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Chapter one!

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Hello my lovelys. Chapter one is up and I have my apology in the story sooooo reead:3

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A/N: Hey guys! So, sorry I haven't updated this story in a while; I've been in the hospital with my mom. She had to go get surgery and about two days before she was going to have the surgey my grandpa had a heart attack. He was legally dead about 6 times but that brought him back to life thank god. So I've been in the hospital since Sunday night, and my dad brought me home today. I'm going back tomorrow, it's just that I haven't gotten ANY sleep since Sunday, because hospitals freak me the fuck out. Also I didn't have access to the internet because I hadn't brought my laptop BECAUSE I thought I was only going to be staying for a day. So this update is for Obssessive-Fangirl because I'm scared that she will murder me in my sleep if I don't do it xD.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Skylark screamed running down the hall, her pink cowgirl boots making a clicking noise with every step she took.
"What is it Sky, mommy's trying to work." I said looking up from my notebook.
"Sowwy mommy. I juss wan'ed ta show you dis." She lifted up a picture.Her lisp is so damn cute. I thought as I smiled at the drawing of our whole family.
"It's beautiful honey." I said smiling. She returned a smile about half as big. Her two front teeth were missing, which was why she had a lisp.
"Thank you." She smiled, some of her brown hair falling into her face, and tipping her cowgirl hat to me(or atleast trying) before walking out of the room.
"Mom!" Where's my eyeliner?" I heard my other daughter, Bec, yell.
"Did you check the bathroom, by the counter?" I asked thinking of where she last put it.
"Yeah I checked there." She came walking down the hall in blue skinny jeans and white Panic t-shirt.
"Well, what about under your bed?" I looked back down to my notebook.
"AHA!" She jumped and ran to her room. "Found it! Thanks mom."
"No problem." I said writing down whatever came to my head. Finally soem peace and qu-
"Hey mom?" Maria asked smiling a little at me.
"Yes?" I ask not taking my eyes off of the paper.
"Can you take me to go get a dress. The school's having a dance and I got asked by a really cute guy." Her smile widened.
"Sure sweetheart. Just give me about fifteen minutes." I said getting up from my spot on the couch.

A/N2: Ok so I'm really sorry it's so short, it's just that I have to go to the hospital in a couple minutes and I really wanted to get this chapter out. Anywhooo I promise that the next chapter will be WAAAAAAY longer! Pinkie swear! And I love whoever reads this, cause that means that you are able to look past my terrible writing and the portraying of characters. So R&R my darlings.
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