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Meetings and Memories

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Little Anna gets an unlikely visitor.

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It was dark and silent in her room. She didn't like it. She was hoping the wish would work and she would meet the Goblin King just once before she went to be with her mommy and daddy.

She heard a scraping at the window and turned toward it. It was an owl! She tried looking closely at it, but it suddenly dropped out of sight. The window slid open and a gust of wind blew the curtain inwards. The owl flew toward her screeching and Anna threw her hands up, slightly frightened. The sound of beating wings died down, all she could hear was the sound of fabric rustling. She looked up and gasped.

"You…you're the Goblin King? You are real!"

A regal figure stood in front of her. He was wearing Black leather-like armor with black pants, knee high boots, and a black cape with a high neck billowed behind him. Long locks of pale blonde hair fell in disarray around his face and down behind him. His eyes were an icy blue, but one eye seemed different, it flickered between blue, brown and green. Anna didn't care, she liked him and knew right away that she could trust him with anything.

Jareth was in silent shock at the young child in front of him. The child's head was completely shaven and she was hooked up to many different machines. The silent beeping filled the room along with her soft breathing. A smile graced her small delicate features and brightened her eyes. She looked like a china doll, she looked so frail, like she would break at any moment.

A voice broke through his thoughts, "Your Majesty? Are you here for my wish?"

He moved closer to her bed and sat down in the chair beside her. Anna could see the shock in his eyes as they focused on the bed. Both of her legs were amputated. He quickly locked eyes with her and she knew what his eyes were asking.

"I was in a accident with my mommy and daddy. We hit a big truck and flipped, we were on our way back home from seeing my favorite play, The Labyrinth, when it happened. I loved it. Sarah is my most favorite actress, she was great! When I woke up in the hospital, my mommy and daddy were both already in heaven. The doctors told me that the injuries I got were too bad and they weren't able to save my legs. But I can still read my favorite book and now you're here."

Jareth was torn, the pain at seeing this young child in the state she is, he listened to her words and was shocked that his world was turned into a play. Even more shocking was hearing his precious Sarah's name attached to it.

Wait. Maybe she meant a different Sarah, after all, there is more than one girl with that name… But what if it is Sarah Williams, HIS Sarah Williams, just what did that mean…

"This Sarah, her last name wouldn't be Williams by any chance, would it?" He asked cautiously.

The little girl looked excited, "Of course! She plays the beautiful princess who wishes her little brother away. I have the playbill on the wall over there!" She pointed to the wall behind him.

He dared not to breathe as he stood and slowly turned only to be greeted by piercing green eyes. Those eyes… As he move closer to it, his hand raised until his fingers lightly traced the features of her beautiful face. His heart clenched as a rather painful memory replayed in his mind.

He hadn't known right away what he felt for her. It had come to him slowly over the course of that masked ball. Oh, how she changed him that night, without even knowing it, too.

He had watched her look for him, toyed with her all night, disappearing and reappearing in front of her. She was deep under the haze of the peach dream and he was taking advantage of it greatly.
[*She had made it too far already, no thanks to Hoghead. She would go no further. He would see to it personally.

[*As their eyes kept locking on to one another's from across the floor, he noticed something quite strange. Her eyes were the most beautiful green he had ever seen and he felt a unusual jolt of nervousness run through his limbs. Why in all the lands was he feeling nervous; He was the one in control here.

[*Finally, he decided to give in to his curiosity, and when the giant fan of feathers fell away, his unseemingly mismatched blue locking with her piercing forest green, a jolt filled him yet again. He knew then as she was gazing at him with such abandon, such pure wonder, that it was a different game that they were now playing.

[*When he took her into his arms, spinning and dancing around the ballroom, he felt a warmth filling his chest. He found the song he was singing earlier suddenly had more meaning to him and he found himself singing it once more, his eyes drowning in hers.

[*What is this? He remembered himself thinking. What manner of witchcraft is this?

[*Suddenly the clock struck twelve, getting louder with each chime.

[*Everyone stopped as Time slowed with the chimes. They watched as their bodies slowly moved toward one another. He looked down at her, still spinning in circles, and smiled warmly.

[*That's when everything went wrong. She looked to the clock then back to him and she gasped, the wonder draining from her face and the light leaving her eyes. Pain filled him.

[*Finally, when she pulled away from his arms, turning and pushing through the crowd of masked dancers, fleeing from him, did he truly understand. A deep loneliness struck him as he reached a hand out to stop her, just to fall short, brushing through a lock of her raven hair, and his heart ached.

[*It wasn't witchcraft that held him in its clutches.

[*As she raised the chair to destroy the crystal which held the ballroom; He felt his chest tighten as he collapsed to the floor, tears staining the crystal beneath him, great sobs wracking his lean frame. He had never felt such torment, such sadness. He had never felt such a feeling like this before. It couldn't be…what was wrong with him?…

[*It was Love.

[*He had fallen in love with a little slip of a girl. She had beaten him at his own game.

[*He had lost.


[*Everything shattered.
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