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This Is The Beginning of The Song

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Gerard walked in the door.
Seinfeld jingle
Generic cheering sound effect
Matt looked up to see Gerard doing a touchdown dance. "Someone's happy..."
"Well, someone got to second base last night and someone has a second date tonight."
More cheering
"Cool story."
"You know, when I say someone, I mean me. I got to second base last night."
Matt just stared him down. "Okay- maybe first and a half", Gerard admitted, walking into the closet.
Gerard walked out wearing a new shirt.
"So, LynZ's coming over for our date later and I need you to leave. I don't want you gaying up the place", said Gerard.
"Okay. But in return, I'm issuing you an ultimatum."
"One of your infamous ultimatums?"
"And may it live in infamy. You have to break up with Lunette. Today."
Gerard groaned.
"Do it or I'll tell LynZ about her. I swear to God, Gerard."
"But it's HARRRRD."
"But it's not fair to either of them."
Just then, a random guy walked out of the bathroom.
"Hey, Jimmy."
"Whose that?", Gerard asked.
"Chantal's boyfriend."
"Hey, I didn't write the gay rulebook. You got a problem- take it up with that dude from Twilight." Matt sat down and turned on the TV.
"Now, there's a Used Takeover on MTV, so, unless you want to reminisce, get out."
"You suck."
Gerard dialed Lunette's number. She picked up immediately. "Hey."
"Hey, Gee. Are you wearing a black coat? Like, with fuzzy collar? And a dorky black messenger hat?"
"Yeah. Why are you psychic?" He turned to see her right behind him, smiling.
"HEY", she practically screamed at him.
"Hi!" He sucked at faking excitement.
"I was just about to go to the record store. Wanna join me?"
Lunette and Gerard stood in the store, flipping through CD's.
"I have something to say."
"What is it?"
"...I think I'm... in love. With you."
The word smothered Gerard like a cloud of smoke.
"Lunette. I'm sorry. I think we need to break up."
"...Oh." Lunette looked down at the copy of 'The Fall' by Gorillaz that she was holding and tears started to well up in her eyes. Gerard stepped away and left the store.
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