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This Is gonna Hurt

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If the demons come out to play, it is going to hurt.

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"Hush my child, you'll wake the demons up", a voice whispered from behind me. I turned around, but noone was there. Perhaps I just didn't saw the person, because it was dark. By saying dark, I mean really dark, that kind of darkness that creeps under your skin and lasts there, even if somebody turns the light back on. I tugged my legs up, and my bracelets made a noise.
"I told you to be quiet", the voice hissed. "Nasty little child... this is going to hurt"
"Who are you?", I whispered in disbelief.
"Don't be stupid, little Ary, you know damn well who I am."
The voice chuckled. It sounded familiar, like that guy I was dating a bit a few month ago. That guy I fell in love with. That guy who never called me again after that kiss. Nikki.
"You are mine, I told you little thing."
"Nikki... Is... is that you?"
I wasn't sure if he heard me. My voice was so thin, I could barely hear it myself. Yet again he chuckled.
"I'm not Nikki, not really... you'll figure out who I am soon."
He stood up.
"I have to go little Ary, but I'll care for you later. Just don't be afraid of the demons, and if they come at you... good luck."
As he opened the door, a beam of light was falling onto him. He had roots, nearly one inch of his normally jet-black hair was blonde, he had no Eyeliner on and seemed pretty messed. As Nikki looked back, there was sorrow on his face. He lit up a candle and quickly closed the door.
'What the fuck was that? Why was I even here? What happened? Why did my head hurt? How long did Nikki sat there?' Thoughts were flashing through my mind, as I finally took a deep breath and looked around. It seemed like I would be in a basement or something. More and more thoughts filled my head, spinning around, making me feel really dizzy. "Calm down. Just calm the fuck down Ary!"
The words echoed a bit in the empty basement. 'Okay, what is the last thing I remember? I was out, having a good time. I went home. I went to bed, like always. No. I can't really remember going to bed. Shit, what day is it?'
I looked around again. No clock, no calendar, nothing. But some bottles of water and some food. Then, my eyes saw something totally different. A chain. That fucker chained me up in his basement! My arms and legs were free, but on my neck was a collar with a chain, that went to the wall. There was no way I could get to the door with that chain around my neck.
At this point, I felt like crying. I could feel the darkness still under my skin, crawling there. 'Now I understand how dogs feel... what is he going to do to me? Please don't let him kill me. Please God. I'm begging you.' In my opinion, God didn't exist. But I was so desperate and afraid, I couldn't think straight anymore. Tears were streaming down my face, and I didn't know how much time had passed, until the door opened again. Nikki was standing in the door frame, watching me. At least, he looked like Nikki, because his expression was totally different now. Softer, he seemed less messed up. His hair was as black as ever.
"No... this is wrong...", he murmured. "Don't cry. Are you hungry? Thirsty? Are you cold? I have this blanket... please don't cry. I get you anything. Just don't tell him okay?" He dropped to his knees in front of me. "Take this before he comes again." His hands wiped the tears away. "I don't want this to happen, please believe me. Please Ary. Please..." Nikki wrapped the blanket around my shoulders.
"Nikki... Free me...", I whispered, my voice shaky from my sobs.
"I can't Ary... I just can..." The words stopped suddenly. His eyes got dark and his hands which were on my shoulders, suddenly grabbed me really hard.
"Who gave you the blanket little child?", he hissed. Was this Nikki? No. This was a complete different person. For a short moment I could catch a glimpse of the Nikki I fell in love with, but now he was totally different. Even the way he spoke was strange. Normally his voice was a dark, warm sing-sang, but now his voice was cold as ice. My heart felt frozen as he kept saying things, that I didn't, couldn't understand because my mind was racing.
"Are you listening?!", he yelled at me. The voice, cold as ice, was a contrast to my cheek, that burned. Did he just hit me? I guess he did.
"Hope this is a lesson to you."
"Who the fuck are you? What is wrong with you Nikki?!"
The twinkle in his eyes scared me, and as he spoke, I was even more terrified.
"I'm not Nikki little stupid child. Nikki is gone. But Sikki came out to play a bit.", Sikki growled. This name really matched him. He is sick. He is fucking insane!
"Let me go!", I yelled and tried to beat him, but he pinned my wrists against the wall.
"What are you trying kid? You know you have no chance in a fight against me. And now go to sleep little child!"
His face, distorted with rage, was the last thing I saw as he poked my skin with a needle and shot some hot liquid in me. I was knocked out instantly.
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