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You're the drug in me

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Nobody suspects a thing, and Gabe won't tell, but when things turn out for the worst will she have to?

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Gabe woke up the next day in Ryan's bed. She quickly looked around and spotted the bathroom. As she ran to the toilet she could hear Ryan waking up.
"Gabe?" Ryan said hoarsly. She couldn't answer, she was too busy throwing up. "Gabe are you ok?" Ryan came over and put a hand on her back.
"Y-yeah I'm fine." She mumbled as she got up from her kneeling position above the toilet. "Can you go get me my toothbrush?" She asked not taking her eyes off of herself in the mirror.
"Yeah sure." Ryan said waling out of the bathroom.
Should I tell anyone?
But it'll ruin Ryan's career, Gabe. You don't want to do that!
I know but,
But what?!
But I don't think...
Think what? Come on Gabe if you tell on Ryan what will happen to the band? What will happened between him and Brendon? What will happen between Ryan and SPENCER?! Huh? They'll all hate him and it'll be all your fault!
Maybe you're right
You know damn well I'm right, and you're just a whore!

"SHUT UP!" Gabe screamed, sliding down the door, pulling her legs up to her chest, and running her fingers through her hair and pulling. All your fault. You're just a whore. All your fault. You're just a whore. All your fault. You're just a whore. All your fault. You're just a whore. Rang over and over in her head.
"Gabe?" Ryan said knocking on the door.
"Yeah?" She stood up.
"I have your tooth brush, and I brought you some water." Ryan said as Gabe opened the door.
"Thanks." She mumbled grabbing the toothbrush and glass. She quickly brushed her teeth and drank all of her water. She didn't even bother getting dressed before she went downstairs to see Jon, Spencer, and Ryan all sitting at the table. Brendon was making breakfast which, because he's Brendon and can burn cereal, is not a good idea to let him do.
"No! Brendon's making food! But I was hungry!" Gabe said pouting and sitting down next to Ryan.
"What are you trying to say?" Brendon said playfully narrowing his eyes and crossing his arms.
"I'm saying you can't cook, and you're going to kill us all one day." Gabe stood up and walked over to Brendon.
"You're a bitch." Brendon hit her arm gently and smiled.
"YOU FUCKING KNOW IT!" Gabe screamed and hit Brendon back. She looked around to see that everyone else was laughing too so she just smiled, until she looked at Ryan who was just sitting there with an angry look. She stopped laughing and left the room. When she walked into the living room all the memories of the night before came back. A sharp pain in her stomach followed after. She fell onto the floor, wrapping her arms around herself and crying loudly. Spencer was the first one in the room.
"Gabe what's wrong?" Spencer said kneeling down next to her and rubbing her back.
"N-nothing. I'm..." She took a pause and looked at everyone else, who were all completely shocked. "I'm just sick." Gabe said nodding her head, which brought a pleasing look to Ryan's face.
"Do you need to go the the hospital?" Jon asked looking at Gabe. Her face turned white and the pain in her stomach got worse.
"N-no. I think it's just the flu. That's all." She shook her head and stood up.
"Do you want to try and eat something?" Brendon asked looking at the kitchen.
"Not if you made it. I stand by what I say, we will all soon die from food poisining after after eating your cooking." She stood up and walked into the kitchen.
"Dude. You just got owned. By a 17 year old." Spencer said shaking his head and following her into the kitchen.
"So! She's only two years younger than me!" Brendon pouted.
"Brendon, just accept the fact that you are not as awesome as I." Gabe said rummaging through the cupboards. "Oh shit." She mumbled under her breath as she ran to the bathroom.

2 weeks later

She had been throwing up every morning for the past two weeks. She knew she was sick, and so did everybody else. Brendon, Jon, and Spencer tried talking her into going to the hospital, but she insisted that it was just the flu and it would pass over in no time.
"I'm three days late." She whispered looking at her calander. "I'm fucking late." She said a little louder. "I'm going to the store really quick." Gabe yelled down the stairs to everyone as she grabbed her coat and keys. On the car ride there she was crying histerically and could barely focus on driving. "What if I'm pregnant!?" She asked herself. "What's going to happen?" She arrived at the store and quickly made her way to the back where they keep all the medical stuff. She picked up some candy, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and two bottles of coke zeros. When she walked up to the register and put the things down. She quietly spproached the lady at the checkout. She had shortish darkbrown hair that was up in a ponytail, brown eyes, and was a little big around her waist. She looked in her late 30's or early 40's. The lady gave her a disgusted look when she saw the pregnancy test, but then her look of disgust quickly changed to understanding when she was all of Gabe's cuts and bruises on her arms and legs.
"So sweety? How old are you?" The lady behind the register asked scanning her items.
"S-seventeen." Gabe managed to say.
"So when did it happen?" The lady asked looking up from her items.
"W-what do you m-mean?" Gabe asked looking innocently.
"Sweetheart come on. I've seen girls like you come in here buying pregnancy test all the time, and they were all raped." The lady said shaking her head.
"Two weeks ago." Gabe hung her head in shame.
"It's ok. Just remember it's not your fault." The lady had finished packing her things into a small plastic bag and was now hugging Gabe.
"Thank you." Gabe smiled and picked up her things.
"If you ever need help just call me. I'm Emma by the way." Emma said handing her a piece of paper with her number written down on it in red pen.
"Thank you." She mouthed as she gave her a small smile and walked out. The car ride was the same as going back as going there. She occasioanlly opened one of the coke zeros and drank some just so she had to use the bethroom when she got home because she really didn't want to wait. She pulled into the drive way and ran into the bathroom.
"Ok two pluses if your pregnant. One plus if you're not. Seems simple enough." Gabe said opening the package. She took one more swig of her drink and sat down.
After she took the test she had to wait two minutes.

"Oh my god..."

A/N hah! cliffhanger! I'm so evil! anyways rate and revieww! Also I have to add this: Gabe is the youngest so it goes Ryan 20, Brendon 19, Jon 19, and Spencer 18. Also Gabe is schizophrenic, which means there are different people living inside of her head, and bi-polar. Yes this story is a little effed up I realize this. R&R PLEASE AND I WILL GIVE YOU VIRTUAL COOKIES AND HUGS!
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