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I need some characters :)

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    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-10 06:08:23 AM

    How to enter- i dunno, u decide :D

    Name (real)- Faith Oh

    Killjoy name- Wynter Wolfye

    Age- 13

    Clothes- black band hoodies or dark blue windsor hoodie or a neon green T-shirt with a black jacket, black skinny jeans, neon green converse.

    Looks? - long straight black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes, pale, skinny-ish, 5'2

    Likes : chocolate, archery, taekwondo, jelly beans
    Dislikes: spiders, thunder and lightning

    How you want your character to behave and how you don't want your character to behave- my character doesnt smile alot, even when she does smile, she forces it out. she's not the hyper, more of the i'm quiet and i take care of people. She likes to stick to people cuz she's lonely, she doesnt like to be left alone.not really shy. I don't want my character to be hyper, never hyper.

    Background- She doesn't get enough love cuz her parents love their work more than her, they send her money and stuff, she has never seen them ever since she was 3.she's lonely.

    If your a kid killjoy who you want to be paired with- Gerard :)

    Anything else- i'm not sure of the how to enter thing, is it actually something i need to fill?

    Good luck with ur story , hope my character gets picked :D tell me if u need extra detail :)

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-11-10 06:18:43 AM

    Toxic Rose nicknamed Rose or sometimes gets called Rosie even though everyone knows if annoys her. (her naem comes from her little sister who was called rose and she likes roses and thinks they are romantic)
    Age-Erm 13 14?
    Real name-Dakota Nyx (Dakota means friend or ally, Nyx means night)
    Looks-waist length black and red hair-black underneath red on top. Cut into lots of different layers, never too neat. Threatens to cut it off as it annoys her but she can`t ever bring herself to do it. . Is either left down or tied into a messy ponytail or sometimes two bunches/pigtails. Emerald green eyes often outlined with black or red eyeliner, red lips, pale. Average height and weight but very underdeveloped-no hips/breast. Very self conscious of this -Gets tesed a little? Has her ears pierced twice on the lobes and an industrial and a rook. She also has a tattoo on her foot-she had a friend`s brother do it for her. The tattoo is the words "forever doesn`t exist" in fancy, black writing. And music note on the insidie of her wrist.
    putfit-red skinnies that are a torn and have soem blood stains on them but you can`t really tell. A black top with a red bleeding rose on it.
    that jacket. and black knee high studded boots. she hides a knife in the left one. She wears a skull ring on her left middle finger and always has on two spiked braclets.
    background-she grew up in the zones with her older brother (Toxic Faith) he was killed by dracs and she managed to get away.
    If possible could She be with Ray?
    persinality-kind, loyal friend, it takes a while to earn her trust though. Crazy and can be quite random and morbid. Hates being center of attention but does speak a lot and never beats around the bush. Puts her foot in her mouth someimes and may occasionally accidently hurt soemone by speaking her mind. Can talk her way out of most problems and has a very dry sense of humor. Her heart is in the right place though.
    Mask- red with a black rose (fake) on the top left hand corner of it. The eye holes are in the shape of stars
    Ray gun-matches her top-skulls and bleeding roses on it.
    hope I can help, sorry for going OTT with the info

    (#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-11-10 06:24:34 AM

    Oh, sorry I forgot likes and dislikes
    Likes-music, animals, junk food, her friends, friends, proving people wrong (like if soemone says she can`t do something and then she does), roses (duh) and singing even though she isn`t that good at it.
    Dislikes-sitting still-she cant do it, BL/ind, being told what she can/can`t do, being looked down on, seeign people she cares about gettign hurt, loosing people close to her, beign backstabbed, all the isms and the colur pink. sorry again for fogetting

    (#) patdfan01 2011-11-10 07:25:42 AM

    Name (real)- Storm Gray

    Killjoy name- Adrenaline Chaos

    Age- 17

    Clothes- A baggy yellow shirt with different colored neon paint splats on it, black skinny jeans, worn-out converse written on it in Marker says 'Keep Running'

    Likes/Dislikes- Dislikes BL/Ind, rude people, hypocrites, loud noises, bright lights. likes drawing, music, art, silence, darkness, night, full moons and starry nights.

    How you want your character to behave and how you don't want your character to behave- is shy, reserved, and doesn't talk.

    Background- Her really close friends and family were killed by some dracs and she and her really close twin brother (Victory Voltage) managed to escape. they were cornered by dracs one day and they both got away, but had to run in separate directions. now, she refrains from talking because everyone who is close to her is either dead or gone. she doesnt want to see the people close to her leave.

    If your a kid killjoy who you want to be paired with- Traves alone. she doesnt talk to anyone anymore anyway.

    Anything else-

    looks- Storm gray eyes, really pale skin, shoulder length straight as a pin jet black hair, about 5'9



    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-11-10 07:43:12 AM

    Name-Jasmine Price. Killjoy name-Colourful Shadow. Age-21. Looks-long straight dark brown hair with red, blue, and purple streaks, dark brown eyes, pale skin that tans easily, always wears black nail polish, 5'4 and skinny. Clothes-a pink floral tank top, black shorts with fishnets underneath, red knee high boots, black and white striped wrist warmers, yellow sunglasses, and a silver heart shaped necklace. Likes-roses, chocolate, music, fighting, comedy and horror movies. Dislikes-sluts, thinking about her past, losing, and being told what to do. How you want your character to be and how you don't want-can she care about the kids? She also is sort of bossy and can be bitchy. I don't want her to be really bossy or hyper. Just a mature person. Background-her parents were killed when she was only 14 and she went off on her own. She has never been in a group because she could take care of herself until she turned 21. Anything else-when she fights it looks like dancing, also part spanish

    (#) Vengefulscout 2011-11-10 07:47:56 AM

    Name (real)- Emily Toye

    Killjoy name- Vengeful Scout

    Age- 14

    Clothes- blue tee shirt, dark blue jeans, black converse, red and black fingerless gloves and black jacket with a blue scout symbol on the back

    Likes: Candy, coffee, friends and family, animals, the paranormal
    Dislikes: Fire, knifes, the deep darkness, spiders and bullies.

    How you want your character to behave and how you don't want your character to behave- She is shy, quiet, kind, self concious and caring but can get easily offended, will lash out at anyone who hurts her friends, can cry VERY easily and when she starts killing dracs she is ruthless

    Background- Lived with her mum, dad and older brother Kai (16). When BLI took over, her mum and dad worked for them. Scout and her brother ran away but got seperated in the zones. Could we possibly find eachother later in the story?

    If your a kid killjoy who you want to be paired with- Ummmm, i dont have to have anyone, but if you want me paired up, anyone is fine :)

    Anything else- Misses her brother dearly and crys about him at night or when she is alone. Has a metal plate in her arm from when she had a motorbike accident with her dad when she was 6

    Hope that's all okay! Happy Story Writing!


    (#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-11-10 08:01:15 AM

    Shit! Forgot to mention that she has a red motorbike. And that she is a good actor so she can fool Korse anytime. Sorry. I feel stupid.

    (#) MCR_Vampire_321 2011-11-10 08:34:43 AM

    Name (real)- Hollie Bareham

    Killjoy name- Artistic Accident

    Age- 13

    Clothes- Pink tartan jeans, MCR Danger Days tee-shirt, Rainbow striped leg warmers, pink doc martins and gray arm warmers.

    Likes/Dislikes- Likes - Music, laughing, talking to friends, reading, writing
    Dislikes - Dracs, BLI, Korse, Justin Bieber, dicrimination of any kind

    How you want your character to behave and how you don't want your character to behave- Doesn't really stand up for herself, just waits until someone else stands up for her but she will stand up for her friends. Tries to avoid arguing with people when necassary. Mean comments do hurt her but she pretends that they don't by shrugging them off.

    Background- My parents worked for BLI and tried to force me into their lifestyle and I thought it was the only lifestyle I could live til I heard about the killjoys when I was 11. I decided their lifestyle sounded better than mine so I set off to find them(:

    If your a kid killjoy who you want to be paired with- Either(:

    Anything else- Scared of the dark, hates her Dad because he kept bringing her down but still misses her Mom and worries about her.

    (#) LoveLustAndPixieDust 2011-11-10 12:30:52 PM

    Name (real)-Astrid Hart

    Killjoy name- Kryptonite Kid


    Clothes-well kill jo outfit is: leather tight trousers with blue dms and a 'trigger happy' crop blue top (with a punk girl and a gun on, it says trigger happyover her) cut off denim jacket covered with badges
    everyday: shorts with tights and boots and roled down high socks and bright t-shirts

    Likes/Dislikes-Likes: tea, super heros, gaming, quorn produce dislikes: Spiders, needles, planes, dracs

    How you want your character to behave and how you don't want your character to behave- Will kill and can beb very harsh to enamies, can get in bad moods olot , doesn't like talking about emotions or getting to close to people fast

    Background- Raised in the zones by a group of unruley kill joys got seperated from them in battle, a few years on she still holds their brutal traits

    If your a kid killjoy who you want to be paired with- Gerard

    Anything else- Thats it! thankyou C:

    (#) fatherfuckingmeese 2011-11-10 02:16:43 PM

    Name: Tanner Riley
    Killyjoy name: Fox Harlequin
    Age: 8
    Looks: short, has big dark brown eyes (they glow a golden tint when I'm angry or scared), dark red layered hair ,has one lip ring
    Outfit: ripped red tights, black tutu, black lace gloves, shimmery gold tanktop that says BULLETPROOF on it, wears fake fox tail, fox hat, black converse, gold raygun with red lettering that says Demolition Lover on it, always carries a small stuffed bat, wears aviator sunglasses
    Likes: bats, alternative/rock/screamo music being carried or held, adrenaline, fighting dracs, power
    pup (I actually enjoy it :D), having a killjoy family
    Dislikes: the dark, tall menacing-looking people, bl/I, being alone, hospitals, spiders
    Personality: outgoing, bouncy, bubbly, gets angry/scared easily, finds it hard to trust people (except fun ghoul), energetic, funny, a little sassy, adventurous (tries to be brave), loyal friend, pretty good fighter for my age, sneaky, fast, good at lying if I need to
    Backround: Was sold to bl/I with older brother (Desolation Wolf) for medical experiments, was tortured and saw Desolation get killed, ran away and lived with killjoys. Her parents sold her to bl/i, she also has frequent nightmares about her experiance
    Anything else: Can I be really close to Fun Ghoul like he's kind of like my protective older brother? :3
    Good luck with writing this-I haven't seen a killjoy fic in awhile! Hopefully you'll like my audition and choose me cause this sounds like it'll be interesting! :)

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