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Post Apocalypse California. Killjoys band together to reach one common goal...defeat Korse and the rest of BL/Ind.

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When they said it was a barren waste land I had no idea that this is what they meant. There is nothing left out here. A wind blows across the dry earth, turning up sand, carrying it across the sky. I’ve not been outside of Battery City for such a long time. How did this even happen?

“Come back inside the city,” the bald man behind me says, his voice harsh…snake like. “There is nothing out there.”

“So you can brain wash me like the others?” I answer bitterly though I follow the small party of Dracs back inside the gate. I’ve got a choice. They’d shot me on the spot if I tried to disobey.

“Of course not Amber,” he answers with a vicious smile, showing off his perfectly white teeth. “I just want you to be happy.”

Instead of answering I keep my mouth shut, stomping off to find something to do in the colorless city. There is no laughter here, no fun; just people with fake smiles and big posters of the Fabulous Killjoys. All the homes are white with black roofs, shutters and front doors; the yards are perfectly green and cut. It’s all the same here.

A van drives silently down the black road, pulling into a one of the many storage units that line the streets. Extra supplies such as pills, food and ray guns are kept in there. We don’t need anything else.

Avoiding the Dracs I enter my small home unit…I refuse to live with the others. There is too much monitoring at the headquarters and it always smells like chemicals. My house is the same as the rest…colorless and boring. I’ve done my best to smuggle color in but it’s hard. The Dracs come in and out as if they own the place. They’ve been here today; a tiny white pill sits on my black counter top.

I pick it up and carry it to the bathroom. I refuse to be brainwashed. The others gave up their freedom a long time ago. I want to keep mine. Opening the lid of the toilet…white like everything else in the bathroom, I flush the pill down, watching it spin around in the clear water. I won’t conform.

The rattling of the door knob causes me to jump. Hurrying over to the white couch I flip on the TV which only shows static and the occasional message from Korse. I put on the stupid fake smile the rest of the residents of Battery City wear and pretend to be interested in the static. A Drac walks in, grunting at me. I don’t move. My whole plan would go to hell if they figured out I wasn’t taking my pills.

Ten minutes, that’s how long I have to keep up this stupid façade. I can’t imagine sitting like that all day. Then again the people who do have no idea what they’re doing. In their heads they are happy. It’s absolutely sickening.

As the Drac exists there is a banging on the back window. He’s out of his mind. Pulling the glass open I come face to face with a monster mask. It looks like Frankenstein with green hair. A dirty hand reaches up to pull the mask away, revealing the smiling face of a twenty something year old Fun Ghoul.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I demand as he crawls through the window, landing with a soft thud on the white carpeted floor. “Do you have any idea how risky it is for you to be here?”

Fun Ghoul just laughs, kissing the top of my nose, “You worry too much. I waited quietly until the Drac left.”

“What if he comes back?” I question, twisting the blinds so that they are closed. Fun would be exterminated if he was found here. I would be exterminated for having communications with a wanted Fabulous Killjoy.

“Then I’ll leave,” Fun Ghoul answers with that cocky smirk of his. “Got anything to eat in here?”

“Just Power Pup,” I answer handing over a few cans. It doesn’t taste good at all but at least it’s got nutrition. The killjoys need food even if it is gross.

Fun Ghoul groans but loads the few cans I’ve given him into a green backpack. I laugh at his scrunched up face, the way he glowers at each and every BLI smiley face. If I wasn’t worried about getting each and every Killjoy killed I’d leave with him right now. Right now it isn’t safe. They know I’m not like the others…Korse knows that I’m a rebel. He’s got me under constant supervision. I’m sure there is a Drac standing outside my front door right now.

“One day…” Fun says as he crawls back out the window.

“We’ll be together forever,” I answer as he disappears back over the fence and out into the desert. “Maybe one day we’ll fly like eagles into the setting sun. One day we’ll be like the running river, free forever…you and me.”

I sit under the window until all the lights in Battery City are turned out, even after I just sit there, staring at the blank wall in front of me. Where did all the color go? Why is color so bad? Why does Korse feel so threatened by it? This is the first time in almost a year that I know the answer…Killjoys. Killjoys are color and Killjoys are a threat.

I’m leaving tomorrow. Fuck the plan. If I stay here much longer I might lose my mind. The boxes of purple and green hair dye smuggled to me by Fun Ghoul are pulled out from under the sink…streaks put into my white/blonde hair. The knee is cut out of my only remaining pair of jeans. I’m a Killjoy, not one of Korse’s robots. Battery City isn’t for me anymore.

The Dracs come in at eleven to give me my nightly pill. I don’t even come out of my room. I’m not even going to touch the little white thing. It can sit there and turn to dust just like everything else in this God forsaken city.

Note: First Chapter, hope you like it. Don't worry I'm not going to stop working on my other stories but I wanted to put this one up and let you guys read it.
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