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I Just Had To Do It

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Frank gets what he wants

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I've finished exams for a week so I thought I would get this up nice and early. I hope you like it :)

I tried my best to act dumb but he saw right through me like I was a mosaic of broken glass from all the times he had hurt me. This was the first time he was this assertive, he had never just said it straight up; he would hint but he had never said just one word.

It hit me that he wasn't even asking, he was demanding! Something so intimate, something that only lovers should do when asked how they feel about it. No one told their lover to get down on their knee's and blow, it just wasn't something you could just say. It had to be the right time, the right moment and this clearly wasn't.

I knew there was no way I could do anything to try and make him, my lover, to think about what he had just asked of me.

I just had to do it.

I lowered myself to the ground, kneeling so I was eye-level with his belt buckle. At that point it was the most interesting thing to me as I couldn't bare to go any lower.

But he was demanding. He started to tap his fingers on my shoulder just to prove that, right now, he was superior and I was merely serving him. I waited for what seemed like forever but in reality was just 5 minutes before I undid that shiny metalic belt buckle that had fascinated me so much. As soon as I did his jeans fell down an inch, but not far enough. I fumbled with the silver button on his jeans and slowly undid the zipper. I felt how ready he was as I slid the zipper down and It made me feel wanted by him.

Or maybe I said it too soon.

"Hurry the fuck up Gerard! They're gonna finish packing up soon and I dont want anyone to know I've been with a worthless piece of shit like you"

I don't know how long I knelt with my mouth open in shock from these words but I knew now was the time I needed to put my worthless mouth to use. I slid his jeans down so they were bunched around his knees revealing his tight grey boxers which, due to the circumstances, were revealing a bit too much. I grabbed onto the elastic and tugged them down while looking up and pleading with Frank for me not to do it. Of course it didn't work.

I was faced with his cock straight in my face only wishing I wasn't here. I still loved Frank and he was fucking hot, but I couldn't do this right now. But I had no choice.

I took him in my mouth, my tongue tracing his length and trying to enjoy it but I could feel tears forming in the corners of my eyes. He was taking advantage of my weakness and taking it to the extreme. Before I knew it my tongue was swirling around his head slightly brushing that oh so sensitive slit. I wouldn't have known I had done it if it wasn't for that deep throaty moan escaping from Frank's lips. Fuck, it normally drove me over the edge but right now I didn't want to hear that I was pleasuring him. He was taking this too far. Not only taking advantage of me for a quick blowjob, he was taking advantage of my love for him and the fact that I want to make him happy. As much as I hated that this was satisfying him, I took comfort in the fact that hopefully this would make him happy for a while and hopefully love me again.

I took him fully in my mouth, tongue bending this way and that just so this would be over with soon. His head hit the back of my throat and made me gag but somehow I managed to not follow the warning sign through. I felt his hips buck against my hands that were pinning him against the wall which was a definate warning sign that this would be over soon.

"Gerard i'm gonna-" That was a bigger warning sign this was over and he soon emptied himself into my mouth making me taste him like so many times before. I swallowed it down as he pulled himself out of my mouth and began to pull up his boxers and jeans. My tears escaped from my eyes and trailed down my cheeks as the one person I loved spoke to me with utter disgust.

"You filthy little whore"

He walked away casually, but I got up and ran. I fucking ran to anything at all, I had no idea where I was going but I was getting away from this bastard.

I ran and ran and ran until I got to a door. I realised where, or who rather, I was running to.


So what did you think? I know I'm crap at writing scenes like this but this one really needed to happen in the story. R&R please! You gave great reviews on the last chapter I loved them and it really helped to see your views on it so please do it again :)
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