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Anyone like Shoebox Zoo?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011/11/29 - Updated: 2011/11/29 - 248 words


  • Auditions!

    (#) ZombieSlayer13x 2011-11-29 10:57:01 AM

    OOOHHH This looks fun!

    Name: Alexandria Valentine

    Age: Whatever you want

    Looks: Asian, warm brown eyes, long black choppy layered hair with a side bang over her right eye, 5 foot 1 and 1/2 inches tall.

    Personality: Nice to friends, confident, smart, sarcastic sense of humor, stands up for what she believes in, makes friends easily but tends to be a loner, artsy and musical.

    Usual clothes: (people who wanna be magicians, can you be...magicianish with the style?) She wears a long, black cloak on with a hood. Underneath is she has on tall, black boots with buckles all the way up. She has plain black pants on under that and a simple white flowy renaissance-ish blous on. She wears tons of gothic jewelry, each piece representing on of the elements.

    Part you would like: Good magician, or the main characters friend.

    Anything else: She plays the piano, viola, and the harp.

    Thanks and good luck with the fic :X
  • Auditions!

    (#) Apocalyto 2011-11-29 11:07:39 AM

    Name: Chloe

    Age: 17 (Or whatever fits)

    Looks: Waist-length, wavy dark purple hair, blue eyes with brown tinges that sometimes turn green, pale, doesn’t tan, 5’6 and average weight.
    Piercings- Belly button, ears pierced once and lip ring.

    Personality: Funny, cocky, hyper sometimes, slight insecurity issues, talkative, but sometimes doesn't talk to anyone at all for ages, kind, motherly to kids, blushes really badly when embarrassed, aggressive when angered, smart and book worm.

    Usual clothes: This with black tights, black heels and mini black top hat, tilted to the side.

    Part you would like: Good magician please :)

    Anything else: English xD

    What kind of show is it? Should I watch it?

    Author's response

    It was a show about a girl Marnie (i think that is how you spell it) who goes to a shop and gets a shoebox with 4 statues of animals inside. Then, she makes them come alive. I dont wanna spoil it too much :) it was really good :)
  • Auditions!

    (#) PurplePeopleEater 2011-11-29 09:47:24 PM

    looks: black shaggy hair and over thanksgiving i got purple streaks x) kinda tall, skinny, i have a nose & lip & my ears pierced,b email me if you want to know all my tattoos. clothing: i usually wear band or movie shirts, my black skinnies, black doc martens or converse high tops, black ray bans, and my black beanie makeup: black eye shadow and sometimes eye liner what part do you want: well i reallyyy want the main characters best friend but if not then the bad magician i guess anything else: im gay and i am an over emotional wreck. this story sounds awesome and i cant wait to see how you base it off of the show. its gonna be epic :) aj
  • Auditions!

    (#) MemoryWolf 2011-11-30 02:36:10 AM

    Name: Wynter Oh

    Age:17( or whatever fits)

    Looks: long straight black hair, fringe covers right eye slightly, black eyes, pale skin, skinny, 5'6

    Personality: Calm and collected, Very brash and doesn't seem to be seen in a bad mood, very playful and doesn't take things seriously , gets angry when someone ruins her fun.

    Usual clothes: a black band hoodie with skinny jeans and converse boots. If you choose her as the magician's helper, just add in a hooded black cloak with neon green outline, and she always has the hood up.

    Part you would like: either the friend or the magician's helper.

    Anything else: not much :) she's left handed.

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