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Nobody suspects a guy in a scarf.

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Gabe and Ryan have been best friends since they were born. Gabe loves Ryan, but like a brother. Ryan loves Gabe.

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"Shit." Ryan mumbled under his breath.
"What?" Gabe looked over at him, furrowing her eyesbrows.
"N-nothing." He said shaking his head and looking at the ground.
"Hey guys who wants some pizza!" Brendon blurted out.
"Sure!" Spencer and Jon say at the same time.
"Ryan? Gabe? Pizza?" Brendon said looking at them and raising his eyebrows.
"Huh? Oh yeah sure." Ryan said quickly looking up at Brendon then back down to the floor.
"Ok." Gabe shurged and looked at Ryan.
"Ok well Spencer, Jon come with me to get the pizza." Brendon said putting his coat on. Jon and Spencer nodded. After they left Gabe couldn't help but notice Ryan was acting different. He wasn't the happiest person in the room, but he wasn't this sad.
"Ryan." Gabe spoke slowly and Ryan looked up at her. "What's wrong?" She scooted closer to him on the couch and put her arm around him.
"Nothing." He skook his head again. "I'm ok really."
"Ry, please te-"
"Can I kiss you?" Ryan said interupting Gabe before she could finish her sentence.
"W-what?" Gabe asks backing away a little bit.
"Please?" Ryan looked at her with pleading eyes.
"Ry, I'm sorry but I don't like y-" She was cut off by Ryan's lips on hers. His tongue forced it's way into her mouth and she tried to back up, but he was holding her wrists. "Ryan stop!" She tried to say against his lips, but that just resulted in a hard bite on her bottom lip. By now she had begun crying, and Ryan had noticed. He smiled and pushed her back onto the couch so she was laying down.
He held both of her wrists with one hand above her head, and was taking off her shirt with the other. "Ryan please!" She begged when he stopped kissing her. He quickly got up, still holding both of her wrists, and walked over to a drawer and grabbed a small bit of white, thin rope and began tying her wrists together. He also grabbed some duct tape and tapped over her mouth.
"Don't worry, just relax." Ryan said smiling and pushing her back onto the couch. She just shook her head and closed her eyes. Then she noticed that her ankles weren't tied, so she tried to kick Ryan. "Tisk, tisk, tisk. Bad girls get hit." Ryan said shaking his index finger at her. She looked up at him with pure terror in her eyes, and decided she could atleast try to get away. Ryan smiled as she tried to jump off of the couch and make a break for the door. He quickly back-handed her and she fell back onto the couch. "What did I say?" Ryan asked calmly. "Now are you going to be good?" Gabe nodded quickly. "Good." Ryan said taking off her pants. She started crying even harder. Ryan smiled and hovered over top of her. He lowered one hand to her mouth. "Remember what I said. Now don't scream. Understand?" Gabe nodded again. Ryan ripped the tape off of her mouth so he could hear her crying.
"R-Ryan please! Don't do this!" She begged through tears. He quickly removed her bra and underwear and his shirt, pants, and boxers. He was hovering over her again smiling.
"You're so pretty when you cry." Ryan said before kissing her hungrily. He smiled at the hot tears that ran down her face. When he came back up for air he looked at her. This was a new side of her he'd never seen. Vulnerable, helpless, defensless. He started kissing her again, but this time he started thrusting in and out of her, no preperation, no warning. His mouth was the only barrier her voice had. She wanted to scream and cry and beg him to stop, but she knew it wouldn't work. When he finally stopped kissing her he heard her cry, which made him thrust harder and faster into her. Her mind was telling her she didn't like this, but her body was begging her to let herself fall into the pleasure. She started to moan, which made Ryan smile. He came inside of her and fell ontop of her. They were both panting and sweating. Ryan got off of her and untied her wrists.
"Go get yourself cleaned up, doll." Ryan said winking at Gabe. She quickly got up, got her clothes, and ran to the bathroom. She turned on the water as hot as it would go and began scrubbing herself as hard as she could. I can still feel him. I can still smell him! This isn't working! She thought throwing the soap down. She sand down on the shower wall and wrapped her arms around herself, sobbing quietly. Why me? She thought. Why? She got out and got dressed. While putting her shorts on she noticed a bruise on the inside of her thigh and several more on her legs. She sighed and continued to get dressed.
She walked down the stairs to see Ryan sitting on the couch with Brendon, Jon, and Spencer.
"Hey what happened to you?" Brendon said looking over at her.
"What do you mean?" Gabe asked innocently You know damn well what he means! Tell them!
"All the bruises on you arms, legs, and that one on your cheek." Brendon said taking a bite of his pizza.
"Yeah Gabe," Ryan said fiercly "What did happen?" Ryan narrowed his eyes.
"Huh? Oh that I uh-" She looked at the floor. "I slipped getting out of the shower. Nothing more." She bit her lip and looked at Ryan.
"Klutz." Spencer mumbled under his breath. Jon, Brendon, and Ryan bursted out laughing. Gabe put on a fake smile and laughed with them.
"So are you hungry?" Brendon asked holding up a slice of pizza.
"Uhm, no. I think I'm going to bed." Gabe said holding into her arm.
"No, why don't you stay out here and watch a movie with us. Please?" Ryan said pouting his lip.
"Uh, o-ok." Gabe walked over to them and stood by Brendon who was farthest away from Ryan on the couch.
"Hey come sit over here." Ryan said gesturing towards himself.
"But there's nowhere for me to sit." Gabe looked around the room. Ryan patted his left leg, and Gabe cocked her head a little and gave him a confused look.
"Here." Ryan said rolling his eyes and grabbing her waist, sitting her down on his lap. She immediately curled up on him and smiled. Brendon got up, put in a movie, and shut the lights off. Gabe put her arms around Ryan's neck and put her head on his chest. "I love you." Ryan whispered into her neck. Gabe swallowed hard.
"I love you too."
A/N: Hey so random story. I know I'm sorry I really should be working on my other stories, BUT I've had this idea in my head all day and I can't get it out so I wrote it down. R&R pweaase:3
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