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Nervous and Frustrated

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Sorry about the tardiness! Kept forgetting to post! This is sorta filler I guess :P Anywho hope ya'll enjoy this!

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Frank let his head drop onto his textbooks, startling some of his classmates around him. He ignored them all as his mind raced with the thought of Gerard thinking he and Mikey were together. Mikey! Sure he was his best friend, but he liked Gerard! Frank squeezed his eyes shut as his chest started to tighten. Frank swore he would never think of Gerard like that after Gerard had run away. But then Gerard had to come back and ruin all that.

“Damn it…” Frank murmured as he ran his hands through his hair. He didn’t even know if Gerard was like that. ‘Like me’ Frank thought idly. His leg bounced up and down as he leaned his chin on his head. He looked out the window, trying to force thought of Gerard away. His heart beat frantically as he tried to come up with a solution. Maybe if he explained? Too desperate…

“Fuck…” Frank muttered as he pressed the palms against his eyes. He grinded his teeth in frustration. He couldn’t figure out what to do and it was killing him. During lunch he sneaked outside to smoke. As soon he inhaled the gray smoke, his nerves began to settle and calm down. He hid underneath a tree near the school, shading him from the sun’s bright rays. He jumped as someone landed beside him, a few leaves falling afterwards.

“Hey.” Mikey greeted as he stood up from his crouch, dusting himself off.

“What the hell were you doing up there?!” Frank almost yelled, his heart still pounding away in his chest.

“Same as you.” Mikey smirked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Frank rolled his eyes and sighed.

“A nerdy-pothead. Never thought I’d see one of those.” Frank said as he pulled the sleeves of his shirt up, underneath his elbows. Mikey laughed as he leaned back against the tree.

“Oh almost forgot! Could you wait for me at that burger place near my house? I need to stay for a while after school. Mikey said as he tipped his head up to stare at the sky. Apparently he was ‘very high, up in the sky’ as Mikey once told him. They both watched as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky.


Frank had walked over to the burger place right after school, Mikey stuck in one of his nerd meetings. The place wasn’t packed as usual, thankfully, which made it easy for Frank to find a seat. He chose one next to a window; it would help him get distracted. Suddenly, his table was bumped into by someone, causing him to hurt his elbow on the edge. Frank hissed in anger as his elbow throbbed in pain.

“Mutherfu-oh! Ahhhh…hi.” Frank found himself staring into wide hazel eyes.

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry!” Gerard raised his hands up in apology. Frank’s ears buzzed as his heart sped up.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Frank said with a small smile as he felt his throat constrict.

“You sure? I could go get you an ice pack.” Gerard asked while pointing behind him towards the front counter.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Frank nodded, like a dumbass in his opinion, and hoped Gerard did not notice the blush creeping up his neck.

“Okay, but still…” Gerard said a she sat down across Frank.

"I’m fine.” Frank said, trying to put conviction behind it with his voice.

“Okay, Okay!” Gerard exclaimed, shrugging and smiling. He reached across the table, and before touching Frank, stopped.

“Can I…?” Gerard asked, his eyes questioning beneath black hair. Frank nodded slightly, heart thumping with a dull ache in his chest, and stuck out his elbow across the table. Gerard’s fingers traced the area where Frank had hurt himself before moving further down his arms, tracing the multicolored lines imprinted on Frank’s skin. The heat burning in the pit of his stomach clashed against the chill brought on by Gerard’s cold finger tips. Frank’s eyes followed Gerard’s fingers as they rose and fell on his arm.

“When did you start?” Frank looked up and found Gerard staring intently at him. Frank blinked multiple times before his brain understood what Gerard was talking about.

“Fourteen, I guess. My friend started me off.” He absentmindedly clenched and unclenched the fingers on the hand Gerard wasn’t holding.

“Why?” Frank was puzzled by the question. He never asked himself why. He shrugged.

“An obsession. Helps me feel alive.” It was one of the only things that forced his head above water, forcing himself to breathe and live. Kinda like Gerard.
Gerard retracted his hand and they waited in comfortable silence until Mikey appeared. Once he did, Gerard stood up to leave. Mikey looked breathless, flushed, and lips swollen. Gerard raised his eyebrows questioningly as he tied an apron around his waist. Mikey and Frank stood up to leave as they watched Gerard walk away.

“He works here?” Franks asked Mikey.

“Yep, one of dad’s ‘requirements’ for him to stay.” Mikey replied with a frown. They watched as Gerard took orders, but soon left deciding to go home.
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