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Out for Blood

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Nikki (or Sikki?) is out for blood...

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As I woke up again, my head hurt even more. Sikki was still there, watching me. He grinned when I tried to move away from him.
"Nasty little child, do I have to teach you another lesson? Don't you have enough?"
"What do you want from me...?"
"You're finally awake... Great! Everything you do is eat and cry, you disgust me!"
Sikkis voice went from very quiet to screaming.
"You piece of shit! I hate you! You don't deserve to live! You're a waste of space!"
Stunned I looked at him. If I was a waste of space, why would he have me in his basement? Maybe he just acts like he's insane. Maybe he had some reasons. Maybe he... 'Ary, for Gods sake, stop thinking! Do whatever it takes to get out of here, as fast as you can!'
An evil, diabolic grin came up to his face. What was this sick mind planning? His hands took mine and he moved closer to me.
"Darling...", Sikki used Nikkis voice. Or was he finally Nikki again? I was never so confused in my entire life.
Once he was close enough, he unlocked the collar on my neck, but only to dig his nails in the soft skin. On my inside, I was shaking but I clenched my teeth to hold it together.
"Are you okay sugar?"
A yelp escaped my lips when he dug his nails deeper into the flesh. Soon, a warm liquid ran over my neck. In a vampire style, he moved his lips to my neck and started sucking. By now, I was shaking so bad I barely felt his touch anymore. With his free hand he covered my mouth and bit down as hard as he could. I could feel his breath at my neck as he growled.
"I told you it was going to hurt... You woke the demons, little nasty child. This is all your fault..."
With all the power I had, I threw myself against him, feet kicking, hands scratching. But he was faster than me. Before my body even touched his, he stood up and watched me fall to the ground. My head hit against the cool floor.
"Don't try to play games with me!", angrily he kicked in my stomach. "It makes me hurt you and that hurts Nikki and that hurts me because he'll try to be in controll again. Stupid little thing!"
My dark brown hair covered my head, covered the bite on my neck and the wound on my forehead. A nearly undescripable pain went through my body, when he grabbed that beautiful hair and dragged me to my feet.
"Don't move!"
Sikki grabbed something and quickly approached me. The cold feeling of a chain with a padlock replaced his warm hand on my neck. Once again he pushed me on the floor.
"Stay on your knees!"
A little click later, a leash was connected with the chain. He was right. I was trash, waste, I was nothing more than a dog. Perhaps I was even less than a dog... As he opened the door and walked me up the stairs and into his house, I could barely see because of all the bright light there. It felt amazing and scary at the same time. Daylight has never hurt my eyes so much, nor has it woke that much hope in me before.
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