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Thank You For The Venom

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Frerad! Prep School AU! Basically Gerard, Frank, and Mikey in a prep school so please read? For Shippo ;D

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Gray smoke surrounded a pale face framed by black hair. Thin lips wrapped around a cigarette, lungs inhaling the cancerous air. His face was set in a scowl, hazel eyes squinted in impatience. White sleeves were rolled up, letting numerous tattoos be exposed. A black vest rested on his shoulder, too expensive to lose, and his tie hung loosely from his neck. Sweat began to form on his neck, shoulders, and back, causing the white shirt to stick to his skin. The sun was bright and high in the sky, causing heat waves to ripple from the ground.
Black eyebrows rose in recognition as his eyes followed a male figure. He dropped the stub hanging from his lips and crushed it with his foot as he moved forward. As he got closer to the figure, he saw the giant grin plastered on his face, making the glasses perched on his nose to rise. The figure frantically waved and Frank rolled his eyes, a smile tugging at his lips. The gravel crunched underneath his feet as he stopped in front of the grinning figure, letting it hug him.

“Get off, it’s too hot.” Frank said, shrugging off the arms around his shoulders.

“Sorry.” Mikey replied with a sheepish grin, backing up a step. Frank chuckled, smacking him in the head and regretting it as his hand touched sweaty hair.

“Why so excited?” Frank asked wiping his hand on his pants. Mikey began to walk away heading in the direction of his house, Frank following beside him. Mikey turned around walking backwards as he reached into his jacket’s front pocket. He pulled out a handmade smoke, along with a lighter and grinned.

“Gerard’s back!” Mikey said as he lit the smoke inhaling the bitter air. Frank waved a hand in front of his face, his nose scrunched up in irritation.

“What?” Frank’s face heated up. He hoped Mikey wouldn’t notice, attributing it to the heat. His stomach churned in anxiousness.

“Ya heard me! He’s back!” Mikey pushed his glasses up his nose with his index finger, laughing as the weed made its way into his system.

“Oh. Cool.” Frank answered, letting his gaze drop to the ground. They didn’t speak for a while as cars zoomed by, the engines noise blocking out any other noises. When Frank raised his gaze back up, Mikey was looking at him with intent. Frank looked sideways, scratching his nose, trying to avoid Mikey’s gaze.

“Stop smoking that shit, it’s gonna kill you.” Frank said, changing the topic, and nodding towards the stub in between Mikey’s fingers.

“What?!” Mikey gasped, incredulous, eyebrows raising up in shock.

“Compared to the shit you smoke?” Mikey asked with a smirk.

“It’s a stress reliever.” Frank replied matter-of-factly with a slight curve to his lips.

“So is this.” Mikey said with a grin, raising the stub to his lips and sucking in a big gulp of air, coughing hysterically moments later. Frank laughed, shoving Mikey and running past the flailing arms and legs. Frank heard an indignant Hey! behind him as he ran, lungs struggling to retain oxygen. After a while, he stopped, not able to breathe anymore. He bended over, hands on knees, a bitter taste in his throat and underside of his tongue as he panted and huffed through his mouth. He heard steps beside him and, when he looked up, saw Mikey stop beside him.
“See? You can’t breathe right anymore.” Mikey clapped Frank on the back, causing Frank to start coughing. Mikey laughed as Frank punched his shoulder, trying to keep his coughing under control. When Frank was finally able to breathe again, they resumed walking, talking animatedly. They reached Mikey’s house, running up the steps and inside the living room. They quickly greeted Mikey’s mom, declining her offer for food, and made their way upstairs to Mikey’s room, excited to begin their new video game.

In between the shouts and nonstop button pressing, they were interrupted by a loud knock on Mikey’s door. Frank’s heart began to rapidly beat in his chest as Mikey stood up and opened the door. A pale face with shoulder-length black hair appeared near the doorway, looking up at Mikey’s face.

“Mom said dinner’s ready.” Frank turned his head to look at Gerard more closely, a small smile brushing his lips.

“Thanks Gerard!” Mikey replied leaving the door open. Gerard’s hazel eyes locked with Frank’s and Frank felt his heart give a hard thump as Gerard smiled at him. His fingers seized their moving as Gerard walked away, back into his own room. His brain barely recognized Mikey’s groan of defeat.

“Fraaaaank! You let me die!” Mikey huffed in annoyance, and flopped down on his bed. Frank could only grin.
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