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I'm sorry that I hurt you

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July 9, 2012

"Fags leave. Lindsey and I are going to watch a movie."

"We were here first."

"Who cares, I'm older. Do what I say."

"No, why don't you and your fuckin' whore go to hell."

I've had enough. I quickly walked out to the living room.

"What is going on here?" I hissed

The four teens stopped talking and froze. The whole room was silent except for the t.v. informing Ray and Mikey that they had died.

"Well? I'm waiting." I said

"N-nothing Mom." Mikey said and everyone in the room agreed

"Michael, don't lie. I heard everything and Gerard you have to wait until they're done playing, so apologize." I demanded

"Like hell I won't. He called my girlfriend a whore and told us to go to hell." Gerard spat

"I know he did, so Mikey, apologize first." I said

"Sorry." Mikey mumbled

"Now Gerard, you." I said

"No, did you hit your head or something, bitch? Just make the fags leave" Gerard yelled

"Listen here Gerard. You will give Mikey, Ray, and me the respect we deserve."

"Why should I respect Mikey and Ray? They are gay, and it's a sin and while you think you're an ''I know every thing, so listen to me'' bitch, Who threw her life away by getting pregnant at 18 to keep dad by her side." Gerard yelled


The room went still and Mikey, Ray, and Lindsey were in shock. Oh my God, I just slapped my son. Gerard finally turned to look at me and guilt hit me hard. The left side of his face was red and three horizontal lines ran across his cheek with warm blood slowly dripped out. I also scratched him, What have I done?

"Gerard, I'm sorry." I apologized as I tried to reach over and caress his face his cheek. He jerked away from my reach.

"Don't fuckin' touch me." Gerard hissed

"Sweetie, I'm sor-" I started

"You don't mean it, Mikey was always you favorite, so I'm going to wait until dad gets home."

"I love you both the same, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow, He'll be home late."

"Whatever." He said "Lindsey, come on, I'll take you home."

"Okay, Bye Mrs. Way." Lindsey said

"Don't waste your time on her." Gerard said

When they left the room, I turned to face Mikey, who had a frightened look on his face.

"Well m-mom we will be in my r-room." He said

They both ran like I was going to hit them as well. Oh my, I made both my sons hate me.

I'm sorry that I hurt you


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