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Great Escape

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Finally getting away from Battery City.

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Sprinkles spit out jests of water, drenching the fresh cut, green lawns in dew. A cool wind rushes down the road, a van drives silently by. Dracs move from one building to the next, carrying crates of food and weapons. Thank goodness they are too occupied with their own conversations to notice a skinny girl carrying a backpack, walking at an abnormally fast pace.

Reaching down I let my finger tips hit the plastic of the black ray gun I ‘borrowed’ concealed under a white, Battery City issued jacket. Oh how I long to be rid of this colorless life. Hurrying along I resist the urge to run. It’s not safe to be seen out in a residential area this early in the morning; running would only bring me unwanted attention.

Pack hitting me in the butt due to the straps being let out, I continue towards the gates. If I can make it there before sun up I’ll be free of Battery City. Suddenly, a Drac points me out, letting a black gloved hand fall to his ray gun. Shit. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

Flinging off the stupid white coat I reveal a lime green and purple jacket, not the kind of colors Battery City is used to; color is more a Killjoy thing. My combat boot covered feet pound against the pavement as I fly down the street. My only goal is to get out of here, I have to at least attempt to. If I give up I’ll only be mad at myself.

Breathing heavily I jump over a metal barrier that is rising from the street. They will not keep me here. I refuse to be a oblivious, zombie. Suddenly, a laser beam flies past my head causing my green and purple streaked blonde hair to rustle a bit. Those mother fuckers are shooting at me. Wiping around I let the gun spin around my finger before hitting the trigger. The beam kills one of the terrible Dracs that rule the streets of Battery City and instill fear in those residing in the zones.

Blasting the sensor on the city gates I shift my weight from foot to foot waiting for them to creak open. Just as another storm of Dracs comes out of a small white building I slip through the tiny crack in the metal gates. I’m free. Battery City no longer holds me captive.

Running through the desert which is increasingly warmer than Battery City, sweat pours down my face, burning my eyes. I need to find some sort of way to inform the Killjoys that I’ve made it out. As of now there seems to be nothing but sand and sun out in the zones; had I made a mistake leaving Battery City?

Shaking these absurd thoughts from my mind I slip my jacket off, revealing a black tank top with a big purple tiger covering it. The sun hits my pale shoulders. I can already feel the sun burn forming. How do people survive in the zones?

Turning back towards the Battery City gates I know I’ve made the right decision. I’m a Killjoy.

After almost four hours of walking in the hot, afternoon sun, the sound of a car racing towards me causes me to freeze. Quickly scanning my surroundings for somewhere to hide I mentally curse myself. I’m out here in the desert with no car and a ray gun as my only protection. Way to go Amber.

As the car slows down beside me I glance at it realizing it’s just an old beat up Trans am with an upside American Flag on the side and a black spider on the hood...the Killjoy car. Fun Ghoul described it to me once.

I stop walking, the car stopping at well. Turning my blue eyes on the driver, I just stare at him. A biker gloved hand hangs out the window, flaming red hair crazy, hazel eyes glued to my face. His appearance makes him look like an asshole though I know he’s not. It’s just the way Party Poison is.

“Can I help you?” I question pretending I have no idea who these brightly dressed people are.

“Can we offer you a ride?”

“No I’m fine,” I answer with a wink; walking slowly along side the Trans am…Party rolls his eyes.

“Where are you from?” Poison asks, playing along with my game.

“Battery City, but I’m not going back there.”

“You, with those all those tattoos and colored hair, are from Battery City? Come on seriously, where are you from?”

“I told you Battery City…who are you people anyway?”

“I’m Party Poison, traveling with me is Kobra Kid, Fun Ghoul and Jet Star. Now get your pretty little ass in this car Violet Tiger.”

Chewing on the black metal ring that is looped through my bottom lip I shrug, hurrying around the back of the car to get in on Fun Ghouls side. Jet Star and Kobra Kid slide over so I can get in. We are all laughing at Party pushes the car to go faster.

Fun Ghoul who rides shot gun, turn around in his seat, fingers running through my hair, “Nice colors.”

I smile as he hands me a bright purple ray gun with lime green pain splatter on it, “If you like this you should have seen my house when I left.”
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