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Awkward Dinner Was Awkward

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Hey here's Chapter 2! Enjoy! :D

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Dinner was awkward. Well it felt so for Frank. He had continuously refused the invitation to stay but Mikey’s mother had forced him to stay. Frank knew it was the Way family’s first dinner together after Gerard had run away, and he shouldn’t invade that kind that kind of privacy. He sat beside Mikey, with his parents on either ends of the table and Gerard directly across from Mikey. His stomach was knotting itself and he lost his appetite, but nevertheless he ate. He watched Gerard out of the corner of his eye, watched as long, slender fingers brushed back black hair.
Frank could feel the tension between Mikey’s parents and Gerard and it became thicker as time went by. He rushed to finish, asking to be excused from the table. Mikey stood with him and walked him to the door.

“Holy shit…” Mikey said with awe, a long sigh escaping his lips as they stepped out into the night.

“Yeah…” Frank replied with a nod of his head as he stuck his hand in his pockets, shivering as a cool breeze blew by. He was relieved to be outside than inside.

“Man, shit’s gonna go down in there like Donkey Kong”, Mikey said with a quick shake of his head, shuffling his blondish hair. Frank laughed as he walked down the porch steps, looking up at Mikey, who was leaning on one of the pillars.

“Just text me if things get outta control”, Frank began to walk to the gate, turning to wave at Mikey.

“Yeah…” Mikey waved back, walking towards the front door. As Frank looked back, the light above the door turned off.
X - X – X – X
The next morning, as Frank walked into the main building of his school, he was attacked by long arms crushing his neck and shoulders. He shoved against the ball of energy hanging on to him, a grin growing on his face.

“So, I guess it went well?” Frank asked as Mikey removed his arms from around Frank’s shoulders.

“Yeah it did!” He said as he stretched his arms up above his head.

“Well except for dad yelling at Gerard, but Mom made them shut up and eat.” Mikey said with a grin.

“Of course, she’s a mom.”

“Yeah it’s like she has superpowers or something!” Mikey said as they walked down the hallway of lockers.
They went to a prep school, complete with uniforms and everything, but besides the strict curriculum, the school looked like a normal high school, with lockers, cafeteria, and a gym. They did have an indoor pool and lounge and an even bigger library though. Frank was snapped out of his thoughts as they parted to their lockers, which were across from one another.
Frank was ready first, having taken out his book bag and filing it with books. He looked behind him and chuckled as Mikey opened his own locker and books went spilling out. He watched Mikey try and stuff everything back inside but was distracted by a locker being slammed near his.
Three lockers down, Gerard had closed his locker and stood watching Mikey as well with a slight smile. Gerard felt Frank’s gaze on him and turned his head to look at him, smile still in place. Frank smiled back, a light pink coloring his cheeks. Frank rubbed the back of his neck as Gerard approached him, his stomach churning with nerves. They stood next to each other, waiting for Mikey to finish, silence surrounding them.

“Hey, Gerard!” Mikey said as he finished stuffing his papers into his book bag.

“Hey” Gerard replied with a short wave. Mikey turned to Frank and asked some questions about their upcoming chemistry class. Frank noticed a sticker was stuck on Mikey’s forehead and reached to grab Mikey’s side bangs. He yanked Mikey’s face to his and took it off, waving it afterwards.

“Oww! What the-Aww man, it fell off!” Mikey groaned at seeing his Batman sticker misplaced and snatched it away, running back to his locker. When Frank looked at Gerard, he saw him staring first at him then Mikey and back. Frank scrunched up his eyebrows up in confusion, trying to understand Gerard’s gaze. He thought for a while, even after they had walked to class and gone inside.

Frank thought back on what he had done near Gerard. He went to his locker, took out his things, which was normal, and then stood next to Gerard. Oh and he took off that sticker off Mikey’s forehead-oh. He had pulled Mikey’s face close to his, too close, as if to kiss him…
Gerard thought he and Mikey were together.
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