    Anything else: Can speak Italian
    Good luck with your story, hope I get picked! :3
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) Bad_Romance 2011-11-07 05:34:32 AM

    Part: Franks love interest please.

    Name: Chloe Beaumont.

    Age: 21

    Looks: Long blonde/grey hair. Side fringe, and lots of layers in it. Full plump lips. Defined cheek bones. Small figure, but curvy.

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather) A white wool jumper, with a pair of light skinny jeans on. Pair of leopard print welly boots. Just a plain white winter coat.

    Favorite Book: To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) 7.00pm at night.

    Anything Else: Caring, hyper person. Likes to make people happy.
  • A Christmas Miracle!

    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-07 05:57:48 AM

    Part: best friend for Mikey's Love interest

    Name: Wynter oh

    Age: 17 ( whatever fits best)

    Looks: long straight black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes,, skinny, pale, 5'6

    What you want to be wearing when you first meet your interest: (Cold Weather) A neon-green T-shirt with the words 'I Heart Patrick Stump' on it in black, the T-shirt overlaps a black long sleeve , then a Black hoodie over both of it. black skinny jeans and high top black and neon-green converse. neon-green gloves with a cute black bunny on it, but on the palm side it's black

    Favorite Book: Surviving a zombie attack (i think its called that) or Twilight or The hunger games :D

    Favorite Time of Day: (Like 12 noon, or 8:00 am, specific) 12 am midnight

    Anything Else: i'm not sure whether i need the clothes part or not since the part i chose. Doesnt like to smile a lot. (smiling is tiring)

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