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"Their all dead, aren't they?"

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The door opened and an unconscious Jon was tossed back into the room, falling onto his side before rolling onto his back. The door slammed shut once more, the other three boys not having enough time to register what had happened. Spencer rushed over to him, holding his black and blue face in his hands. A black eye, a busted lip, a bruise on his cheek, a cut on his head; the boys couldn't help but wonder what they had done to him.
Spencer fell asleep on the cold hard floor, curled up to Jon in a loving way. Brendon was across the room, staring at the ground as he sat in the corner. The beast was asleep as well, it's eyes closed as it attempted to breath the dusty oxygen in it's room. Ryan couldn't help but think that he and Brendon were alone, or at the very least, the closest they were going to get to being alone. He forced himself to rise, making his way over to the younger boy.
"Hey B." He whispered as he sat next to Brendon.
"Hi Ry." Brendon let his head fall onto the others shoulder, closing his eyes.
"What are you thinking?" Ryan continued to talk in a hushed voice, thinking it was best if Spencer got a bit of sleep.
"I'm thinking that no matter how bad life at home ever was, it was still a million times better than this. Ryan, do you think we're going to die here?" Brendon's voice was hopeful but desperate, practically begging Ryan to tell him what he wanted to here, despite the fact that they both thought it to be a lie. Ryan laced his fingers with Brendon's, holding onto his hand tightly as he let Brendon curl up next to him.
"Don't think like that Brenny, it's bad for you." Brendon gave a small sigh.
"Tell me we're going to make it out of here." His voice was frustrated and weak, the sound close to that of a crying child. Ryan ran his fingers through Brendon's soft hair, humming his response as he threaded his long fingers in and out of Brendon's fringe.
"Brendon, you shouldn't stress about that." Brendon shifted in Ryan's arms, tears starting to leak out of his eyes.
"Please tell me we're going to live." Ryan kissed Brendon's forehead.
"Just go to sleep." Brendon closed his eyes, and cried until he was so exhausted that he passed out. Ryan fell asleep to the sound of his steady breathing and Spencer's soft snoring.

A man in all black walked into the room, looking around to make sure all of them were asleep. He looked over to the creature, saluting it with a smirk on his face before he let out a soft laugh, the sound ending up more like a strangled cackle. He started to carry the boys out, one by one dragging their bodies away. He kept the smile on his face as he let the beast out once more, standing on a hill that overlooked the large concrete structure.
His smile grew, looking like that of a demented felon. He laughed as the building went up in flames.

Jon was the first to wake. He opened his eyes slowly, the sunlight bathing him in warmth. He smiled at the smell of fresh grass, feeling it under his bare arms and head. It was ridiculously soft, the blades tickling him when he moved. He smiled, closing his eyes as he rolled his head over to the side. His bruised cheek hit the ground, and it all came crashing down around him.
His eyes shot open, and he quickly jolted upright, looking around in a panic. Spencer, Ryan, Brendon, their bags. Was it all just a bad dream? He looked around, noting that the hill they were on seemed to be the same one that they had gone to when they wanted to look at the wreckage that was the crashed train. Bullet shells scattered on the hillside, glittering in the warm sunlight, tire tracks that shredded the green grass. Their torn up clothes covered in dirt and grime, his bruised arms. They all told him that he didn't dream it, but that still left one unanswered question: How did they get there?
He woke the others up, having all of them look as if they had to go through the same thought process that he had gone through; It was a dream. Fuck, no it wasn't. How the hell did we end up here?
Ryan was the first to speak. "This is...curious."
Brendon followed. "What do we do now?"
The others were silent. They all seemed to be struck with the same realization that they still had far to high of a chance of getting caught again, and on top of that they didn't know how much time had passed, nor did they know how their families would react if they went back.
Spencer spoke. "We should go back."
"He's right." Ryan agreed with a sigh, rubbing his dirty face.
"Maybe we can take a shower." Jon said with a small smile.
"Shower." Brendon mumbled with a grin. "That sounds nice." They gathered themselves, dreading the walk back to town. They talked along the way, each one being excited about the luxuries they had taken for granted. Pop-tarts in the morning with hot cups of coffee, music to listen to after school while they mouthed off about the world and how it was going straight to hell, fries and cokes on late nights when they were out at each others houses 'studying' when in reality they were just wasting time.
They made it back to town, and disappointment quickly followed. Every building was torn to the ground, half burned cadavers lying in the streets with bullet holes through their heads. People that they used to know and hate lying under piles of rubble, the crows pecking at their rotting flesh. Small fires continued to blaze, and Jon started to cry.
"Their all dead, aren't they?" Spencer held him, knowing that he was talking about his foster siblings. Ryan walked through the rubble filled streets, taking care to walk over the rotting hunks of meat. He stopped when he found a single building still completely in tact. He stared at it for a few short seconds before calling out.
"Guys, you should really get over here." Brendon was the first one to show up, looking up at the large building.
"I remember this place, didn't they shut it down for some weird testing or some shit?" Ryan looked at Brendon, who seemed positive that what he said was true. Spencer dragged Jon over to them, standing next to them in front of the cast iron gate.
"It was an animal testing facility wasn't it?" Spencer asked as he stared at it. Ryan moved over to a sign that had thick vines growing over it, pulling them off to reveal wood tacked onto concrete.
"It says it was condemned. I'm guessing too many accidents or something." He looked over at the other three boys. Spencer and Brendon both stared at him with somewhat worried expressions, but Jon stared at the building, holding an intense gaze as he looked up at it's thick brick walls and barred windows.
"Let's go inside." He let go of Spencer, pushing open the rusted gate.
The other three followed quickly yet cautiously behind.


PartyPoison: You make me happy.
I like this story, don't get me wrong. I love writing it, and I love all of the littel secrets to it that only I know. But, (the dreaded but) I feel as if not many people like it, seeing as the only positive (or, ya know, the only) feedback I get is from, well you.
Not that I don't like getting your reviews. Because I do love it everytime I read your username. It just brings a smile to my face because I know that something positive is going to follow.
So you know what, I'm going to continue it even if you're the only person reading it, and it shall forever be all yours. ALL YOURS.
To show appreciation and what-not.
-xoxo Pansy.
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