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Tell It Again

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Gerard sat on the couch and drew superheros, sadly.
"I got us a gig", said Ray.
"OHMYGAWD- WHEN?!", shouted Lunette.
"Tomorrow night at 8. It's at Park City Bar in East Rutherford. My friend Danny was like, "Do you know any good bands?". And I was like, "I'm in a band." And he was like, "You're in a band?"
"Cool story, bro", spat Frank.
"It's part of this battle of the bands thing. If we win, we could sign a recording contract with Reprise. If we win, it won't just be Lunette worshiping us and writing our fanfic. It'll be the cool kids, too."
Lunette dropped to her hands and knees in front of Gerard. "I PROMISE I will do EVERYTHING I can to get more kids to come."
Gerard just stared at her and finally said, "I have to pee." He got off the couch and moseyed toward the bathroom.
"Some group called Mindless Self Indulgence."
"You mean that one band with those people who mindlessly self indulge? I hate those guys."
(Urine Level: Slowly Decending)
Gerard finished, washed up, and dried his hands. He stepped out of the bathroom.
Gee immediately saw LynZ roll by, down the hall, with a package. He followed her, then turned a corner behind her, only to see her at his doorstep.
Gerard flung himself out of his bed and ran to the door. He opened it just as LynZ was about to knock.
"Hi, I'm Gerard."
"Cool, sign here."
"I just woke up from a dream that you were delivering me my package. Is that weird?"
"Not at all."
"Yeah, I just like to use this convenient little transportation device that runs directly through your imagination. It's like, 88 miles in 2 seconds... I forgot that nobody has those outside the Umbrella Academy..."
"I thought maybe, we could do something sometime. You're new here. There are reasons to associate with me. I mean, I've lived here my whole life."
"...You wanna hang out?"
"If that's okay with you."
"If I say yes, will you sign for your damn vanilla flavored premium roast?"
"So, yeah- 8 o'clock?"
LynZ leaned against the wall in Starbucks. Gerard entered the building.
"What are you doing, just standing there?"
"I'm totally waiting for you."
"I'm sorry. I kinda figured you'd be too cool to show up on time."
"Well, you thought wrong."
They ordered their coffee and talked for hours.
"What brings you here?", asked Gerard.
"I got a job here as a delivery person. They requested me specifically because I can have coffee to you while it's still piping hot."
"That can't be the only reason though."
"Well, actually, I grew up here. I moved to the big apple so I could go to the art school I wanted, but then I graduated. I stayed for another couple of years, but then I just really wanted to go home."
"Seems acceptable."
"This snow's pretty thick", said LynZ. The air was turning whiter by the second.
"I know, I can barely see my nose."
LynZ dug in her bag.
"I've got it somewhere in here."
"Got what?"
She pulled out a white belt with a mechanism, cover by a black buckle that sported an umbrella emblem.
"The Transporter."
She wrapped it around both of them and pressed the buckle.
"What kind of tea do you want?"
"What kinds do you have?"
"Sleepy Time and Chamomile."
"Whichever", answered Gerard.
"I think I'll have Sleepy Time."
Gerard was sitting at LynZ's table, shivering, while she put the kettle on. She noticed.
"Want a blanket?"
"Yes, please."
She set off further into the apartment, looking for a blanket.
The kettle whistled. Gerard took the liberty of getting them mugs, pouring the water, and brewing the tea for them. LynZ had gone off several minutes ago. Where did she go?
Gerard walking in on a shirtless LynZ, going through her closet in search of a shirt.
"Dude, I'm changing."
"OH SHIT- my bad." My shut his eyes quickly and held them tight. "Sorry, I was just wondering where you went."
"I just came in here to change for a second. Your still shivering, I see."
"Yeah, I'm sorry."
"It's fine. Here- better?" Gerard felt something warm up against his body.
"Yeah, what is that?" He opened his eyes and saw LynZ. "OH!"
Lindsey pressed their lips together and pulled him closer. They stayed that way for a bit, but then Gerard pull away.
"Were you just gonna bring the blanket from your bed?"
"I guess..."
"Well.. maybe we should both get under it, since we're both so cold..."
"What about the tea?"
"Well, we just had coffee..."
Gerard and LynZ were now in her bed, kissing each other violently. Then, LynZ stopped altogether.
"I changed my mind. I don't want to have sex with you, Gerard. I'm not gonna kick you out, either. You can sleep in my bed, and I might even change my mind again later on", she stated. She rolled onto her side and scooted into Gerard's arms.
"That's fine. I mean, it's been a pretty long time for me, so I think I just needed this- whatever it is. It's nice."
"Well, I'm glad."
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